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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Satan Returns!

Uh, actually the Son of Satan returns. Sorry about that. See, the old '70s Marvel character will have a new series this fall. Heh. Nothing frightening about that. (Unless Rob Liefeld draws it.)

Yes, today is a scary, scary 6/6/06... this only happens once a century, like all other dates!

Hey if 666 is the number of the Beast, is 667 the neighbor of the Beast?

(runs away)


At 6/06/2006 10:16 AM, Blogger G-evan said...


But if 667 is the beast's neighbor...What is the number of the beast's ACROSS THE STREET neighbor's number??

At 6/06/2006 12:09 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Is something bad supposed to happen today?

Like is some cult going to kill themselves trying to catch the tail of the devil's comet? Oh waitaminit, that already happened ...

Hop a ride on our spaceship!

At 6/06/2006 2:49 PM, Blogger Craig Box13 said...

Yes something BAD has happened today......The remake of the Horrer CLASSIC The Omen was released today...........ok no groans I know it's a bad joke....I try!

Craig Box13

At 6/06/2006 2:52 PM, Blogger Blackinks said...

Hey now... even us evil kin need a holiday once in a while. The other side has 8 or 9 a year!

At 6/06/2006 3:21 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

craigbox13: That's a good joke. It really IS a bad day for moviegoers everywhere: The horror film has finally fallen to pure shlock...

At 6/06/2006 3:51 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Yeah, I heard that Omen remake was pretty lousy. I swear, Hollywood will eventually need to remake the REMAKES at this rate!

At 6/06/2006 6:57 PM, Blogger G-evan said...

Did you see the teaser trailer for Omen? It was that little kid on the swing, looking menacing. HAHAHAHA!!
I actually laughed out loud when I saw it. If they had released it as a COMEDY, I could accept that.

At 6/06/2006 8:59 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

You know, if you rearrange the letters in "Satan", you can spell "A Stan"!


(runs away again)

At 6/07/2006 6:06 AM, Blogger Craig Box13 said...

Don't get me wrong some Horror remakes are good like The Hills Have eyes and Dawn of the Dead remake come to mind. But it looks all most like the did this shot for shot. Then added Devil shots. I don't know. I'm a Horror fan and I probably well end up going to see it this weekend.

Craig Box13

At 6/07/2006 7:49 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

There must be 10,000 writers in Hollywood crying themselves to sleep at night because it's "safer" to do a remake with a "built-in audience"... very sad.


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