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Sunday, April 30, 2006


That's right! There are only SIX days until Free Comic Book Day! Come celebrate this nationwide event at Comix Connection and get your hands on some ABSOLUTELY FREE comic books! All day Saturday, May 6th from opening at 10AM until closing at 9PM, Comix Connection in York and Mechanicsburg will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day and is also running one of it's fabulous sales:



JIMMY GOWNLEY, creator of AMELIA RULES! will be on hand at the Mechanicsburg store for autographs and whatnot... have him autograph your copy of his special Free Comic Book Day issue of AMELIA RULES!

Come and meet the mysterious and enigmatic VENUSIAN at the York store,

along with our old pal and special guest MIKE HAWTHORNE, creator of HYSTERIA!

EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO SELECT THREE COMIC BOOKS from the following list of titles. QUANTITIES ON SOME TITLES ARE LIMITED, so come early to see a wider selection of books!

  • Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Bash -Archie Comic Publications
  • Bongo Comics Free-For-All! (Simpsons) - Bongo Comics Group
  • Star Wars/Conan Flip-Book - Dark Horse Comics
  • Justice League Unlimited #1 - DC Comics
  • GI Joe Sigma 6 #1 - Devil's Due Publishing
  • Disney Comics Presents: Donald Duck - Gemstone Publishing/Disney Comics
  • The Transformers/Beast Wars Special - IDW Publishing
  • Future Shock - Image Comics
  • X-Men/Runaways - Marvel Comics
  • Tokyopop Sneak - Tokyopop
  • The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom! - Adhouse Books
  • Arcana Studio Presents #3 - Arcana Studios
  • Worlds of Aspen #1 - Aspen MLT Inc
  • Jack the Latern 1942 - Castle Rain
  • Soulsearchers & Company/Deadbeats Flip Book - Claypool
  • Comic Genesis: Generations 2006 - Comic Genesis
  • Mr. Jean - Drawn & Quarterly
  • Funny Book #2 - Fantagraphics Books
  • Impact University Volume 2 - F & W Publishing
  • Liberty Girl #0 - Heroic Publishing
  • Keenspot Spotlight 2006 - Keenspot Publishing
  • Bluff & Tales from a Forgotten Planet - Narwain SRL
  • Free Scott Pilgrim - Oni Press
  • Owly: Breakin’ the Ice - Top Shelf Productions
  • Amelia Rules! - Renaissance Press
  • Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule # 1 - Skydog Press
  • Viper Comics Presents: Dead @ 17 & More - Viper Comics
  • Wizard Presents: The Top 100 Trade Paperbacks of All Time - Wizard


Also available to the first 200 people at each store will be this super-cool Wolverine HeroClix game piece:

Wow. What a pile of cool stuff! See you all Saturday! Don't say we didn't warn you!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Non-Post Post

Well, Blogger™ (the service that runs this 'blog) was all kaputski this morning, so I couldn't put any new post up, like the usual Comics Chat Open Thread. Sorry about that. I blame Ken. Somehow it's his fault.

To keep you interested, here's something to look at and learn about:

The Three-Piece Welded Can
The three-piece can consists of a welded body and the classic sanitary end. This can offers cost advantages in comparison to other packaging formats and is available in many different sizes.

These three piece cans are available with and without beading on the side of the can, and both lithographic printing and paper labels are applicable.

You're welcome.

Friday, April 28, 2006

VENUSIAN on the front page of the York Daily Record!

"Venusian saves York again!" screams the front page headline of the Thursday, April 27, 2006 York Daily Record. Then: "Actually,he might be the next reality Sc-Fi Channel star." That's right! Our very own manager of the York Comix Connection, Josh Strouse, is entered as a contestant for the upcoming TV show "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?"!
From the article:
"According to the show's Web site, the program will feature 11 finalists as they live together in character in a "secret lair" and showcase not only their powers, but also their compassion, integrity and resourcefulness through various challenges. At the end of the six-episode series, the triumphant hero(ine) will not only be featured in a Sci-Fi Channel original movie, but also have a comic book created around their character. The show is set to air later this year."
How cool is that? Read the online article HERE. Come and meet The Venusian at the Comix Connection - York on Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 6th. Let's all give Josh our best wishes and hope he makes it all the way to the top! And then you can say "I knew him when."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Godzilla Fan Club notes

Godzilla Fan Club (A Original Article)

Guest post by Evan Stultz

In the summer of 2005, my first article was published in G-FAN magazine. It was about my trip to Japan where I met one of the stars of Godzilla vs. King Ghidora, Robert Scott Field (who will be the honored guest at this year’s G-Fest) and saw Godzilla: Final Wars. I decided that most Japanese monsters fans probably didn’t have a place where they could discuss their fandom (passion?), so I thought “What the heck?” and started to put the pieces together. I had originally bought an issue of G-FAN magazine waaaay back when the Comix Connection was located at the Camp Hill Mall. I contacted the store about holding a fan club meeting, and they said that it would be great to hold it there. Apparently, a reporter for the Harrisburg Patriot-News had seen my club advertised and wanted to interview me. (A rundown of the interview can be found in issue 74 of G-FAN). A reporter and photographer came to the first club meeting, and the took notes and a few photographs. A few weeks later I was published on the front page of the “Local” section! (Thanks to my modesty complex, I won’t brag…) A few friends and family members came, but no one else attended. Undeterred I set a date for the next club, in the hopes of bringing in a few new attendees thanks to the newspaper coverage. The next club boomed and I think we had around 17 attendees, which was a great experience for me. The next club we had a large E-mail list, so we set the date and waited. At that meeting, attendance numbers had decreased a bit, but this was fine because it was easier to discuss what I had planned. We hovered around 4-5 people. I took a break for a month, (though I can’t imagine why) and planned to continue. Unfortunately, probably due to the “break” attendance numbers dropped yet again. However, we started to bring in more steady attendees and it was still very enjoyable on my part. The numbers stayed the same for month or two when we returned to our monthly schedule. I began to advertise that the Godzilla movies from certain decades would be discussed. This gave the talks some structure, although it was still very open. The last meeting, which was on March 19th, only one person attended but the feeling was still great and I enjoyed talking one-on-one. Later that week, Central PA magazine contacted my dad’s secretary and told her that a reporter had seen the advertisement on and wanted to write her column about my club. We also found out that my dad was going to be featured in an issue (and it might be the same issue) which is going to be released in August. Inspired by the reporter’s interest, I decided to put together a rigorous ad campaign. Just today, I began to put together the first color flier for the club. I discovered the brightness and contrast controls, and I tweaked the front cover of a G-Fan issue, and I placed the Godzilla picture on the ad. I used Wordart to create a more interesting font, and used colored writing. Though it took an hour and my patience was spent, I finally put together a solid ad. My dad’s secretary is getting copies made as I write this, and I hope that it will catch the eyes of more fans. The whole experience of creating and managing your own fan club is great fun, and I hope that fans of whatever genre they’re interested in will consider creating their own club. Of course I couldn’t go without thanking everyone at Comix Connection for giving me a location and helping out with the advertising and whatever I needed help with. If the club sounds enjoyable, try it out and see what you think… everyone is welcome!

NOTE: The next Godzilla Fan Club Meeting is THIS SUNDAY at 1:00PM at the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection! Also, anyone interested in entering the Godzilla Model Painting Contest should remember to bring your SIX BUCKS in for the model kit!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I suppose this was inevitable...

Apparently the major publishers will be seeking companies who want to get some "product placement" in their comic books! See an article at ICV2 HERE. And here's the intro to the WALL STREET JOURNAL article HERE. (Sorry, but you need a subscription to the WSJ Online to read the whole thing.)

Remember when those nasty Reese's Pieces were being scarfed up in that movie by the equally nasty E.T. The Extraterrestrial?

I wonder how much it would be to put COMIX CONNECTION in the background of a Spider-man comic book?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

HEROCLIX "New Guy Night" to feature FREE ultra-cool Armored Spider-man figure!

I just wanted to let everyone know that this year's HEROCLIX "New Guy Night" will feature this utra-cool Armored Spider-man as the giveaway piece. Anyone who comes in to check out the game will receive the piece ABSOLUTELY FREE while supplies last!

Dates and times are:

Saturday, June 10th @ 2:00PM (York)
Monday, June 12th @ 5:00PM (Mechanicsburg)

Heroclix New Guy Night is a perfect opprtunity for new players to come and get the free Armored Spider-man figure and learn the game. C'mon in and get yours!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Blade of the Immortal

Guest Review by Jeff Rohaly

I have been collecting comics for over 20 years and nothing has kept my attention like Hiroaki Samura’s Blade of the Immortal. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with that katana wielding vampire crap starring Wesley Snipes. Blade of the Immortal is fictional samurai epic set in feudal Japan. Yeah, been there, done that you say? Not like this.

Back about 10 years ago I began trying out manga after getting hooked on anime. Like a drug addict looking for a new fix I saw the 1st issue of Blade of the Immortal in the Manga section and snapped it up. I‘ve been hooked ever since. This story of a ronin made immortal and his traveling companion set on vengeance will suck you in like heroin in an opium den. The plot and subplots twist and turn in ways never expected. The characters have depth and layers that continue to be peeled back issue after issue. And I haven’t even talked about the art yet. In my opinion this series is even better than (dare I say it?) Lone Wolf and Cub.

Currently this is one of only two comics that I get each month. After almost a decade of issues I still anticipate the next one arriving in my local comic store as much as I did when the series first started. Over the years I’ve seen many good comics go quickly downhill for lack of good character or story development. Samura’s epic is an exception to the rule in the Manga world. Most of the series is available in graphic novel format. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Star Trek (Original Series) stories via TokyoPop!

Hey all you Star Trek fans! This September, Tokyopop will publish new Star Trek stories in manga form. See the article from ICV2 HERE!

Pretty cool! Reserve yours today!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Top 100 comics for MARCH 2006!

Once again, INFINITE CRISIS absolutely knocks out the competition and takes the number one spot for the fifth time! Five issues, five number one spots!

From the ICV2 website:

The top 25 comic titles in March, with our estimates of the number sold to North American comic stores by Diamond Comic Distributors, are:

201,855 Infinite Crisis #5
121,098 New Avengers #17
110,585 All Star Superman #3
107,912 New Avengers Illuminati
101,315 Superman/Batman #24
94,900 Ultimates 2 #10
89,874 Amazing Spider-Man #530
79,745 Green Lantern #10
79,389 Uncanny X-Men #479
78,740 Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
78,286 Uncanny X-Men #471
78,000 X-Men #184
75,773 Ultimate Extinction #3
75,557 Wolverine #40
74,684 X-Men: Deadly Genesis #5
74,028 Ultimate Spider-Man #91
73,407 Ms. Marvel #1
72,765 Ultimate X-Men #68
72,269 Ultimate Spider-Man #92
69,805 Batman #651
69,679 Squadron Supreme #1
67,480 Ultimate Fantastic Four #28
67,208 Teen Titans #33
65,766 Batman Annual #25
65,603 Superman #650

Go HERE to see the rest of the Top 100 and 300...

Friday, April 21, 2006

The WEEKEND Comics Chat Open Thread - the My Army of Killer Robots Awaits My Command Edition!

Hey everyone! What did you read THIS week? Fill us in!

Thursday, April 20, 2006



FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2006 is less than 16 days away!

If you've never been to a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, here's the deal:

1) You walk in to either Comix Connection location
2) You get to pick three comic books from our selection of FCBD comics that were published just for this one-day event! No purchase necessary!
3) We will also be running a great sale at the stores... check out the flyer:

Oh, and the first 200 folks through the door at either store will score one of these nifty HeroClix game pieces of WOLVERINE:

See you there!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

COMIC CONNECTION T-shirts - Demand outstrips supply!

Following in the footsteps of DC Comics' INFINITE CRISIS amd Marvel Comics' MARVEL ZOMBIES, Comix Connection (Central Pennsylvania's Ultra-Hip Pop Culture Mecca™) will be going back to press on their incredibly popular and sold out Geek Chic Wear™ COMIX CONNECTION T-shirts! That's right True Believer, we're making another batch of those awesome shirts... if you want a certain size, let one of the friendly and helpful Comix Connection Counter Monkeys™ know what size/color combination you need and we will get it in for you!

Logo Color: YELLOW


Sizes: SMALL to 5XL

Price: $10.00 (2XL on up are a buck or two more per size increase)

Order yours today!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another "Venusian" sighting!

Here's another photo of the mysterious and enigmatic "Venusian"!

Who is he? Why is he here? Is he a hero or is he a criminal? If anyone has any info, please contact me...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Airing the Linnen: My Top Four Games - #4

Guest Post by Brian Linnen

Our Friendly Local Comic Shoppe has been building up their stock of games over the past few months; you probably have noticed. Here are, in the humble opinion of the author, the top four games that they are carrying:

# 4 * Ticket To Ride* (Days of Wonder).

This is the best cross-over game that I have ever played. By this I mean that even folks who don't normally play board games will come to it and walk away having enjoyed themselves. It's a cinch to learn, features high quality components, and lots of fun. You earn points by building railroad lines between various cities, and if you want to make your friends miserable, cut them off in their attempts to do the same thing. * Ticket to Ride: Europe* takes the basic game and adds a few special features to it, and the brand new* Ticket to Ride: Marklin* somehow adds passengers to the mix. I haven't been able to play that one yet, but it looks good. A game of* Ticket to Ride* usually takes about an hour.

(Ed.: Stay tuned for the rest of the Top 4... coming soon!)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

HAPPY EASTER, everybody!

Ooooh look, I found an egg!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

SECRET WARS Re-Enactment Society!

All right, a couple of you sent me this link so I'll pass it on to all: The SECRET WARS Re-Enactment Society! Where do I sign up? (It's pretty hilarious, but does contain very mild profanity. Watch at your peril!)

Friday, April 14, 2006

The WEEKEND Comics Chat Open Thread - Fixer-upper Edition!

And here we are again... the WEEKEND Comics Chat Open Thread. (Reader and occasional poster Brian Linnen suggested that I re-title the Friday Chat Thread so that people don't feel like the're coming in late... done!) What did you read? What did you enjoy? What tanked? C'mon, I can see you out there at the edge of the campfire light... let us know what you think! Don't be shy, leave a comment! Stop lurking! I'll give you a nickel!

And no, that isn't Karen's Corvair... hers is blue.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comics from the Middle East!


In Saudi Arabia, a massive, hulking creature has escaped from a government holding facility, and no force on earth can stop him.

In Paris, A UNESCO official, psychiatrist and historian, dreams of world peace and chases ancient legends about mystical gemstones.

In the UAE, the kidnapped daughter of a tycoon escapes, bringing with her a gift and a curse - an enduring and ugly vision of a dying world.

And sitting in his dark tower, an ancient and powerful evil, spoken of only in legend, watches and waits for the signs that his true reign is near.

This is pretty cool... Kuwaiti-based Teshkeel Comics is releasing a line of comic books with Islamic characters that operate in the Middle East. Read the interview with publisher Naif al-Mutawa HERE.

More info on the comics and a look at the characters HERE!

Comics... the International Language?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Russian Mickey Mouse!

Here's an oddity from my collection that I completely forgot about until I ran across it in a box the other day... a Russian-language MICKEY MOUSE comic book! Behold:

It's dated 1990, so I guess once that wall went down the valiant forces of capitalism fanned out across the countryside of the old Soviet Union looking to spread the joys of freedom, democracy and liberty, and perhaps to make a few rubles on the side! Anyway, this comic says that it's the "1st Russian Version Mickey Mouse Magazine - 1990 Limited Issue - $10 Suggested Retail Price". Other than that, I know very little else, as this comic is still (*blush*) sealed in it's original shrinkwrap bag... sorry about that.

мышь mickey будет коммунистом!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We can put you down...

...for that.

Do you want to get every volume of a series of trade paperbacks, graphic novels or manga? Well, we can put you on our Master List and hold a copy of each volume as they come out! Want to get every volume of NARUTO? You got it! Every 100 BULLETS trade as it comes out? You betcha! All the STAR WARS CLONE ADVENTURES digests? We can do that! All ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN books? Alrighty. Just tell the helpful and friendly Comix Connection Counter Monkeys™ what you'd like and we will hold whatever graphic novels/books/trade paperbacks/manga you want and put a note in your box to let you know when it arrives! Veddy zimple, veddy easy. Not a box-holder? Not a problem! We'll add your name and phone number to our Master List, hold you a copy and give you a call when your book comes in!

Just another great service provided by Central Pennsylvania's Ultra-Hip Pop Culture Mecca™!

(That would be us, by the way.)

Monday, April 10, 2006

OK, this just cracked me up...

Check THESE out! They're EXTREME!!!! Are these the most ridiculous things you've ever seen? "Warrior Maiden Dorothy" and her "Emerald Staff"? IN YOUR FACE, Wizard of OZ, IN YOUR FACE!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm confused

OK, to start things off, the title at the top of this issue of HEART THROBS #106, (February 1967, DC) throws the reader for a loop.

"3 Girls -- Their Lives -- Their Loves"?

Whadda who? I don't see three girls! I see a girl and two guys! And then things get really weird. The word balloon reads "Please darling -- Believe me -- I didn't want this to happen!" as a gal and an older man look on as a second, younger man comes through the door, surprising them in their embrace. The only problem? I THINK THE OLD GUY IS THINKING THAT WORD BALLOON! Look where it's pointing!

To the old guy, not the girl! Well, that changes things! Yikes! I'm confused! Bring me a war comic book with Sgt. Rock in it, I need to clear my head!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hey, everybody! NATE needs your help!


Description: Usually Wears a Smile

CAUTION: Heavily Armed With Kindness…This Could Be Contagious!
PRIOR CONVICTION: Thoughtfulness and Generosity

Please Help Me! I have been arrested and will be put in jail for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Lock-up. Don’t even bother asking what crime I have committed – it’s not really that important. I just have to raise my bail before the Lock-Up on April 11, 2006 and they will go easy on me, but I need your help to post my bond.

You can help!

* Work on the Chain Gang! I am nowhere near my goal, and EVERY dollar counts! So, please tell your friends, family, and neighbors to help you out with your donation. Donations can be made directly to the MDA for my bail by going to my MDA page. Feel free to E-mail it out to your friends, family, and wealthy benefactors: Click HERE to visit my official MDA Donation Page!
* Send Jail Mail! Send your tax-deductible checks made payable to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) to the following address:

Nate Melton (MDA)
C/O Citizens Bank
10 S 2nd St
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Your donation will help MDA continue research into the cause and the possible cure of the 43 neuromuscular diseases they cover. Your support of the MDA Lock-Up will also help MDA provide wheelchairs, clinic visits and summer camp for the families served by the Association in our local area; families like Reilly Johnson’s. Reilly is 8 years old suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type 2) and relies on a motorized wheelchair and oxygen monitor. Please help by sending Reilly your love and support! Thanks!

Editor's Note: Let's all do what we can to help Ex-Comix Connection Manager and comic book artist Nate Melton raise some bucks for a good cause! (Nice photo by the way, Nate... it looks so natural!)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Comics Chat Open Thread - Chillin' with the fly guys edition!

Hello everyone! You know the drill... what did you read this week? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Tell us, tell us!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

WHO IS - - - WHAT IS - - -


Stay tuned...

HYSTERIA Release Party photos, courtesy of Mike Oeming!

Mike Oeming said I could post his photos from the HYSTERIA Release Party that was held last Saturday at the York store... so here you go!

Photo 1 - The incredible yummy cake with the edible comic book cover!

Photo 2 - Andy MacDonald, Chris Moreno (the tall blur in the background), and Michael Quinn.

Photo 3 - The cover art for HYSTERIA #1 and 2.

Photo 4 - The man, the legend, the cake again.

Photo 5 - Mike Hawthorne hard at work on the Giant Comic Panel... come see it on display at the York store (soon)! It's bigger than life!

Photo 6 - Mike Oeming completly ignoring Andy MacDonald's intense discussion with a fan.

And this cool write-up in the Sunday paper:

Thanks guys! A great time was had by all! And the cake. The cake was awesome. The punch, not so much. But seriously, I love these kind of events - when we get to see skilled creators ply their craft right before our eyes. It's always amazing to me to see someone create something out of ink, paper, and raw talent. Thanks for coming to York guys, and best wishes for much success in the future!

Oooh, I almost forgot this:

A jam sketch by all five guest artists! (OK, Mike Hawthorne hasn't done his yet, but he will. When he comes in to finish the Giant Comic Panel of Bruce Lopez, One Man Gang. Real soon. Yep.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

HORRORCLIX - Battles with freaks and geeks to save the meek!

Weird and wild! Wizkids,the company behind the HEROCLIX collectible miniature superhero combat game, has something new up it's sleeve... HORRORCLIX! Check out this giant Cthulhu figure... imagine doing battle against the Elder Gods!

Yikes! Here's more pictures of some of the other figures:



Great concept! Looks like this could be a very very cool game! We'll definitely have these when they are released... And here's a LINK to an overview of how to play! Very cool! Reserve yours today!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


OK, here's somebody with waaaay too much time on their hands... THANK GOODNESS! CLICK HERE to see all the (you guessed it!) on-screen sound effects from the 1960s BATMAN TV show!


Monday, April 03, 2006

Airing the Linnen: Queen Reigns!

Guest post by Brian Linnen

Having attended two Queen + Paul Rodgers concerts in the past few days, the music of my favorite band has been running through my mind pretty much non-stop. And THAT fact has reminded me that I wanted to share a link that I discovered a few months ago.
It's for the website of Mike Dawson who is a writer and illustrator of independent comics. He is currently working on an autobiographical piece about his high school years and much of it ties in with his love of Queen's music. Even if you don't like the band though, the story is compelling enough that I think you would enjoy it. Check it out if you have time - he has over 60 pages completed and posted, with more added every Thursday.

It's great stuff! I hope it eventually comes out as a book.

CLICK HERE to go visit his website.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

GODZILLA Fan Club hosts model painting contest!

Are you a fan of Godzilla?
Are you a fan of model kits?
Are you a fan of Free Prizes?
If so... read on!

On Sunday April 30th, during the next meeting of the Godzilla Fan Club in the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection, there will be an added bonus... a Godzilla Model-Building Contest!

The rules are simple:
1- Anyone can enter
2- Model kits are only $6.00 + tax each and are available at the store now.
3- Model kits can be reserved at the store and then picked up and purchased at the Fan Club meeting on April 30 at 1:00pm. (If you can't make this meeting, you can still can participate by picking up your reserved model kit after the 30th, but RESERVE YOURS TODAY!)
4- Contestants will have 2 weeks to assemble and paint their model kit in any way they chose! Be creative, be professional, be goofy... but try to be the BEST!
5- When you finish, bring them in to the store and they will be displayed for all customers to vote on! (Participants and their families are not allowed to vote... sorry!)
6- Prizes are: 1st place - $25.00 store gift certificate, 2nd place - $10.00 gift certificate, 3rd place - $5.00 gift certificate
7 - Winner will be chosen by highest number of customer votes and will be announced by Sunday, June 4th!

Godzilla fans UNITE! ...on Sunday, April 30th at 1PM at the Godzilla Fan Club in the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Best lightsaber battle ever!

No fooling! Check this out! Reader Steve L. sent me this link: The greatest lightsabre battle ever! You gotta go see it! (Links goes to a fan-made short film.)