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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Godzilla Fan Club notes

Godzilla Fan Club (A Original Article)

Guest post by Evan Stultz

In the summer of 2005, my first article was published in G-FAN magazine. It was about my trip to Japan where I met one of the stars of Godzilla vs. King Ghidora, Robert Scott Field (who will be the honored guest at this year’s G-Fest) and saw Godzilla: Final Wars. I decided that most Japanese monsters fans probably didn’t have a place where they could discuss their fandom (passion?), so I thought “What the heck?” and started to put the pieces together. I had originally bought an issue of G-FAN magazine waaaay back when the Comix Connection was located at the Camp Hill Mall. I contacted the store about holding a fan club meeting, and they said that it would be great to hold it there. Apparently, a reporter for the Harrisburg Patriot-News had seen my club advertised and wanted to interview me. (A rundown of the interview can be found in issue 74 of G-FAN). A reporter and photographer came to the first club meeting, and the took notes and a few photographs. A few weeks later I was published on the front page of the “Local” section! (Thanks to my modesty complex, I won’t brag…) A few friends and family members came, but no one else attended. Undeterred I set a date for the next club, in the hopes of bringing in a few new attendees thanks to the newspaper coverage. The next club boomed and I think we had around 17 attendees, which was a great experience for me. The next club we had a large E-mail list, so we set the date and waited. At that meeting, attendance numbers had decreased a bit, but this was fine because it was easier to discuss what I had planned. We hovered around 4-5 people. I took a break for a month, (though I can’t imagine why) and planned to continue. Unfortunately, probably due to the “break” attendance numbers dropped yet again. However, we started to bring in more steady attendees and it was still very enjoyable on my part. The numbers stayed the same for month or two when we returned to our monthly schedule. I began to advertise that the Godzilla movies from certain decades would be discussed. This gave the talks some structure, although it was still very open. The last meeting, which was on March 19th, only one person attended but the feeling was still great and I enjoyed talking one-on-one. Later that week, Central PA magazine contacted my dad’s secretary and told her that a reporter had seen the advertisement on and wanted to write her column about my club. We also found out that my dad was going to be featured in an issue (and it might be the same issue) which is going to be released in August. Inspired by the reporter’s interest, I decided to put together a rigorous ad campaign. Just today, I began to put together the first color flier for the club. I discovered the brightness and contrast controls, and I tweaked the front cover of a G-Fan issue, and I placed the Godzilla picture on the ad. I used Wordart to create a more interesting font, and used colored writing. Though it took an hour and my patience was spent, I finally put together a solid ad. My dad’s secretary is getting copies made as I write this, and I hope that it will catch the eyes of more fans. The whole experience of creating and managing your own fan club is great fun, and I hope that fans of whatever genre they’re interested in will consider creating their own club. Of course I couldn’t go without thanking everyone at Comix Connection for giving me a location and helping out with the advertising and whatever I needed help with. If the club sounds enjoyable, try it out and see what you think… everyone is welcome!

NOTE: The next Godzilla Fan Club Meeting is THIS SUNDAY at 1:00PM at the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection! Also, anyone interested in entering the Godzilla Model Painting Contest should remember to bring your SIX BUCKS in for the model kit!


At 4/27/2006 11:21 AM, Blogger G-evan said...

Hey, that looks great!
Thanks Bill!

At 4/28/2006 10:20 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

I'm kinda excited to see what different people do with the same model kits... an interesting experiment. I can't wait. We'll display them all at the store so you guys can vote on them! Keep your eyres peeled!


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