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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Local animator Michael Robinson presents his new short film

Animation artist Michael Robinson of Mechanicsburg will be presenting his award-nominated short film OOMPER OOMPER on Sunday May 28th here in Harrisburg... click on the image to read the details!

This looks really interesting, so come on out and give it a look!

An Update: Click HERE to peruse the full schedule of the 8th Annual ArtsFest Film Festival.,

And while I'm at it, HERE'S a link to Harrisburg's very own first-run Independent and Foreign film theatre, the fabulous MIDTOWN CINEMA! They are even showing ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, based on the comic by Daniel Clowes of GHOST WORLD fame. You really should be checking them out!


At 5/24/2006 10:50 AM, Blogger G-evan said...

Uh...Oomper Oomper?
Can someone please explain this to me?

At 5/24/2006 3:43 PM, Blogger Blackinks said...

Jeez! haven't you seen Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory?

At 5/24/2006 6:14 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Not to rain on your parade, but they were oompa-loompas. They were little midget helpers who sang the menacing songs, right?

At 5/24/2006 6:17 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Now that I have proved myself a humorless sap, let me say this: Oompa-Loompa Gobbeldy-Gook...
Even typing it sends shivers down my spine...!

At 5/24/2006 7:09 PM, Blogger polly said...

I thought it was Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo?

Have I misinterpreted it all these years?

At 5/24/2006 8:33 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

All right, you kids settle down! Oompa Loompas... sheesh.

Anyway, here's what I got from the Moviate site...

Oomper Oomper

by Michael Robinson, Mechanicsburg, PA
Animation, 2 minutes

A visual and aural delight of hand-made animation. The film can be shown forward or reversed.

Sounds pretty interesting. This Film Festival has a ton of other flicks being shown, including the classic "A Clockwork Orange" at midnight, in all it's 35mm glory!

I'll put the link up on the post if anyone wants to explore.

At 5/24/2006 8:58 PM, Blogger polly said...

That still doesn't answer my damn question though. :P

Seriously, thanks for the info, Bill.

At 5/24/2006 9:17 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Sorry, Bill...
You know how the Oxford-level academic Oompa-Loompa debates can get.
Oomper Oomper...what does that MEAN?!
Seriously, though, I think it is Gobbeldy-Gook, or at least it is in the Tim Burton one...I wonder if there are any strange Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cult following websites that would know the proper song...

At 5/24/2006 9:20 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

I'm going to apologize in advance because the posts I comment on always get very long, but I think Doopity-Doo is the second verse.
Maybe some Chocolate Factory-phile can save us from this endless torment.
I really think it is the second verse with the Ds, though.

At 5/24/2006 9:25 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...


Oompa Loompa Lyrics

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I've got another puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa doompadah dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me

What do you get from a glut of TV?
A pain in the neck and an IQ of three
Why don't you try simply reading a book?
Or could you just not bear to look?

You'll get no
You'll get no
You'll get no
You'll get no
You'll get no commercials

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dah
If you're not greedy you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa
Oompa Loompa doompadee do

At 5/24/2006 9:27 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

And how come nobody commented on my ultra-cool MEGATON MAN button? Is it because you are all jealous of my Geek Chic™ accessories?

At 5/24/2006 9:29 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

A Big Hand For BILL!!
I always knew you were a Chocolate-Factory-phile!
Now we can stop talking about this.

At 5/24/2006 9:30 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Bill: I think it's that your fasion sense is too impeccable for our feeble minds.

At 5/24/2006 9:40 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

g-evan: As a fellow Hawaiian shirt aficionado, all I can say to Fashion is "Feh!"

At 5/24/2006 9:48 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Haven't you heard? Hawaiian shirts are IN!

At 5/24/2006 10:33 PM, Blogger polly said...


But I was thinking about commenting on your button, Bill. Honest I was. ;)

At 5/25/2006 3:36 PM, Blogger Blackinks said...

Damn! I missed the whole debate on the Oompa Loompas! Ive got the complete mp3 with all 3 versions I would love to share if anyone is interested... ha! So the film can be viewed in forward or reverse. THAT is interesting, no sound or how does that work? Yea... dig the button too, looks like Strong Guy and Cyclops mated. Eeew!

At 5/25/2006 8:26 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

His visor does kind of look like Cyclops's. Bill? Can you clarify this before we get into a debate about DNA testing?

At 5/25/2006 8:45 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Heh. I posted a new photo of a cover of Megaton Man BACK ON THE MEGATON MAN BUTTON POST.

Before we get into any debates, you guys need to see him in all his glory.

At 5/26/2006 7:59 AM, Blogger G-evan said...

The debate has officially moved to the button post.


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