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Saturday, December 31, 2005



I'm sorry, did you expect a post here?

I think not. I will, however, leave you with this nice picture of a woman wearing a chicken hat:

You're welcome.

See you next year.

Airing the Linnen: Top 5 of '05

I realize the "End of the Year" list isn't even slightly original anymore, but it's the best I could come up with in my post-Christmas stupor. There were so many excellent comics this year, it was difficult to narrow this down to just five. I really enjoyed Mike Carey's final year on HELLBLAZER, the soon-to-be-cancelled PLASTIC MAN, Bendis's reinvigorated ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, the variety provided by DC's SOLO, and Vertigo's always-excellent FABLES. DC brought out two of their best mini-series in years with VILLAINS UNITED and GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RECHARGE. Still, it's part of our year-end culture to boil things down to a list - and so without any further ado....

My 5 favorite comic-related things about '05
by Brian Linnen

#5. Ed Brubaker's CAPTAIN AMERICA. I don't want to harp on about this too much because it was the topic last time I wrote something here on; however, I can't stress enough how much love I have been sending Cap this year! And this is from a fella who had never read this title before - I just followed Bru over from CATWOMAN. Stressing espionage instead of super-heroics works well here, and the story of the Winter Soldier is as engrossing a tale as I've ever read. I can't recommend this one enough!

#4. SIN CITY - the movie. I went to the theatre to see this having no knowledge of what SIN CITY was. I know Frank Miller, of course, but I never felt moved to pick up any of his black-and-white stuff. Anyway, the film blew me away! Visually the movie is just stunning, and the performances from all the central actors were fantastic. Since then, I have picked up every one of the SIN CITY collections and I love them all. Miller has created such an enjoyable world with so many great, over-the-top characters. His line-work has never been better, and the love that I had for him BEFORE I read THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK has returned! I didn't think it possible!

#3. ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. Five years ago, the Superman books were pretty terrible, but recently with Rucka and Simone taking over the reigns, things have been looking up. However talented these writers are though, they haven't provided any true Superman moments like the ones Cary Bates and Curt Swan used to provide me when I was growing up. I assumed for many years it was just because I was too old for it to happen anymore, but Morrision and Quitely have disproved that assumption! I know that they have only released one issue so far, but what an issue it was! Seriously, I read this thing three times before bagging it - and that NEVER happens anymore! Leave it to Morrison to make Supes magical again! If you missed this one when it came out, see if Comix Connection has any left - you won't regret it.

#2. BATMAN BEGINS. After the wreckage that Joel Schumacher left behind, I thought I would never see another live-action Batman movie. What a surprise that Warner Brothers chose to restart the franchise AND to do it with such style! Chris Nolan was truly an inspired go-to-guy to direct, and although David Goyer really let me down with BLADE 3, as a rule, I consider him to be an extremely talented writer. I'm glad he was tapped to co-write this screenplay. In terms of the cast, everyone except for the woefully out-of-her-league Katie Holmes seemed born to play their parts. Gary Oldman, in particular, seemed as if he had been ripped right from the pages of "Batman: Year One." It's amazing how good a movie you can make when the number one driving factor isn't selling toys!

#1. INFINITE CRISIS. I wrote about this two a few weeks ago, so I won't gush too much here. Johns and Jimenez have somehow re-captured the excitement I felt twenty years ago reading the original CRISIS, which is an incredible feat! If someone had told me that I would be THIS excited about a comic series at the jaded and world-weary age of 34, I would have thought them mad. I don't really want to spoil anything by discussing the book; however, let me say that things heat up to an incredible level in issue #3. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Just a few brief notes...

... and reminders...

1) MIKE OEMING, artist of the ultra-cool Image/Marvel comic book POWERS, HAMMER OF THE GODS, and current writer of WHAT IF? ... THOR and the upcoming ARES from Marvel will be visiting the stores for autographs and whatnot on Saturday, January 21st!
Times are as follows:

10:00AM - 1:00PM --- YORK STORE

2) Holiday Hours are as follows:
**********************York **************Mechanicsburg*
New Year's Eve*** 10AM-6PM ***********10AM -5PM
New Year's Day***12Noon-5PM ***********12Noon-5PM

3) Here's a brief overview of a few of the items available in the January issue of PREVIEWS! If you see anything you'd like, please let us know by Saturday, January 21st! Drop by the store and ask to flip through the latest issue of PREVIEWS today!
  • CONAN #26 - Art by TIM TRUMAN! (Who I'm trying to get for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at the York store!)
  • STAR WARS: BOBA FETT - OVERKILL one shot - Aieeeee!
  • BATMAN: SECRETS - Sam Keith does the Joker!
  • BLUE BEETLE #1 - Dowhattowhonow?
  • ALL STAR BATMAN and ROBIN Statue - Based on Jim Lee's art!
  • BATMAN UTILITY BELT REPLICA - I'm overwhelmed with my own geekitude!
  • V FOR VENDETTA Mask prop replica - This will be mine... somehow!
  • HYSTERIA: ONE MAN GANG from our very own MIKE HAWTHORNE! Add this to your pull list or Mike will personally come over to your house and kick yer butt! I'm not kidding. At least that's what he said to ME. Oh yeah. He's also got the Collected BALLAD of SLEEPING BEAUTY trade paperback that collects all 8 issues coming out!
  • SQUADRON SUPRENE #1 - New ongoing series!
  • FANTASTIC FOUR: FIRST FAMILY - The FFs earliest days, beautifully illustrated!
  • MS. MARVEL #1 - Uhhhhh... OK.
  • NEW UNIVERSE - Uhhhhh... OK. *snicker*
  • MARVEL MINIMATES: X-MEN DARKTIDE - 4 figures with a DVD!
  • INFINITY WAR trade paperback - IT'S ABOUT TIME, MARVEL!
  • X-MEN: MUTANT GENESIS - Reprints X-MEN 1-7 ... I never thought I 'd see the day when we didn't have these issues in stock...
  • RED PROPHET: TALES OF ALVIN MAKER - Orson Scott Card's alternate history story comes to comic books!
  • ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL TP- The book of Daniel Clowes' short story put to film!
  • RUNAWAY COMICS - Welcome back, Mark Martin!
  • BEST OF HELP! MAGAZINE VOL 1 TP - Kurtzman's seminal humor magazine!
  • HYP-NO-TECH: THE INSIDERS #1 - by Bill Jemas?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • THE PAPERBACK ART OF JAMES AVATI - Whaddaya mean, "Who's James Avati?" Sheesh.
  • THE ACME CATALOG - Products from the Warner Brothers' cartoons! What a hoot!
  • CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Novel! - 'Nuff said!
  • New SIN CITY T-shirts!
  • GODZILLA T-shirt!
  • 18" JOHN LENNON talking doll - ?????
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE ATOM and DR. FATE paperweights!
And lots more!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A nifty review site

HERE'S a nifty Independent Comics Review site run by a couple of our regulars. Great capsule reviews of comics that might have flown under your radar... I will add this to our list of sidebar links...

Busiek signs exclusive with DC

I just got this email from DC:


Kurt Busiek, acclaimed writer of ASTRO CITY and JLA and upcoming writer of AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS, has signed an exclusive agreement with DC Comics. Busiek also will co-write the 8-part story "Up, Up and Away" with Geoff Johns beginning in March's SUPERMAN #650 and ACTION COMICS #837.

"It was great to be asked to come into the DC fold full time and join in on the One Year Later shebang," says Busiek. "I think things are really popping at DC, and there's a welcome emphasis not just on doing event stories to get attention, but making sure there's something interesting and valuable going on in the books so readers will want to stick around for the long haul. All the stuff we're talking about doing, from revamping and reworking Aquaman to doing a follow-up of sorts to SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY, to the possibility of some new creator-owned material to accompany ASTRO CITY - it's all been challenging and involving and varied. I'm enjoying working with Matt Idelson and Nachie Castro on the Superman books, and with Joey Cavalieri on AQUAMAN, and they're making it clear I've got a lot of freedom to do new stuff. I think we're headed for a great ride."

"With Kurt, we bring another one of the most talented writers in comics to the DCU, whose knowledge of our characters is almost second to none," says Dan DiDio, Senior VP - Executive Editor, DCU.

Nice catch, DC!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A very brief glimpse at the nearly-completed Frank Miller's 300 movie

HERE'S a link to a story on ICV2 about the soon-to-be-completed Frank Miller's 300 movie...

Tres cool.

Who's the first Black comic book character to have his own title?

Black Lightning?
Luke Cage, Power Man?
Black Panther?
The Falcon?
John Stewart, Green Lantern?

Nope, I think it's LOBO. That's right, Lobo. No, not THAT Lobo. This LOBO #1, December 1965 (Dell), and LOBO #2, October 1966:

As best as I can tell, this was the first time that a black character starred in his own book. I've tried to do searches on the internet and have quizzed some knowledgable folks and consulted my Vast Library of Comic Goodness, and I'm almost sure he's the first.

The plot: The American Civil War is over and tens of thousands of men go home... but some have no home to return to. The man called Lobo served with the Union Army and now heads West to find work as a cowboy. (Footnote: 25% of cowboys in the American West were black!) He finds work and... adventure and treachery on the high plains!

This comic was actually pretty good in plot and art and quite enjoyable as a western, but a rather mild attempt for such an auspicious debut... as the first Black character to have his own title?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Local youth is published in G-FAN magazine - AGAIN!

For the second time in a year, local youth Evan Stultz has had an article published in long-running G-Fan magazine! The most recent issue (#74) of G-FAN, the fan magazine of The Godzilla Society of North America, features an article by the leader and founder of the Harrisburg-area Godzilla Fan Club, which meets semi-monthly at the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection. Entitled "Young Fan Starts G-Club", Evan's article details the step-by-step precess he went through to form the club - and the results he got, which included being interviewed and featured on the front page of the Harrisburg Patriot-News "Local" section... quite an impressive success for an enterprising youngster. How many of you have had two articles published in a national magazine? Once again, Congratulations, Evan! Way to go!

And HERE'S the link to G-FAN Magazine's site...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Character actor Vincent Schiavelli dies

Obscure Buckaroo Banzai Reference:

"John O'Connor is dead. He fell on his head."

Longtime character actor Vincent Schiavelli has died today. Veteran of TONS of movies and TV appearances, I remember him best from his performance in the Greatest Movie Ever Made, BUCKAROO BANZAI...


Comix Connection Customer Profile #9 - 10 Questions with Pearl and Karl S.

1) NAME: Pearl and Karl S.
2) AGE: P-left blank/K-left blank
3) HOW LONG A COLLECTOR: P-12 years/K-16 years
4) FAVORITE COMIC: P-Elementals/K-Amazing Spider-man
5) FAVORITE BOOK OR GRAPHIC NOVEL: P-Lord of the Rings Trilogy/K-left blank
6) FAVORITE ACTIVITY: P-hiking/K-hiking
7) FAVORITE FOOD: P-sushi/K-sushi
8) BEST COMIC BOOK RELATED EXPERIENCE: Karl - Making Spider-man costume for Halloween/Pearl - Being married to Spider-man for a night

Thanks, Pearl and Karl!

Sunday, December 25, 2005



Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas reminds me of...


Specifically, traditional German cookies like




and Dominosteine...

My mother is German-born, from the beautiful medieval town of Celle, and my Dad's side of the family is German and Ukranian (wait until you see my Easter post!). Every Christmas morning when I was young we would get up, have some juice and see what was in our stockings, then dive into the pile of gifts under the tree. Once the gift-opening frenzy was over, we would settle down, maybe get a nibble of something to eat, and then all our attention would turn to...

THE PACKAGES FROM GERMANY. Ah, yes, the wonderfully-misshapen and travel-battered packages from Germany, securely wrapped in brown butcher paper and twine, with mysterious and foreign markings, notations and strange declarations... in fact, those two packages sitting in the middle of our living room floor amongst the Christmas detrius even SMELLED different... as well a thing should that had travelled half-way around the world to be with the Wahl Family on Christmas Day. Both were sent by our Tante (Aunt) Annelene, and both were like treasure chests waiting to be opened.

The first was filled with all manner of gifts for everyone, from silverware for my sisters, to Adidas soccer shirts (ca. 1975) for all of us, to liqueur-filled chocolate-covered cherries for my Dad, to hand-made sweaters and knit items, to German model kits of buildings for my train layout, to strange candies like Schwartze Katze (licorice cats) and Liliac pastilles (they tasted like how an old lady's purse smells), to thick bars of dark German and Swiss chocolate, some with hazelnuts... an assortment of shop items and hand-made goods from a land far away... and even the wrapping paper looked and felt different.

And then there was the second package. Ahh, the box of Lebküchen.

The second package opened to reveal a beautifully lithographed tin box that held twenty pounds or so of the above pictured cookies. With great anticipation my two sisters and I would throw back the lid, laughing with joy, our eyes dancing as the scent of these spicy, honeyed delights spread into the room around us, delicately mixing with the pungent pine odor of the Christmas tree, and the hot wax scent of the candles that were on the sideboard... and then we would extract each different package, examining them intently, then passing them around for all to see. There were dark-chocolate coated lebküchen hearts the size of your hand that were nestled in a cottage-shaped cardboard box with little doors and windows that you could open to reveal small pictures like a three-dimensional advent calendar, there were planks of brown, uncoated lebküchen as big as a paperback book that smelled like clove, there were sugar-coated discs the size of saucers topped with an inlaid half of a blanched almond, there were smaller chocolate hearts with a raspberry jelly filling, there were the thin and crisp and spicy-sweet windmill-shaped spekulatius, there were the lebküchen/jelly/marzipan layered dominosteine... and they were all simply delicious.

Those smells and those tastes and those times are what I think of when I think of Christmas...

To this day, the Wahls get together for Christmas early in December to exchange gifts and share a meal... AND WE STILL GET THE GERMAN COOKIES, thanks to my Mom and Dad.

To me, it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Have a great holiday season everyone, and let's all be hopeful for the New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner 8

I think I've eaten at this restaurant before. And I'm sure this gal waited on me.

I find her strangely attractive. Perhaps it's that brilliant riposte "So's your FACE!" Now that's a gal you can trust to back you up when the chips are down.

"You want to hear about our specials? We don't HAVE any specials."


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Comic books... and MAYONNAISE?

This is just another weird comic book I picked up somewhere... TICK TOCK TALES #11, (November 1946, Magazine Enterprises).

Here's a close-up of the ad pasted to the cover:

That's right! This comic came free with a jar of mayonnaise! Imagine little Joanie or Johnny trying to get mom to buy this... "But, Mom, I LOVE Aunt Nellie's Mayonnaise! We NEED more Aunt Nellie's Mayonnaise. I don't want it just because it comes with a FREE comic book! No sirree! I'm just worried about the lack of sufficient mayonnaise in the house."


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

From the Vault, Part Three

Wow. Check this out. Here's a copy of our first mailing we did for the store, the COMIX CONNECTION BULLETIN #1. I made this on my screamin' Commodore-64! What a hoot! It dates from about December 1990 when we moved to the looooong store space opposite the UA Theatres in the Delco Plaza and were celebrating our Grand Re-Opening. Let's see... a coupon for $2.00 OFF any graphic novel, a "Buy 3, Get One Free" Fantasy Miniature Sale and an announcement for York-Con VI. To help us celebrate our new location, we had artists Tom Lyle (fresh off of a five-issue ROBIN mini-series) and Tim Truman, who had just completed the HAWKWORLD mini-series. A state-of-the-art mailing! Well, for us anyway.

Good times!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why does Jimmy Gownley Rule?

Wow. What can I say? The latest issue of AMELIA RULES! (#16, Renaissance Press) by artist/writer Jimmy Gownley is in my hands and, well, let's just say it made me feel happy, sad, delighted and a little wistful. Once again, Jimmy shows us that he really knows how to portray kids and the world they occupy. This is THE BEST "kid's comic" out there, bar none, and it's because it's not "written down" to kids, it's written directly AT THEM. And at everyone else, as it should be. Just like in the real world, good things AND bad things happen to these characters... and we're right there with them. This issue wraps up the "Superheroes" storyline and what a finish! Just plain great stuff from a creator completely guiding his creation...

So. Why does Jimmy Gownley rule? Because he's graciously agreed to appear at our Mechanicsburg store on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2006 for autographs and sketches! WOOOO HOOOOO! Thanks, Jimmy... see you there!

Mavel's most expensive comic book?

I just read THIS weird article over at ICV2... I just can't even imagine what this is all about. Very strange.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Don't forget - Comics make great gifts!

Don't forget that comic books make GREAT stocking stuffers... or gifts for your family and friends.

We carry a full line of comics and graphic novels AND select family Board Games that appeal to fans from 5 to 95... just ask one of our pleasant and attentive, fully-trained Comic Book Sales Associates™ for assistance!

And we also have a copious supply of Comix Connection Gift Certificates... they're ugly, but they work! And don't forget my Christmas wish... c'mon, if y'all each chip in $5000...

INFINITE CRISIS #2 dominates

INFINITE CRISIS #2 stomped all comers like a giant ape last month... see THIS ARTICLE at ICV2 for the full story, plus the other Top 25 comics sold for November, and other bits of interesting data...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

HELLBLAZER - a long journey

I was just digging theough The Stack™ and I ran across one of the consistently great comic books ever - HELLBLAZER. This is one of DC's longest running titles (!) at 215 issues so far and no sign of an end. (HELLBLAZER actually predates the "Vertigo" side of DC, and the character of John Constantine was first introduced in an Alan Moore-written SWAMP THING #37.) It's sorta hard to describe what this book is about... John Constantine is a hard-living smoker, drinker and dabbler in magic for the good guys, but seems to be cursed with the fact that everyone around him ends up in a bad way, quite often due to his actions. He's no tragic figure though, because he's SUCH a hard sonofagun, to put it nicely. I can only think of about 20 or so issues of this title that were not that good - the rest range from very good to the best comics can be. The latest story arc sums John up well. It's a two-parter in issues 214 and 215. Titled "R.S.V.P.", it's a small tale about John getting an invite to speak at a party of magic-types just as he's closing the door to his past. In typical Constantine manner, John gives the party guests much more than they bargained for... and not in a good way. A great short story arc for new readers and another piece of the puzzle for old readers... HELLBLAZER rarely disappoints.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Comix Connection Customer Profile #8 - 10 Questions with Dominic R.

1) NAME: Dominic R.
2) AGE: 26
3) HOW LONG A COLLECTOR: on and off for 8 years
4) FAVORITE COMIC: The kind that take longer than ten minutes to read
5) FAVORITE BOOK OR GRAPHIC NOVEL: couldn't tell ya!
6) FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Snowboarding
8) BEST COMIC BOOK RELATED EXPERIENCE: The day I found out some of my comics were worth more than I paid for them.
9) IF I COULD MEET ANY COMIC CHARACTER, I WOULD CHOOSE: Spider-man or Deadpool or Agent Graves

Thanks, Dominic!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Dennis the Menace is Spider-man?

With great menace comes great irresponsibility.

What th--?! Yes, according to this comic, DENNIS THE MENACE #7 (May 1982, Marvel), Dennis really IS Spider-man! Well, OK, he just dresses up as Spidey to go to a party at Margaret's... and spider-themed mayhem ensues! Pretty funny stuff... Margaret even references Spidey's sweetie Black Widow while batting her eyes at Dennis. The one odd note in the comic is a one-page "psychoanalysis" of why Dennis is the way he is. Apparently he's not really a "menace", he's just misunderstood. Or something. My eyes glazed over about four sentences in... must be an '80s thing.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bill's FAN Fascination #3

Continuing in a series of comic book covers that feature ELECTRIC FANS, I give you TOM AND JERRY COMICS #95 (June 1952, DELL). What a great "fan gag"! However, once Jerry and Tuffy (the small mouse who wears a diaper) plug that fan in it will be so unstable that it will "walk" off that hassock and probably crush them both... but at least they'll get in one good lick on Tom!

(Please note the two pink rings of dried Kool-Aid right on the cover... THAT'S what comics are for... to be used as coasters so the kiddies don't leave rings on the coffee table!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Local artist Mike Hawthorne SCOOPED!

York, Pennsylvania's very own Famous Talented Artist Person Mike Hawthorne (Hysteria, Terminator 3, Grendel: Red, White and Black, Three Days in Europe, Whiskey Dickel, Queen and Country, Ruule: Ganglords of Chinatown, The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, Machine Teen, etc etc etc) was recently intervied by Diamond International Gallery's SCOOP, the online magazine or neat pop culture stuff. Click HERE for the interview, and click HERE for a look at what Mike's up to! You go, Mike! Stay tuned for info on the release of Mike's way cool HYSTERIA Volume 2, and where you can meet the artist himself! (Hint: CC in March 2006)

Thanks for the tip, MIKE B!

Goodbye, Media Play

The Musicland Group has announced that it is closing all 61 of its Media Play stores by late January. The Media Play chain, which debuted in 1992, represented an attempt to sell all sorts of entertainment media products including music, movies, video games and books in a big-box format. More HERE from IVC2...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available...



Monday, December 12, 2005

Manager Ken's Krazy Komic Kutout Korner 7

Feh. I "don't care two pins" either. This is what goes through the (old school) Incredible Hulk's head as he attempts to push on a really big rock. It's like a Shakespeare soliloquy from Hamlet or something. Or like a rant from that guy that lives behind the dumpster at Mall-Wart...

Mostly, when I'm alone I think in short bits like "Sun bright, need sunglasses." and "Hungry, get food soon." and "Idiot on cell-phone blindly zipped across three lanes and nearly killed I."

Which is actually more like real "Hulk Speak" now that I think of it...

PUNISHER VS. BULLSEYE - black comedy mayhem

I've been digging through "The Stack™" and ran across this gem - PUNISHER VS. BULLSEYE #1 (Marvel)... and it's just plain great. There's 1) the incredibly funny story of a mob boss who has stared down the Puisher's rifle and lived to tell the tale... and has a unique way of hiding from him in plain sight, and 2) a truly CLASSIC Bullseye moment that you just gotta read to believe, all in the capable hands of the guys who brough us BULLSEYE’S GREATEST HITS: Daniel Way and Steve Dillon. What a hoot.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Comix Connection's Subscription Service

This post is for those of you who haven't yet signed up for a "PULL/HOLD" or "Subscription" box at Comix Connection. If you buy comic books on a regular basis and want to be certain that you don't miss any of your favorite titles, then this service is for you! Let us know what titles you want and we will PULL them when they come in on Wednesdays and HOLD them for you until you come in to pick them up! It's that simple! There's NO CHARGE for the service and we pull our subscriber orders before we put the new books on the shelves... this ensures that the subscriber's orders are filled first.

Here's how it works:
1) You fill out the Subscription Sheet with your name, address and contact information and a list of the comic book titles that you want held. You are assigned a "BOX NUMBER". If you forget your assigned Box Number, you will need to remember your first and last names. (If you forget those, you have bigger problems than keeping track of comic books. See a trained health specialist.) There is NO FEE OR DEPOSIT... you pay for the books when you come in and buy them!
2) We fill your orders on Wednesdays and place the comic books that you desire neatly into our boxes for safe storage.
3) You pick them up at your leisure, secure in the knowledge that your books are already pulled before they have had the opportunity to sell out.
4) You buy them at the counter and receive a complimentary FREE PERSONALIZED RECEIPT!
5) Repeat as often as necessary to soothe your desire for cool comic books!

The fine print:
1) We ask that you pick up the comic books you asked to be put on hold at least ONCE EVERY FIVE WEEKS. If you do not pick up your comic books in a timely manner, we will call you to see when you are coming in. If you still do not appear, we will cancel your subscription box and put any comics that we had held for you back on the rack. YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR PHONE NUMBER CURRENT with us, or we will assume you moved to Tibet and no longer want your comics.
2) You may add or drop any titles from your subscription box at any time, but we do expect you to pick up what is in your box. (We order most items two months or more in advance of ship date and want to stay ahead of things as much as possible. We are also different from major chain bookstores in that NONE OF OUR MERCHANDISE IS RETURNABLE.)
3) We sell the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog to our subscribers at our cost ($2.70 at this point) and the separate MARVEL Catalog is either free with purchase of PREVIEWS or sold at our cost ($0.50).
4) There is NO MINIMUM NUMBER OF BOOKS required to have a Comix Connection Subscription and NO FEE or PRE-PAYMENT EVER.
5) Anything "Special Ordered" through the PREVIEWS Catalog (T-shirts, posters, toys, graphic novels, whatever) will also be held for you when it arrives - you will be notified of it's arrival by a NOTE in your box!
6) Ummmm... that's it! Go sign up RIGHT NOW!

7) ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that you can also be put on our "GRAPHIC NOVEL PERMANENT WANT LIST" if you wish to receive say, every volume of the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN trade paperbacks or NARUTO manga trade paperbacks or STAR WARS CLONE ADVENTURES DIGESTs or what have you...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Scary stupid or stupid scary?

I'm sorry, but after the initial shock of seeing this apparition (HOUSE OF SECRETS #136, October, 1975, DC) pop up in the middle of the night, I would just be rolling around on the floor laughing for about ten minutes... I wonder if you can exorcise ghosts with ridicule alone?

(The interior art for this story is by the magnificent Ramona Fradon, she of the classic Metamorpho comics, so there is that.)

Comix Connection Customer Profile #7 - 10 Questions with Joe B.

1) NAME: Joe B.
2) AGE: 25
4) FAVORITE COMIC: My Monkey's Name is Jennifer
6) FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing video games
8) BEST COMIC BOOK RELATED EXPERIENCE: Got hugged by a hot woman dressed as Supergirl

Thanks, Joe!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Marvel Zombies = Flesh Eating Superheroes?

I just finished reading MARVEL ZOMBIES, written by Robert Kirkman this morning. I can't make my mind up about this title. I love Kirkmans's WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, and MARVEL TEAM-UP, but this one didn't grab me yet. I can't get past the idea of a flesh eating Spider-man and Captain America, it just weirds me out too much, I guess. Having said that tho', the comic is pretty hilarious and at the same time quite disturbing. I'm definitely going to read the rest of this 5 issue series just to see where Kirkman is going with this. How bout the rest of you? Anyone else read this yet? What are your opinions, HELLO? Is anyone out there?

I can't stop laughing

I just read this on the ICV2 website...

Warren Ellis Reboots the 'New Universe'
One month prior to the launching of Ellis' Newuniversal series, Marvel will present "Untold Tales of the New Universe," a series of individual New Universe titles that will follow the original continuity. Mark Pannicia is editing the "event" which will include five one-shots: DP7, NightMask, StarBrand, Justice and Psi-Force, while 3 other original New Universe properties, Merc, Kickers Inc. and Spitfire will appear in 8-page back-up stories.

I got tears running down my cheeks here...

Man, live long enough and you'll see EVERYTHING!

Mingo administers the "Wet Willie coup" to Dan'l Boone

On the cover of DANIEL BOONE #1, 1964 (Gold Key), we see Mingo surreptitiously administering the dreaded "Wet Willie" or "Sus-qwee-HAH-nuh" coup to frontiersman Daniel Boone...

Tribal law now requires that the offended party and the challenger will have to face off in heated hand-to-hand combat to the death, or until one performs the "OW-tchee" or "WED-gee" maneuver on the other...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

GAH! It's the new Blue Beetle!

It's the new Blue Beetle! Mike B. sent me this image along with a link to Newsarma article/interview!

Boy, things sure are interesting in the DC Universe right now, aren't they?

Heroclix Tournaments return to the York store!

Here are the dates, times, and events scheduled for upcoming Heroclix Events in the YORK STORE, with your new host, Dave Shiffler!

Saturday, January 7th, 2005 4:00PM:
Armor Wars Marquee Event
Sealed Format

Come start the new year off right with the first event of the 2006 Wizard World HeroClix Invitational Championships. Prizes for this event include: John Walker, James Rhodes, and the exclusive bystander token, Tony Stark LMD. No Scenario should be used for this event. Be sure and check back for more information on the Invitationals in the coming weeks.

Saturday, January 14th, 2005 4:00PM:
Armor Wars Scenario Event
Constructed Format

Here it is, the winner of the HeroClix scenario design contest. At least, here is where it will be, once we pick the winner. Be sure and submit your scenario idea today! Prizes for this event: One copy of the Captain Britain LE figure for both the Champion and Fellowship award winner.

Saturday, January 21st, 2005 2:00PM:
HeroClix New Guy Night II
Casual Play Format

Once was fun, but twice is better! Bring a friend and teach him to play your favorite game, and you'll each get a special limited Edition figure to enhance your collection.
Check out the details on this great promotion HERE!

Saturday, January 21st, 2005 4:00PM:
HeroClix Constructed Event
Constructed Format

Build the best 400 point superpowered team and lead it to victory!
Prizes for this event: One Copy of the Talisman LE figure for both the Champion and Fellowship award winner.

Saturday, January 28th, 2005 4:00PM:
1000 Point Theme Team Slobber Knocker!
Unrestricted Format

Kick off the return of events at COMIX CONNECTION - YORK right with the first unrestricted tournament of the year, a 1000 point theme team tournament that is!
Galactus and Dark Phoenix will not be allowed on teams for this event, although Jean Grey Mega Phoenix is welcome. (But don't worry, we will be holding events in the future that Big G and the DP will be making an appearance.)
Prizes for this event: One copy of the Sir Pietro Maximoff LE figure for both the Champion and Fellowship award winner.

These listings are posted to the sidebar on your right for easy reference! Stop in, learn to play and HAVE FUN!