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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bill's Fan Fascination #6

How did we get back down here? Back in the dark creepy recesses of Bill's Fan Fascination? Dunno. Must be the cold medicine.
Anyway, here's the latest from America's Premiere Collection of Comic Books With Electric Fans On The Covers™... I give you BATMAN #129 (DC Comics, February 1960):

Wow. Staggering in it's electricfanitudinosity, isn't it? Witness the plight of Batwoman as she is tied to the blade of a GIANT FAN by some lame villain named The Spinner!
he shrieks maniacally! (This cover is a FAN-boy's dream by the way... actually using an electric fan to torture a superhero! I'm getting chills!) Waitaminnit. "Doomed"? To what? Having all the blood rush to her head? To having her hair stand straight up? Losing all the contents of her pockets? Having her face turn an embarassing shade of beet red? Getting nauseus? (Hey, Mister Operator, stop the ride, I'm gonna be sick!)

Anyway, Batman solves the dilemma by throwing a giant (pitch)fork into the electrical control panel of the fan... thus teaching the kids that if you want to stop an electrical appliance, just jam a fork in the outlet!

Gotcha, Old Chum. And that's exactly what you'll be... a bucket of old chum.

Is it hot in here?


At 5/09/2006 2:38 PM, Blogger amoorefan2 said...

The Spinner was really stupid...he could have gotten payed for this "ride" its like an ideal trip to the carnival for some kids. Thats how i stop the fan in my bedroom too...with a fork!

At 5/09/2006 4:48 PM, Blogger Blackinks said...

So that's why generations of toddlers have been jamming things into outlets!

At 5/09/2006 5:27 PM, Blogger josh said...

Deja Vu for this entry. heh.

At 5/09/2006 8:33 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

True Fact 1: Most electric appliances WILL stop if you stick a fork in the motor!

Just make sure you wear insulated gloves and have a flashlight handy.

True Fact 2: Deja Vu? You think that's bad? When I travel, I have incredible Vuja De ... the feeling you've never been somwhere before.

At 5/09/2006 10:33 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

I think the reason Batwoman will be doomed is because the Spinner will just keep gloating about his giant fan that she'll ask Batman to end her misery.
I also think that DC and Marvel have been hard up for villains at some time or other.
DC had the Spinner and Marvel had Man Mountain Marko.
Although I have to admit Man Mountain Marko is a lot more embarassing.

At 5/10/2006 9:10 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

I don't think we've even begun to scratch the suface of the vast swamp of crappy DC and Marvel villains...

At 5/10/2006 11:16 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

How true, how true.
What would everyone think of a list of the Top 25 most idiotic villains for Marvel and DC list?
I'd write it.


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