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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Post Office to issue Super-hero stamps!

I just saw this on Metafilter and went to the US Post Office website:

DC Comics Superheroes (20)

This is the first stamp pane (20 stamps) honoring comic book super heroes to be issued by the Postal Service.

Half of the stamps on the DC Comics Super Heroes pane show portraits of characters; the others show covers of individual comic books devoted to their exploits. Beginning with the classic covers, a separate paragraph below briefly comments on each stamp.

Ever since Superman was introduced to readers in 1938, super heroes have been nearly synonymous with the comic book medium. Their fantastic adventures provide an escape from the everyday while simultaneously encouraging readers to feel that individuals can make a difference.

Comic books aren't simply "kid stuff" - adults have always been among their readers, and the form has attracted its share of serious artists and writers. And super heroes have responded to social and political issues from the start, fighting corporate greed and political corruption during the Depression, for example, and then becoming patriotic defenders of national interests during World War II.

As noted on Newsarama, you can find out more info on these cool stamps HERE. (SCROLL 3/4 of the way DOWN PAGE)

TREEHOUSE OF HORROR shelters classic artists

I know this is late, but BART SIMPSON'S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR #11 (October 2005, Bongo Comics, $4.99) is a true classic. Published yearly, this Halloween goodie is just as entertaining as the special Halloween episodes that air on the Simpsons TV show. But this time there's a super-special treat! Bongo has commissioned some of the greatest masters of the horror comic genre to illustrate this year's batch of stories. Check this line-up out: Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Mark Schultz, John Severin, Angelo Torres and Al Williamson! Wow! This one has to be seen to be believed!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? For the fourth time?

Me neither. But here's a comic book cover that cracked me up... I give you: Barnyard Comics #8, October 1946 (Animated Cartoons/Pines).


This makes me think of how I answer when somebody asks me which team I root for... I always say "The Baltimore Jets" or "The Houston Celtics" or some other smart-alec answer. (I personally haven't followed any football since the 1978 Pittsburg Steelers... I never had much affinity or ability for any sport. Is fishing a sport?)

Anyway, I think I'm off the whole "football covers" thing for now... see you in the Spring for BASEBALL!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

December 2006 Previews catalog highlights

Here's a list of some of the many cool things that caught my eye in the DECEMBER issue of Diamond Previews (Orders due back in the stores SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17th!):

BATMAN: YEAR 100 (4 issues, $5.99) - Paul Pope writes and illustrates this tale of Batman in the year 2039...
INFINITE CRISIS #5 ($3.95) - Superman vs. Superman?
DC NEW FRONTIER ACTION FIGURES ($15.95) - Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Arrow and Blackhawk ($18.95 chase figure) action figures in the style of artist Darwyn Cooke!
WARLORD #1 (ongoing, $2.99) - Mike Grell's seminal character gets a new series.
ROCKETO Trade Paperback ($24.99) - Collects #0 through #6 of this incredible series...
ELVIS Jailhouse Rock action figure - The King in one of his best roles.
FURY: PEACEMAKER (six issues, $3.50) - Nick Fury by Garth Ennis!
MARVEL LEGACY 1960s HANDBOOK (64 pages, $4.99) - A compendium of classic Marvel!
NICK FURY STATUE ($175.00) - After a cover by Jim Steranko!
SPIDER-MAN vs. SANDMAN vs. VENOM BOOKENDS ($199.00) - To keep all your Spidey books in order.
DOC OCK BUST ($60.00) - MMmmmmmm... now I'm hungry for calimari...
MARVEL SELECT SPIDER WOMAN ACTION FIGURE ($18.95(?)) she faces down the minions of HYDRA!
SECRET WAR HARDCOVER BOOK ($25.99) - All in one place in a gorgeous package!
SGT. FURY MASTERWORKS VOL. 1 ($49.95) - Bringing Fury into the Masterworks library featuring issues 1-13.
CRISIS SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES ($15.95) - Anti-Monitor, Barry Allen Flash, Earth 2 Superman, Robot Brainiac and Battle-Armor Lex Luthor ($18.95 chase figure) all get the DC Direct treatment.
OVERSTREET PRICE GUIDE VOLUME 36 - Updated "bible" of comics ships in March 2006!
WACKY PACKAGES SERIES 3 - Stick 'em on your skateboard!
LIBERTY MEADOWS STUFFED ANIMALS ($19.99) - Oscar the Weiner Dog and Truman the Duck are too too cute.
THE CLASH ACTION FIGURES ($61.00(?))- 6 1/2" plastic renditions of Punk legends Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonen and Topper Headon to put beside your record player. Don't ask me what a record player is... Holy Mackeral, I'm old.
SIN CITY GIRLS ACTION FIGURE 5-PACK ($49.95) - Sin City... where the women are all gorgeous, take-no-crap types and where all the men can take a ferocious amount of beating... (contains Nancy, Gail, Miho, Shellie and Goldie)
TRANSFORMERS: OPTIMOUS PRIME HEAD REPLICA ($299.00) - Actual size! Now if they'd just make the Matrix of Leadership...
BUFFY VAMPYR BOOK REPLICA ($129.00) - Based on the actual prop! A great place to hide a spare back-up stake...
HOMER SIMPSON DOOR POSTER ($9.99) - "You'll have to speak up - I'm wearing a towel."
DC HEROCLIX: COLLATERAL DAMAGE ($7.99/booster pack) - More great figures with mayhem-produced rubble!
PIRATES OF THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS ($3.99/pack) - Great expansion to this cool game... anyone out there want to run this game in the stores?


This is just a VERY SMALL sampling of the literally THOUSANDS of items in PREVIEWS every month... I didn't even scratch the surface of what's available comic-wise... There sure is a lot of neat stuff in the Previews... stop in today and ask to see a copy!

Monday, November 28, 2005

THE GOON - Guest Review

by Mark Lamotte

If most of you are like me, you've heard a lot of good things about the Goon...maybe you had seen some of Eric Powell's artwork and thought it looked cool...but you still never took the time to read THE GOON. By all that is holy, get those lazy posteriors out there and get yourself a copy of the Fancy Pants Edition.

The package itself is a great deal alone. For the simple price of $24.95, you get a hard cover, signed collection of six Goon stories along with a slipcover that contains the funniest author bio I have ever read. Not a bad deal.

Now for the meat and potatoes...I love this book. If you're a fan of the old EC horror comics, period comics, sunday funnies or if you just want to see someone beat the crap out of something then this book is for you. Re-edited here for the first time, you get to see the title character's tragic and horrific history in chronological order. You find out how he met his "Orphan Annie-Eyed" sidekick Frankie. You also learn some very important life lessons as well. For example:

1. Rotting zombie flesh tastes like chicken (just make sure you cook it first).

2. Orangutans can burst into flames at a moments notice.

3. If you happen to meet a certain '60's folk legend on the street and he's surrounded by a group of like Hell!!

This ends my review. If you like humor, horror and senseless violence in your comics, do yourself a favor and check it out.

(ED. note: For a sample of GOON goodness, look for the GOON 25¢ Issue, still available at the stores...)

Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner 6

What the heck is going on here? Batman's wiping off her "wax makeup"? I guess nowadays Batman would be beating her up while laughing maniacally...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

TSURO - Guest Review

by Brian Linnen

Last week at Comix Connection-Mechanicsburg's Tuesday "Board Game Night" we played another brand new game. This one is from WizKids and is called TSURO.

No lie - it takes about sixty seconds to learn the rules to this game! Basically, you move your piece around the board on a winding path. You build the path as you go by placing tiles. As you place the tiles to extend your path, you also try to force your opponents off the board. Why? Because the last player on the board is the winner.

We played with five people and each game took about 10-15 minutes. With five players, we didn't usually get close enough to our opponents to influence their path until the last few turns, but it was still very fun. I imagine that with even more players (it plays 2-8), it can get quite crazy!

For two weeks in a row, all of us really enjoyed our introduction to a new game. I don't think it's because we are all easy to impress - I think it's because the game companies are bringing out some extremely solid products just in time for the holidays. Tsuro is well worth looking into.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Don't get me this for Christmas

Whatever you do, do NOT get me this creepy gift from the Sharper Image catalog...

Why? Why would anyone need this or want it? That's just creepy.

Oh, and I thought that it was cool that THIS was on our invoice this week:
20 76086309 SEP051922D AMAZING FANTASY #15 3.99

That's right, we are getting 20 copies of AMAZING FANTASY #15 in next week! That's just too cool...

Comix Connection Customer Profile #5 - 10 Questions with Gregg H.

1) NAME: Gregg H.
2) AGE: 52
6) FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing softball
7) FAVORITE FOOD: Meatless lasagne
8) BEST COMIC BOOK RELATED EXPERIENCE: Meeting Spider-man at the Comix Connection booth at the FOX-43 Family Fest at the York Fairgrounds

Thanks, Triple-G!

Friday, November 25, 2005


That's right... today is the busiest shopping day of the year. So why are you here, reading this? GO OUT THERE and buy me a nice gift! I'll see you in the stores...

Here's some vintage early-1960s Kresge's shopping music to get you in the mood... I particulaly enjoy track #2 - "Dancing With Muted Horns"...

Reminds me of THIS:

Thursday, November 24, 2005


HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYBODY! I hope you are all among friends and family for the holiday. Eat lots of turkey (or tofu, as the case may be), or perhaps even some TURDUCKEN... although I steer clear of any food that starts with the word "TURD". (Wonder if they make TOFURDUCKEN?) Or perhaps you are adventurous enough to DEEP FRY old Tom Turkey. Whatever... enjoy! Afterwards, take a nap and rest up for the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Tomorrow is Black Friday and some of the major retailers are having huge specials. We will be hiding in the stores and avoiding the Angry Shoppers™. C'mon in and see us!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I just got this email from DC COMICS...


DC Direct is inviting retailers and consumers to return existing CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES due to quality control problems with the collection.

"We always have our retailers and consumers first and foremost in mind and, as soon as these figures arrived, we realized that they did not meet DC Direct's standards," says Senior VP - Brand Management Cheryl Rubin. "Along with the credits we're offering retailers, we are also in the midst of a brand-new production run (to be released in mid-2006) that will live up to the high quality level DC Direct is known for."

"When we discovered that the figures did not match the production samples, we made changes to address this issue and to prevent it from occurring again," says VP - Design & DC Direct Creative Georg Brewer. "We've taken numerous steps to ensure that something like this does not happen again, and we are confident that this will allow us to maintain the creative and qualitative goals for DC Direct."

A complete list of returnable items is as follows:


Retailers are urged to alert their customers to this program and to accept returns from any customers, including those who may have purchased the figures from another retailer, through December 7.

Retailers should also note that DC Direct is in the midst of a brand new production run for these figures, with the improved editions being solicited in the December Previews (Volume XV #12).

So there you have it... if you are unhappy with your CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 1 action figures, we will be accepting returned figures at either store. We will record your name and figure(s) returned and replace them with the new ones when they ship.



Thanks! And THANK YOU, DC!

Do you like trading cards?

Then you need to check out Non-Sport Update magazine, produced right here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
From their website:
What is Non-Sport Update (NSU)? Non-Sport Update is THE magazine for collectors of non-sport trading cards (cards that focus on movies, television, sci-fi, comics, music, etc.--anything other than sports). The magazine is published bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Each issue is filled with features and departments focusing on the latest trading card releases, ads, our big price guide covering card values from the 1880s through today, and promotional trading cards. In our articles, we cover both old and new card releases. Inside the magazine, you will also find contests, a schedule of card releases, and much, much more.

Columnist Dave Thompson also sent this note along to me:

Hey, Comix Connection's Ken Ketterer is in the current issue of Non-Sport Update! It's in the "Non-Sport University" column, a piece done on the humble beginnings of some of the hobby's big card collectors. Ken was interviewed at the new Mechanicsburg store, where he clerks, stocks, advises and blares annoying classic rock music over the sound system. He's been into cards since he was widdle, and has plenty of good stories and tips on cards. I write the column for Non-Sport Update, the one magazine of news and resources for card fans who collect outside the sports realm. My "University" columns help "de-geek" the hobby for newbies and casual collectors; we want to help them jump right in without feeling like an outsider. Look for the issue with the cast of "Lost" on the cover.

So if you collect trading cards of the non-sport variety, check out this great magazine... it's got it all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Batman: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - guest review

by Brian Linnen
Last Wednesday I bought two excellent books, Matt Wagner's BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN and Andrew Helfer's BATMAN: JOURNEY INTO KNIGHT, both limited series and both dealing with the Caped Crusader's early adventures.

Once you get past the fact that the phrase "Journey into Knight" really doesn't mean anything (it just looks cool!), you'll find that this series is actually rather good. The few Andrew Helfer stories I have read before impressed me, which is why I bought this even though the artwork didn't. If you ever stumble across issues of Helfer's DC series THE SHADOW, pick them up. It's a sometimes disturbing, sometimes "laugh out loud funny" comic. I think you will really like it, even if you don't care about the Shadow.

Matt Wagner has been a force to reckon with ever since the publication of "Mage" many years ago. His art here is clean and deceptively simple, and his story is top-notch, although admittedly we're not too far into it at this point. Julie Madison, Dr. Hugo Strange, and Bruce doing the "bored playboy" act at a posh social affair - all stuff a Bat-Fan will love!

But the thing that made these two books shine the most was that they featured Batman - the REAL Batman - and not the Batman of current continuity whose anger, anti-social behavior, and general unfriendliness has pushed away everyone he once called a friend.

As a Batman fan, I have put up with way too much "bad stuff" in recent history:

1. Leslie Thompkins betraying both her Hippocratic Oath and Bruce by letting the Spoiler (then Robin) die. Why did she do this? To teach Bruce a lesson - a lesson he had already learned years ago when Jason Todd was murdered.

2. "War Games" in general - from Batman being too dumb to realize that it was his "master plan" tearing apart Gotham to his attempt to take over the police department to Barbara Gordon needlessly destroying her headquarters, this story was just an insult to our brains.

3. Commissioner Gordon being replaced by the bland Commissioner Akins. I can't believe they have let this replacement go on for so long. I miss the old guy - especially after seeing him on the big screen last summer.

4. David Lapham's 12-part story in "Detective Comics." It really seemed to have potential at first, but somewhere along the line it crumbled into a huge, boring mess - you know, the same boring mess that "Gotham Knights" has been since it's inception. GK's rumored cancellation would be a mercy-killing at this point.

5. Miller's "Batman in Sin City" storyline in "All-Star Batman": I wanted desperately to enjoy that book, but with dialogue like "What, are you retarded? I'm the #&*-!@&%$# Batman!" it's really hard to. The art looked fabulous, but it only ended up making me think back to when Frank knew how to write super-heroes. His "Sin City" books are great and I'll keep buying them, but from now on, anything he does with a cape in it gets an automatic pass from me.

Wow! This started out so positive, but look where it ended up - me whining and complaining. Oh well - I do this because I care. I have been reading Batman for almost 30 years now, and I have never considered him to be in worse hands. Well, except for when Larry Hama was writing the book. Anyway, all this makes me appreciate the good stuff when it comes out, and like I said "Monster Men" and "Journey into Knight" is good stuff. Check it out!

Something completely MAD for the kids

What would that be? Why, MAD KIDS, of course! MAD magazine, the long running humor and satire magazine has recently released MAD KIDS in an attempt to pollute minds at an even younger age than previously imagined.

MAD KIDS is actually pretty darn funny and subversive... the humor is geared more towards vomit and booger jokes, but even those are done in the inimitable MAD style, which means FUNNY. There's lots of neat "activity" things to do, like make a flip-book of Grommit vomiting all over Wallace, a maze that finds you dodging a collection of neighborhood creeps and weirdos as you try to get home, and a great pull-out calendar (MAD-style). The magazine is peppered with articles and gags about video games, movies, popstars and celebrities. There's even a two-page article by Peter Bagge (of HATE fame) on "The Ten Worst Things About Christmas" (#2-Parents who don't understand that the words "educational" and "toy" rarely go together). The best thing perhaps is that the back cover can be folded back to make your copy of MAD KIDS look like a composition book so you can sneak it in to school and show your friends without getting caught!

And it has THIS blast from the past, a great old MAD Mini-poster:

Crack me up.

MAD MAGAZINE was the first subscription magazine I ever got... my first issue was June 1970 (when I was 9 - my uncle in Philly had a stack of old MADs in his closet that he would grudgingly allow us to look at) and I kept the subscription up until the late 1970s. MAD was where I gained a satirical distrust of the popular culture world around me... advertisements, products, TV shows and movies were all gleefully skewered by "The Usual Gang Of Idiots". In fact, I'd have to say that MAD helped make me what I am today!

Think I'll go now and give this copy of MAD KIDS to my son Max... it's exactly what a boy needs!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner 5

OK, I'm gonna try something new for this weird part of the website. In this week's Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner, I want YOU to supply the words in the balloons... have at it! Be nice...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

York's Anime Club

This is just a brief note to remind everyone that York has it's own Anime Club! Meet other fans of Japanese anime (cartoons), watch a few movies and HAVE FUN!

Location: West Manchester Mall Community Room

Next Meeting Date: November 26th, 2005

Time: 1PM - 9PM

Showing: Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Episodes 5-8
3x3 Eyes - Episodes 1-4 (+)
Various other things

Activities: Learn to write your name in Japanese
Anime/Manga industry discussion
Anime/Manga news
Upcoming convention information

Send all questions to:

NOTE: Anyone under 18 years of age must bring a parent or legal guardian to sign a release and ask any questions about the club at that time.

Drop in and check them out... it's fun!

Philadelphia Comic-Con - Sunday, December 11th

PHILADELPHIA COMIC-CON is on for Sunday, December 11th!
SPECIAL GUEST: Arthur Suydam
Ramada Philadelphia Airport, 76 Industrial Highway - Essington, PA

FROM SOUTH: Exit 8 Off I-95 (Ridley Park Exit)
FROM NORTH: Exit 9A Off I-95
Only TEN MINUTES from Former Holiday Inn Location!

Dealers from SIX STATES with Loads of...
* Gold & Silver Age Comics!
* Latest Issues!
* Japanese Manga!
* Action Figures!
* Non-Sport Cards!
* Original Artwork!

Admission: $3.00
Call the Comic-Con Hot-Line 856-782-0817
Weekend of the Show for the
Latest Guest List!

Find them on the web HERE.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lamest comic ever?

Could this be the lamest comic book ever in the history of the entire universe?
Yes, yes it is. It brings "lameness" to new depths... I could barely read this thing. CRYIN' LION #1, Fall 1944 (Wise & Co.) features perhaps the sappiest character ever - a lion who is always... cryin'. Always. That's it. He's a cowardly, scaredy-cat, chicken-guts King of the Jungle and... well, there's really no "and".

That's it. Cryin' Lion. Waaaah.

Other uninspired characters who make an appearance in this waste of precious wartime natural resources are "Stony the Terrible" (a caveboy), "Prarie Dog" (a cowboy dog), "Cock Robinhood" (a rooster Robin Hood), and "Grease Monkey" (a grease monkey)... I swear the editor sat around with the writers and just came up with "pun names" and said "GO WITH IT!". Sometimes I think some of these old comics were just fronts to launder money through or were tax write-offs or something...

The only possible redeeming feature of this comic book was a short story about "Groucho Gremlin" only because it was so STRANGE.

I want my dime back.

Comix Connection Customer Profile # 4 - 10 Questions with Sean B.

1) NAME: Sean B.
2) AGE: 28
4) FAVORITE COMIC: anything with Spider-man
6) FAVORITE ACTIVITY: getting tattooed
7) FAVORITE FOOD: cheeseburgers
8) BEST COMIC BOOK RELATED EXPERIENCE: every time that I dream I'm Spidey

Thanks, Sean!

Friday, November 18, 2005

To: Will Eisner, with love

Whew. What can I say. Just this past Wednesday, we received the latest issue of COMIC BOOK ARTIST (#6, $14.95). It is a loving tribute to one of the true greats of the comic field - Will Eisner. Known initially for his work on The Spirit in newspaper comics sections, Eisner is perhaps the most influential comic book artist ever. His style and techniques were groundbreaking, his storytelling was pioneering... most artists list him as a main influence. This 252-page magazine is a compendium of "Artwork - Testimonials - Pin-Ups - Portraits - Interviews - Illustrations - Photo Galleries - Essays - Comic Stories & Strips - Unseen Eisner Art - Full-Color Sections and Rarely-Seen Spirit Stories". It's an incredible package and a loving tribute from over 230 artists and writers from around the world.

The next time you see "eisnerspritz", think of Will. And thank him.

Clarification: Marvel's newsest ratings system

A couple of customers have recently asked me if the "A" on the cover of SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED stands for "ADULT". The answer: No, of course not! It apparently stands for "ALL AGES"... here's Marvel Comic's official explanation of their relatively new ratings system for their comic books and graphic novels, for your reference:

Appropriate for readers of all ages.
* T+
9+ years old Appropriate for most readers, parents are advised they may want to read before or with younger children.
15+ years old Similar to T+ Suggested for Teen and Up, but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery. Recommended for teen and adult readers.
18+ years old Most Mature Readers books will fall under the MAX Comics banner, (created specifically for mature content titles) MAX and Mature-themed titles will continue to be designed to appear distinct from mainline Marvel titles, with the "MAX: Explicit Content" label very prominently displayed on the cover. MAX titles will NOT be sold on the newsstand, and they will NOT be marketed to younger readers.

Marvel ratings serve as general guidelines for readers. In many instances, a PSR title may be appropriate for most age groups. Marvel leaves the final determination of what is appropriate content up to the consumer.

There. Remember parents, YOU know what YOU want your kids to read and not read... use these guidelines when shopping... and ask US, too! We live to serve!

The Peacemaker

OK, this one just makes my head pound.
I give you... THE PEACEMAKER #1, March 1967 (Charlton).

Yes... the fully armed Peacemaker... "A MAN WHO LOVES PEACE SO MUCH THAT HE'S WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT!"

Ouchie. That was the vein in my temple popping.

Show this comic to HAL 9000 and it will be trapped in a logic loop and will not open the Pod Bay doors for you. Ever.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Escapist - Guest review

by Brian Linnen

You know, there is a very cool comic that comes out almost bi-monthly from Dark Horse called "The Escapist." There are many reasons why folks are passing this book by - it might be the $9.00 cover price or the fact that it doesn't tie in with either "Infinite Crisis" or "House of M." Or maybe it's because no one remembers this legendary Golden Age hero anymore.

OK...he isn't really from the Golden Age, but you wouldn't know it to read the book. The authors have gone out of their way to create a decades-spanning publishing history for the character, and some of today's best creators have been lending their talents to the title. In fact, in just this month's issue alone we have Brian Bolland, Philip Bond, Brian K. Vaughan, Andi Watson, Dave Stewart, and Harvey Pekar. Pretty impressive list for one issue of a comic......

See, the Escapist and the story of his creators was the subject of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. The book follows two young comic book creators (Kavalier & Clay) as they live life during the Golden Age and beyond. It's such a fantastic story on many levels. If you come to it simply as a comic fan, you'll be impressed with all the details and tidbits which the author includes. The fictional creators interact with real creators (I remember Stan Lee being mentioned) in one scene, and Chabon does a great job painting a picture of an art studio during the 1940s. However, if you come to the book open to the entire tale, you will find a wonderful story with something to say on so many subjects - life, love, the art of creation - all timeless topics. I can't recommend it more highly. It truly deserves all the accolades it has collected.

Dark Horse pulled off quite a coup gaining the rights to the character, and they are doing a fantastic job building a faux-history for the Escapist. Each issue, except for issue #7, is an anthology of stories, all presented in the style of different eras. The talent DHC lines up month after month speaks to the quality of the source novel. If you find yourself with an extra ten-spot some Wednesday, you could do a lot worse than picking up an issue of "The Escapist."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cool Link Time: Comic Pinback Buttons

I just found a link to a great site (posted by crunchland at Metafilter)...

Cool old pinback buttons...

that feature newspaper comic characters...

some well known...

others not so well known...

some just plain weird.

Go root around... it's like dumping out a mason jar of cool old pins...

One of the funniest comics being published today

That's right. KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE (Kenzer & Co.) is one of the consistently funny comics being produced today. At first, I was put off by the "apparently published on a Commodore-64"-style artwork, but the writing more than makes up for the static artwork. This comic follows the adventures of a group of D&D-style role-playing game players - the Knights of the Dinner Table. Now I personally haven't played a role-playing game in 20 years but I recognized these characters immediately like long-lost gaming friends.

There's the hack-and-slash, kill-everything-that-moves-for-the-experience-points guys, there's the Rules Lawyer who constantly interprets the game's rules to benefit the players, the gal who actually tries to ROLE PLAY, and the long suffering Dungeon Master... great fun from this classic mix. Also included in this 80-page monthly comic are game reviews, movie reviews, comic reviews, OLD game reviews and lots of supplemental stuff for role playing games... all in all a tremendous package for $3.99 an issue! And just plain hilarious! How can you lose?

No, not "Goofy"... I'd call it "Stoopid"

This has to be one of those at-the-end-of-the-deadline, we're-completely-out-of-gags - type things... check out this supremely UNFUNNY cover to GOOFY COMICS #28, 1948 (Animated Cartoons, Inc.):

What th--?! "Where'd that Goofy Gander go?"


OK, the comic itself wasn't that bad but it pales in comparison to what else was on the racks at that time, like Disney and Warner Brothers comics... although it does have a "Roscoe W. Rabbit" story, a character that looks like a demented Bugs Bunny...

Today's lesson: Just because they're old don't mean they're good. And you can apply that to anything, by the way.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

HARVEY Awards move to Baltimore Comic-Con

I just read THIS on Diamond International Gallery's SCOOP. The Harvey Awards are moving to the Baltimore Comic-Con next year! Pretty cool. The Baltimore Comic-Con is my favorite comic book convention... loads of old comic books, easy-to-get-to location in a GREAT city, and TONS of comic-industry celebrities! Click on the link to see just some of the guests already scheduled for next year. I'm telling you, don't miss the Baltimore Comic-Con... plan now for September!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? the third part

From Treasure Chest Vol. 14, No. 5, November 6, 1958 (Pflaum Publishing)
Ok, this one just looks weird to me. Check out the guy on the cover... if I'm decoding this correctly, the football player is flinging himself on the ball when there's no threat to it at all around him! What enthusiasm! What spirit! What determination! What gives? Is he trying to impress the Coach over there on the bench? And what's with the kid in the red sweater standing on the bench beside Coach? Is that Football Player's parole officer? I'm confused. The composition of this cover is making my head hurt. I'll bet if I cut out the figures on the cover I could arrange them in at least ten better ways... yeesh.

And, doesn't it look like they edited out a cigarette from Coach's hand? That sure is a weird way to hold your arm unless you got a cigarette hanging between your fingers...



The October "actual sold" comic circulation numbers are in from Diamond Comics Distributors and reveal that INFINITE CRISIS #1 sold nearly DOUBLE the number of copies than Marvel's second place HOUSE OF M #7...
Here's the LINK to the article from ICV2...
INFINITE CRISIS #1 was also the first million dollar selling book since JLA/AVENGERS from back in September 2003, which had a higher price of $5.95 vs. $3.99...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Star Trek Communicator Replica Cell Phone pushed back until 2006.

I blame the Klingons.

Check out this too-cool phone... I dreamed about this back in the 1970s...


Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner 4

And here we are once again... back in Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner. This one's a doozy! Here, I'll transcribe the word balloon:

"The pointer will so overload your good-luck glands that they will atrophy and die! Without a good-luck gland to counterbalance your bad-luck gland -- all you'll have from now on is -- BAD LUCK!"


Where exactly are the "good and bad luck glands" located? Uhhh... never mind. I'm just gonna back away slowly from this weird panel...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes!

An alert customer, Jennifer F., pointed me towards this upcoming comic that slipped under my radar...

Just read this press release from Mr. Comics:

by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer

Mr. Comics is proud to announce that our first title, REVOLUTION ON THE PLANET OF THE APES has been chosen as an employee pick of the month in the Diamond catalogue.
The issue is currently being solicited in the latest issue of Previews and goes on sale in December.
With scripts by three time Eisner Award winning writer Ty Templeton and ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES screenwriter Joe O'Brien, the series marks a return to the comic racks of the classic Planet of the Apes characters, Caesar, Zaius, Cornelius, Taylor, Aldo and the rest.

Beautifully rendered in full colour, each issue contains at least two stories by artists such as Salgood Sam (Sea of Red), Tom Fowler (Green Arrow), Attila (Beowulf), and Bernie Mireault (The Jam, Grendel), with dramatic painted covers by Denis Rodier (Superman).
For those interested in the series, but can't wait until December to read it, a free story is available at the Mr. Comics homepage at as well as sample pages from the first three issues, and previews of Mr. Comics other future projects by Dan Slott (She Hulk, The Thing) James Fry (Sword of Dracula) and Marcus Moore (Hoverboy).
We look forward to joining the comic racks with REVOLUTION ON THE PLANET OF THE APES in December, and hope to be entertaining comics readers for many years to come.
Steve Valentine, publisher.

Needless to say, Comix Connection will have this comic available when it ships!


Manga in the Sunday funny papers?

I thought this was interesting: Apparently some major newspapers are going to start running some manga (Japanese comic) strips in their Sunday Comics sections! LINK from the folks at ICV2.

Cool link time: The Comic Book Periodic Table

Wow! Check out this super-cool site... The Periodic Table of Comic Books It's quite fun to explore, but then, I'm a HUGE Metamorpho fan. Who's Metamorpho? Why, he's The Fab Freak of 1001 Changes, naturally. Go HERE for more info. (And, yes, we can get you that.)

Fanks for the link, Mike B.!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Comix Connection Customer Profile #3 - 10 Questions with Tom H.

1)NAME: Tom H.
2)AGE: 52
3)HOW LONG A COLLECTOR: 40 years +
4) FAVORITE COMIC: Green Lantern
6) FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Any time with my wife and daughter
7) FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Italian
10) IF I COULD MEET ANY COMIC CREATOR, I WOULD CHOOSE: Jack Kirby (from then), Mike Mignola (from now)

Thanks, Tom!

The coolest thing I've seen in a long time

Check this neat item out! What a great idea! Rolls of Marvel comic book cover border wallpaper! Fifteen different classic Silver Age Marvel comic book covers are featured in this pre-glued and easy to apply wallpaper border. Each roll is 90" X 9" tall! They will sell for somewhere around $14.99 TO $16.99 a roll. Spruce up that spare bedroom or the kids's room or even the family room! Way cool. Look for it soon at Comix Connection...

Kryptonian rocketship found?

Nope. Rats. Just a giant meteorite. (from Yahoo News)

I wonder if it glows with a greenish light?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bill's FAN Fascination #2

Well, the response was SO ENORMOUS on my last post about "electric fans on the covers of comic books" that I just had to rush this one right out! Meh. Nobody said anything, actually. No one cares about Bill's Fan Fascination. Fine. Feh. Phooey. You're gonna get a second helping anyway.

FAWCETT'S FUNNY ANIMALS #76, July, 1952 (Fawcett Pubs.) features this somewhat illogical funny animal FAN gag... with Hoppy the Marvel Bunny with an electric fan tied to his butt waterskiing across the lake or whatever. The problem? The fan isn't plugged in! How can this be? This incredible lack of basic electric fan operation knowledge ruined the whole comic book for me... there wasn't even a fan in any inside story! Wotta gyp. The second best part of the whole comic was the P.F. Flyers sneaker ad where the kids in town help catch the car thieves by running to the cop station via a shortcut to the drawbridge! Now THAT'S a plot!

Whew. Is it warm in here? The turn on that FAN!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

TRANSFORMERS #0 from IDW - Needs more robots

This is a joint review by me and my six-and-a-half-year-old son Max. We just read the recently released TRANSFORMERS #0 (only 99¢!) from IDW and what can we say, but

"Meh. Next issue better have more Transformers in it."

MAX: The Optimus Prime on the cover looks just like my die-cast one.
BILL: Yeah, it does... very cool. Look, you can see right into the cab through the windshield on his chest!
MAX: So does the one on the back cover. See, Dad? Same color arms.
BILL: Yep.
MAX: The story has good drawings. Better than me.
BILL: Mine. You mean "better than mine".
MAX: You think so? I can draw.
BILL: What did you think of the story so far?
MAX: Where are the Transformers? There's only some at the end.
BILL: Well, we meet this runaway kid and it looks like a Decepticon attacks and then an Autobot shows up to save the kid.
MAX: Yeah. Where?
BILL: Here at the end.
MAX: Where's the next issue?
BILL: Indeed.

So there you have it. Slow start, pretty cool, MORE TRANSFORMERS PLEASE.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Spider-man 3 villain revealed!

Ned just forwarded this to me... guess who!

Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

Hokay everyone, here's the photos of the winners of the Comix Connection Halloween Contests from both stores. Turnout was rather lackluster, so we decided to GIVE ANYONE WHO SHOWED UP IN COSTUME A FIVE DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of you.

Remember, 1st Prize was a $50 Gift Certificate, 2nd Prize was a $25 Gift Certificate, and 3rd Prize was a $10 Gift Certificate!




Thanks to everyone who came in. I hope you got some candy, too. I am sick of candy.