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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sneak Peek at some pages from DC's 52#1

I just got a note from DC Comics directing me to THIS... a sneak peek at DC's upcoming weekly comic book 52 #1.

Looks pretty durn cool...


At 3/02/2006 10:16 AM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Let me preface all this by saying I didn't give two hoots what was going on with the DC "universe" for many, many years now. But, I recently read Identity Crisis for the heck of it and I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED. An EXCELLENT story and very compelling art! So that makes me a very late comer, but my curiosity has been peaked.

But I have questions:

Are some of the characters and storylines started in Identity Crisis addressed in Infinite Crisis? Such as:

Was that Luthor's old 80's power suit in that box at the very beginning of the story?

Who is the new Captain Boomerang's mother?

What's Dr. Light up to?

If these elements are part of Infinite, then I want to read it!

I dig the way the Question is going all Rorschach on the Bat-signal. Very Watchmen...

At 3/02/2006 3:23 PM, Blogger Craig Box13 said...

Bill you can Add 52 to my pull list as well as All the Civil War from Marvel. I forgot to tell the Monkeys when I can in on Wed.

Craig Box13

At 3/02/2006 3:34 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Hey, does my lil picture work now?

At 3/02/2006 9:27 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

stymieresh - I couldn't agree more... most mega-crossovers leave me yawning, as I am a jaded old comic reader who has been down this road before... until the latest CRISIS! I've actually looked forward to each issue as it hits, and each one has delivered. When I heard about "52" a couple of months back, I said "Meh", but now I'm VERY curious to see what happens! And Blue Beetle! Yikes! The Geekstosterone™ is getting thick!

I really think this is a great time to be reading comics (with the focus on writing, and art)... there's a TON of great stuff out there, ALL genres.

craigbox13 - You got it!

stymieresh - Tor, is that you? Your tie is askew.

Hey, did anybody read any of the "One Year Later" issues yet?

At 3/02/2006 9:32 PM, Blogger Linnen said...

I read Detective Comics: OYL and enjoyed it more than any comic I have read since probably 1984/85. I'm not saying it was the best book I've read since then, but in terms of bringing me complete and geeky fanboy joy, this issue stands head and shoulders above the rest.

But why should I say more now when I know tomorrow we will be called upon to post on the Friday Open Thread??

At 3/02/2006 10:40 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

No one is answering my questions!!!

They are burning!!! (notice all the exclamation points - that means this is important!)

BTW - that's not just Tor, but it's Tor from what could possibly be called the best worst movie ever!


At 3/02/2006 10:51 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Conrad Brooks (the cop from Plan 9 who SCRATCHED HIS HEAD WITH HIS GUN!) was in the York store once on his way to an interview on some weird YCAT tv program... he wouldn't leave until I bought his VHS "documentary" of Ed Wood, which included scenes of a camera following him around Hollywood while he pointed at a window and said "Yep, Eddie used to live there..."

$20 down the toilet.

At 3/03/2006 2:29 PM, Blogger josh said...

stymierish, I would advise to start finding the answers to your questions easily that you buy the reasonably priced, chock full of info prelude to infinite crisis. It catches you up to speed in a lot of ways. Then you should be all set for Infinite Crisis! Good luck!

At 3/03/2006 8:14 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Thanks Josh!


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