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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things to give thanks for

(I'm thankful I'm not Mr. Bean.)

Well, let's see... I'm thankful for:

  • My wife Karen, our kids Maxwell and Annelene (Laney, Leni, HEY GET OFF THE BOOKSHELF, etc.) and all the rest of our families. Every one of y'all! (Oh, and I'll include my friends, who I consider part of the "big family"... no matter where you go, there you are! Thanks for being you, and thanks for being our friends.)
  • This industry, which allows me to do that which I most love... show people how great comic books can be! Plus I get to read them!
  • Ned, the Entire Comix Connection Crew, and all the customers over the years who have supported us! Thanks, all! You can't imagine how much I appreciate it. Seriously: Thanks.
  • Roast Turkey, via the High Heat Method! Yummers! Bring it on! With oyster stuffing! And gravy! And sweet potatoes! And cornbread! And two kinds of cranberry sides! And the obligatory steamed green thing! Heck, even BEETS! (Actually I like beets.) And creamed pearl onions, please. And would it be too much to ask for some pumpkin or pecan pie to top it off? Whoops, almost forgot - bottomless iced tea, please. Thanks for the feast!
  • Hawaiian Shirts: the most comfortable, stylish and functional clothing ever devised. Oh, and Converse Chuck Taylor High-Tops... I'm thankful for them too.

Don't forget to treat your pets this holiday... and yes, that dog has a can of TURDUCKEN! Better him than me.

Have a great time everyone! Give thanks.


At 11/25/2006 1:11 PM, Blogger amoorefan2 said...

does turduckin have duck meat in it?

At 11/25/2006 2:27 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Yes, it has turkey, duck and chicken, all in one giant wad of fowl meat.


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