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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It was forty years ago...

...that the Monkees took the TV nation by storm. 1966 - what a great year for television shows!

(Guest post by Manager Ken, in response to my dissing the "Monkees Masterworks" suggestion... just kidding, man!)


At 10/03/2006 8:56 PM, Blogger Manager Ken said...

Hahahahaha,,,,You kill me!

Thanks for the thought of posting something crazy like the Monkees!

-1966 was a great year for television: Batman and Star Trek,too...what a great time!

I think Ron Ely's Tarzan as well...I could be wrong I will now stop with the Monkee stuff...

At 10/04/2006 2:36 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Monkees trivia:

1) First pop album to use a MOOG Synthesizer (in the song Daily Nightly)

2) They once opened for Jimi Hendrix (or was it the other way around?)

3) The Monkes were among the first albums I owned. Other albums: Soundtrack to TV show "War At Sea", lots and lots of sound effects records. Yep, they made records with 5-30 second clips of all kinds of -uh- sounds. I know, I was a weird kid.

BONUS: First 45 - Theme From 'The Sting' by Marvin Hamlish... 2nd - "Rock and Roll" by Gary Glitter... I bought that off of Steve Brewer in 6th grade with most of my lunch money (25¢)...

At 10/04/2006 9:39 PM, Blogger Manager Ken said...

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At 10/04/2006 10:01 PM, Blogger Manager Ken said...

Mmmmm...??? My 1st 45 record, that was my very own, was the Archies "Sugar,Sugar".

That is not to say that I didn't have access to records. In the 1960's, Dad pressed records for RCA, at the New Jersey plant, and had tons of albums and 45's from Elvis, to the Rolling Stones, to Julie Andrews, to Bubblegum World 1910 Fruitgum Co., to Conway Tweety to, yes, even the Monkees.

One of the coolest/odd records he had in his collection was an album which contained several 3 minute recordings of ads for "Mountain Dew" soda.
*Oh, there's a bang in every bottle of good old Mountain Dew,,,Yeah-woo,,,Yeah-woo,,,Mountain Dew!

Legend has it, my Dad ended up selling most of his collect to "Radio's Hall of Fame" DJ, Cousin Brucie.


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