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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reader Art #2!

Mechanicsburg-area fan Sam Miller just sent me this great drawing of "Chibi Hulk"! (Definition of "Chibi" HERE!)

(All artwork is wholly owned and copyright the artist; all characters copyright their respective owners.)

That is too cute for words!

Thanks, Sam, and keep the artwork coming, folks! You draw it and email it to me and I will put it up here!


At 6/21/2006 9:43 AM, Blogger G-evan said...

Looks a little bit like the "Wee Hulk" poster in the Simpsons #1.
I can send in my drawing that looks sort of like a human figure, but is actually supposed to be Spider-Man...

At 6/21/2006 11:17 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Send it in, g-evan! I love seeing what you guys can do, as I can't draw a thing...

At 6/21/2006 3:42 PM, Blogger Blackinks said...

Great job Sam! Let's see more of your work.

At 6/21/2006 11:48 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Bill-I DO have a Captain America that I COULD send one would ever take me seriously again if I sent that...I'll see if I can find teh Captain America.

At 6/21/2006 11:59 PM, Blogger polly said...

The eyes are so damn cute! They suck you in with their cuteness! It's a squeezable, loveable Hulk!

I'd be tempted to send in something I've done, but I don't have a scanner. Bleh.


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