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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the You're Gonna Hafta Answer to the Coca-Cola Corporation of America Edition!

Here's this week's open thread for discussion of what you read/liked and disliked this week... ANYONE is free to comment here, c'mon and join in!

This week I read (among other great comics) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #533... and it was pretty durn cool. These Civil War crossovers are fairly integral to the overall main story, and that's a good thing. In this issue, Peter Parker is still a bit shell-shocked and off-balance by his decision... and what he's in for... and what Tony Stark now expects of him. A great piece of a great story so far...

What did you read?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Reader Art #3!

Greg Forry of York sent this great drawing along for me to put up on the site... check it out! Very cool, Greg!

(All artwork is wholly owned and copyright the artist; all characters copyright their respective owners.)

Email me your artwork folks, and I will put it up here!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A quick review of SUPERMAN RETURNS

Uber-collector Steve Leach dragged me out of my lair last night to see the advance showing of SUPERMAN RETURNS... and boy, am I glad he did!

It was completely awesome.

Whatever you do, don't miss seeing this one in the theatre! This movie made me realize how much I really, really like the character. Just go see it. I believe a man can fly...

(But don't sit in front of the only guy in the entire theatre with a hacking cough. And his two gabby friends. What's wrong with people? A theatre isn't your living room, you know. Sheesh.)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Here's a couple of photos of the soon-to-be-available Marvel Heroes TOON TUMBLER pint glasses:

We'll keep you posted as to when we will get these in! They're high-quality glass tumblers for $9.99 each... reserve yours today!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I think we may be able to offer a discount of sorts if you order complete 12-count sets... I'm thinking $100.00 for a set of twelve different glasses at this point.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Gee, it's that Super man

Did you catch the latest edition of the York Sunday News? Did you happen to see this guy beaming out at you?

No? Then go READ THE ARTICLE HERE. It's a pretty cool interview with our old pal Steve Leach as he expouses on the wonders of collecting in general and Superman specifically... you should see all the cool stuff he has! He also has a great website where he ruminates on Mego action figures, old comic books, video games, and all things Superman. Check out for all your MegoSteve fun!

(P.S.: I want that picture from the article on a T-shirt...)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

OUR FIRST ENTRY for the Comix Connection T-shirt contest NO(YES)-PRIZE!

I just received this weird image from Amanda M. of York, PA:

Very strange, and not a celebrity or weird location picture, but this does (barely) qualifiy for a for a Comix Connection NO(YES)-PRIZE!

Level of difficulty: 3/10

Creativity and imagination: 5/10

Being the first person to send us an entry: +10 points



Woo-HOOO! Thanks for playing, Amanda! C'mon folks, send in your photos of famous folks with one of our shirts, or you wearing one of our shirts in a bizarre or faraway place today!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

'TOON TUMBLERS! Pint glasses for comic book geeks!

Shannon L. was recently at the Philadelphia WizardWorld ComicCon and saw something there that he thought we'd like. He talked to the manufacturer and brought us back a sample, which is on display in the Mechanicsburg store... TOON TUMBLERS from PopFun Merchandising! Check it out:

From their website:
"Remember when you could walk into a fast-food restaurant, pay a few cents extra, and get a real glass featuring your favorite comic-book or cartoon character? Remember how much fun was it to go back every week to see what glass would be released next?

Well, PopFun is going to bring back that fun with 'Toon Tumblers®, featuring your favorite classic animated, comic book, and comic strip characters on quality glassware. Every 4-6 weeks will see the release of a new, high quality, limited edition 16 oz. glass."

Now let me tell you, these are not made of thin, cheap glass... they are much like pub pint glasses, made with very sturdy, thick glass with heat-fired embossed images, not cheap, scratchable decals... and they are too too cool! Some of these will start coming available in a month or two, and we will be taking pre-orders (no money down) on them. Retail price is $9.95 I think.

Marvel characters listed as upcoming: Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Phoenix, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Colossus, The Avengers, Iron Man, Master of Kung Fu, Dr. Strange, Nova, Daredevil, Luke Cage Power Man, Captain Marvel, Invaders, Warlock, Ghost Rider, The Defenders, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Killraven, Black Panther, Tomb of Dracula, Spider-woman, Man-Thing, Black Widow, and Punisher, all in their 1970s "Bronze Age" incarnations.

Let us know which ones you want! Stop by the Mechanicsburg store and check out the WOLVERINE glass we have on display. Woo-HOOOO!

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the I Really Need To Update My Resumé Edition!

Hey, everyone! Here's the thread where we get yak about what we read lately... and boy, what a week for great comics! There was ASTONISHING X-MEN #15, STAR WARS LEGACY #1, FLASH THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #1, SUPERMAN BATMAN #27, CASANOVA #1, ETERNALS #1, NEW AVENGERS #20, UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #1, GARGOYLES #1, 52 #7, and the best of all: ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #4.

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN is consistently one of the best comic books EVER, and this issue is no exception. It features Jimmy Olsen in a way you've never seen him before. That's all I'm saying. Just go read this fine example of what a truly great comic book can be...

NOTHING CIVIL WAR-related shipped this week. Wah.

So what did YOU read?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

GODZILLA Fan Club meets again!

(Photo of Fearless Leader and the entrants to the Godzilla Model Painting Contest.)

Attention Godzilla nuts! The next meeting of the Harrisburg-area Godzilla Fan Club will be on Sunday, July 16th at 1:00PM. Along with the usual round of discussions and comraderie, the results of the Godzilla Model Painting Contest will be announced and prizes will be awarded. Club President Evan Stoltz will have lots of juicy tidbits and first-hand Godzilla information, as G-Fest XIII is the previous weekend and Evan will be attending. (Click HERE to go to the G-Fan site for more info on G-FEST XIII.)

Everyone is welcome to come on in and join in the Godzilla goodness!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reader Art #2!

Mechanicsburg-area fan Sam Miller just sent me this great drawing of "Chibi Hulk"! (Definition of "Chibi" HERE!)

(All artwork is wholly owned and copyright the artist; all characters copyright their respective owners.)

That is too cute for words!

Thanks, Sam, and keep the artwork coming, folks! You draw it and email it to me and I will put it up here!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CIVIL WAR crushes INFINITE CRISIS like a bug

Wow. Just as the bar is set high by DC's INFINITE CRISIS, CIVIL WAR from Marvel comes along and nearly smashes the record! Not only was CIVIL WAR the number one selling book for the month of May, but it beat second place I.C. by nearly 25%, and was only a smidge behind the all-time record-holder!

Here's the Top 25 books by copies sold to retailers for the month of May 2006:

260,804 Civil War #1 (of 7)
198,442 Infinite Crisis #7 (of 7)
160,401 All Star Batman & Robin #4
140,971 52: Week #1
131,522 Wolverine Origins #2
128,393 52: Week #2
123,982 52: Week #3
123,318 New Avengers #19
121,440 52: Week #4
118,821 Superman/Batman #26
103,702 Superman/Batman #25
102,860 Supergirl #6
102,582 Ultimate Fantastic Four #30
95,544 Amazing Spider-Man #532
93,558 Wolverine #42
79,536 X-Men #186
79,335 Uncanny X-Men #473
78,926 Green Lantern #11
77,419 X-Men Deadly Genesis #6 (of 6)
77,257 Batman #653
75,333 Moon Knight #2
74,051 Ultimate Spider-Man #94
73,564 Ultimate Spider-Man #95
72,954 Teen Titans #35
72,235 Ultimate X-Men #70

HERE'S the link to the full story at the ICV2 website...

Way to go, MARVEL - great story so far, keep it up!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Local writer has Comics on the Brain

Here's a great site run by a local writer and artist, John Simcoe... it's called Comics On The Brain and it's a neat place to check out for all things Comics and Games related. Read his reviews and articles, and stop by his gallery of art, too. He even has a great section on old Pulp Magazines...

"Comics on the brain", huh? I know the feeling!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Superman Returns real soon

In case any of you missed it, HERE'S A LINK to the trailers for SUPERMAN RETURNS! Looks great, can't wait! The music alone brings a tear to my eye...

Also, the REGAL HARRISBURG 14 Theatres will be screening the new SUPERMAN movie when it comes out, and they have some cool contests to whet your appetite:

-Test your Superman knowledge by answering the questions about Superman. Turn in your answers and donate $1.00 to the Stars Of Hope Foundation and you could win awesome Superman prizes!

-Donate $1.00 to the Stars Of Hope Foundation and do your part to color in Superman's logo and get a chance to win cool Superman prizes!

-For just $1.00 you can have your picture taken with Superman and be entered into a drawing to win some spectacular Superman prizes!

-For $1.00 per event you can test your own superpowers to see how you compare to the Man of Steel himself!
1) Vision: We test your visual acuity with a vision test.
2) Flying: We test your ability to fly with a jumping competition.
3) Strength: We test your strength with a =Superman throwing contest (weather permitting).
4) Speed: We test your speed with a footrace (weather permitting).
Winner of each test will win great Superman prizes!

Our Prizes for events include:
Superman Returns toys provided by Toys R Us
Comix Connection Gift Certificates
Regal Movie Passes
Movie Posters and other items to be determined...

That's at the
Regal Harrisburg 14 Theatres
1500 Caughey Drive
Harrisburg, PA, 17110
(717) 526-4980 BOX OFFICE
(717) 526-2140, extension 488 SHOW SCHEDULE

Man, it's a great year to be a comic book geek!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

BATTLE ROYALE to screen at Dickinson College

I just got the following email from John-Paul, who runs the Midnight Movies at Dickinson College...

Subject: Film Series--Please forward to interested parties.
A number of professionals at the College and the community have expressed an interest in attending the Midnight Movies program if only it weren't held at midnight. In order to accommodate these interested parties, I am planning so show a few films on Friday evenings at 8 PM in Weiss 235.

The first film will be held on Friday, June 30 at 8 PM in Weiss 235. The film shown will be Kinji Fukasaku's BATTLE ROYALE. Although this Japanese film from 2000 was both an international commercial and critical success, it has never been released in the U.S. in any format.

The plot of the film, a searing indictment of the Japanese education system, concerns the Japanese government's new strategy to address juvenile violence. Each year, a 9th grade class is kidnapped and transported to a deserted island. Each is given a weapon and told that within 24 hours only one student can remain alive, else all will be terminated by the explosive collars locked around their necks.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in attending these programs, please forward him/her this message.

So there you go, troops! The chance to see BATTLE ROYALE on the big screen at the Weiss Center for the Performing Arts, room 235 on Friday, June 30th at 8:00 PM. Admission is free--attendees must be 18 and over. Be warned though, this film is not for the squeamish!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The WEEKEND Comics Chat Open Thread - the Canine Tape Dispenser Edition!

Hello, everybody! What a week, huh? Did everyone get to read CIVIL WAR #2 yet? Better get on it soon because somewhere someone is gonna spoil the ending for you, I guarantee it! Quite the revelation! This one will be talked about for years and is a pretty major change to the Spider-man mythos... We'll see where this goes.

Anyway, I'll start things off with a brief review of a book I read this week - URSA MINORS #1, by Neil Kleid, Paul Cote and Fernando Pinto, published by Slave Labor Graphics. First there's this angsty future world with giant sentient panhandling rats, then theres these slacker-types (some things never change) who discover the world of internet chat and then they fight this bad guy while wearing cyborg BEAR suits. I think. It was OK. The backup story "RABBI NINJA" was actually more enjoyable... beware of the Long Island Yentas, as they set Rabbi Ninja up on a date. (This comic is not for the kids, by the way.)

What did all of you read this week?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Reader art!

Reader and all-around nice guy Warren Nast sent in this awesome artwork of "Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) in memory of Memorial day/July 4th"... that's pretty durn cool.

I am always looking for reader artwork to put up here on the website... send me what you have!

(All artwork is wholly owned and copyright the artist.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A contest of sorts

Spurred on by previous postings about my pal MIke's band The Ripovs and the one featuring AQUAMAN creator Paul Norris, we've decided to run an ongoing contest of sorts...

Send us your photos of celebrities holding (or better still, wearing!) a COMIX CONNECTION T-shirt and win a fabulous COMIX CONNECTION NO(YES)-PRIZE! Or even send us a photo of one of our shirts being worn in some faraway place (North Pole, Dijibouti*, the Grand Canyon, Studio 54) or in a strange situation (your wedding, while standing on top of a Pennsylvania State Police Pursuit Vehicle*, on the floor of the US Senate, while skydiving,) - whatever!

Be creative. A COMIX CONNECTION NO(YES)-PRIZE's value will be in direct proportion to the level of difficulty and uniqueness of the photo. A real picture of Amelia Erheart wearing one of our shirts? JACKPOT! A $1000.00 Gift Certificate and a nice cake! A photo of your poodle with one of our shirts on? We will take the shirt back and give you a dollar.

So bring it on, fans... let's see what you can do!


(Mona Comix courtesy of MegoSteve... Fanks!)

*Not Recommended.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Cool Green Lantern Bonus!

DC Comics will be releasing GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 on this Wednesday, with the added bonus of this absolutely awesome promotional item:


That is completely cool. Here's what we're doing: For every copy of GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 you purchase at either store, we will give you one of these cool rings ABSOLUTELY FREE while supplies last! That's right! Buy a copy of GLC#1, get your very own Power Ring! Now YOU can be the protector of Sector 2814... all that we ask is that you use your Power Ring for good, not evil.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Aquaman creator wears only the best!

I got the following email from my old pal Charlie Roberts:

And...... here we have the Golden Age creator of Aquaman (and noted comic strip artist of Brick Bradford and comic book artist on Jungle Jim) Paul Norris trying to decide what to wear to the beach in California this summer. He's picked the ever stylish "COMIX CONNECTION" tee in basic black, sure to be a hit with everybody who is anybody West of the Mississippi.

That is just too cool for words! Thanks, Charlie! And, thanks, Mr. Norris! You look mahvelous!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today I am 45

... which makes me old enough to know what one of these is.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the gift of coming in to our stores all these years and supporting us...

Thank you all so very much. You've made it possible for me to avoid getting a real job for over 18 years now. You can not believe how much I appreciate that. Seriously.

--Bill (A small round poorly-made mass-produced pop culture object with a giant hole in the middle. I give him a 8.5. He's got a nice beat and you can dance to him.)

Smile by Mad Action

OK, here's another link to a great music video that I found... the song is SMILE (Click here to watch it) by the band Mad Action.

It's got this incredible pastiche of all kinds of different art styles from Magritte to Punk album covers, all in one seamless take... I find it mesmerizing.

More on the band at their website HERE.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The WEEKEND Comics Chat Open Thread - the Earth Sandwich Edition!

Hello, everyone! Please get comortable... there we go. Now. What was good this week? What was great? What was yuck? I'll get the ball rolling with the following: I really enjoy the comic book ACTION PHILOSOPHERS!, and now the publisher has made it easy to catch up.


This handy little tome reprints the first three issues of the sold-out ACTION PHILOSOPHERS! #s 1-3 for a mere $6.95! Learn about such great thinkers as Plato, Nietzsche, Bodhidharma, Ayn Rand, Thomas Jefferson, Saint Augustine, Freud and more in this informative and fun book. Did you know Plato was a wrestler? Me neither. Who says you can't learn anything from comic books? It's this week's "Bill's Pick Of The Week"!

Wotta bargain! And wait 'till you see the "PLATO SMASH!" T-shirts that are coming in...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Comix Connection Classifieds: Artist needed!

Yesterday, I got the following email:

Hey Bill,

... I have a sort of bizarre question. I need an artist to help me draw a crest for a hockey jersey for a wedding rehearsal. I could bore you with more of the details but I'll spare you. Anyway,I figure you would know a handful of artists who could prob bang this out in 20 mins. If you know of anyone who would be willing could you pass along their email or give them mine. I'd appreciate it.

There you go folks! If you can help, email Josh at:

Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is Comic Geek the new cool?

Does THIS:

Now equal THIS?:


First, there's THIS from MSN Careers. (Thanks to the three readers who sent me this!) According to a poll among males as to what their idea of the coolest job is, "COMIC BOOK GURU" came in fourth! HA! Don't get me wrong, it is the coolest job ever, but that's because I AM A GEEK!

And then yesterday, I get the following blanket email from someone at ABC Television:


Are you or your family comic book junkies? Do you go to comic conventions as a family? Maybe you own a store or have a huge comic book collection? If so, you could be on Wife Swap. Families featured on the show will receive a $20,000 honorarium. If you refer a family that is selected you will receive $1,000.

Wife Swap is a fascinating story of what happens when two couples see themselves and their partners in a whole new light. The New York Post says, "It should be called 'Life Swap' because it's not just the wives who learn something here. It's the families."

Potential families must live in the continental United States, but we ask that families who apply consist of two parents that have at least one child, over the age of 5 and under the age of 18, living at home full-time. To submit for the show please call 212-404-1470 or email (preferred method) a family photo and description to

If you are a family unit (two parents with children) looking for a great learning experience, I would love to hear from you today!

I am also attaching a flyer. Feel free to post it if you would like.


Charisse Manzi

Charisse Manzi
Associate Producer
ABC's "Wife Swap"/RDF Media
440 9th Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001
P: 212.404.1470
F: 212.404.1456



Anyway, if anyone is interested, go right ahead and contact her... we're thinking of entering Manager Ken so he can FINALLY get his fifteen minutes of fame.

Comic Book Geek = The New COOL for the New Milllenium!

Sounds good to me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Satan Returns!

Uh, actually the Son of Satan returns. Sorry about that. See, the old '70s Marvel character will have a new series this fall. Heh. Nothing frightening about that. (Unless Rob Liefeld draws it.)

Yes, today is a scary, scary 6/6/06... this only happens once a century, like all other dates!

Hey if 666 is the number of the Beast, is 667 the neighbor of the Beast?

(runs away)

Monday, June 05, 2006

The False Physics of the Fan Cover starring Bugs Bunny

This time around, I turn you over to the experts: Bob L., chemistry teacher, and his helpful expert assistants. They are here today to tell you what is wrong with the physics of the following comic book cover. Behold BUGS BUNNY #113 (Gold Key, Sept. 1967):

Take it away, experts!





I'm sorry, did you guys say something? Did everybody get that? And more importantly, will there be a test?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Worst sound effects ever?

Hey, I love Jack Kirby's art and all, but what's going on here? Check this out, from MACHINE MAN #9 (Marvel Comics, 1978):

Wha--? Is this the worst sound effect ever?

And then there's this:

Dowhattowhonow? What does that even mean? I can barely pronounce it!

Although I must admit that these would make awesome T-shirts!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rockin' out with the RIPOVS!

Me old pal Mike Smith, guitarist for the Baltimore-based old school garage rock/punk band The RIPOVS sent me this picture of a gig they were playing at the Sidebar in Baltimore a while back... check out his exquisite taste in T-shirts! NICE! You can check out the RIPOVS on their MySpace site HERE, but be warned - the link CONTAINS PROFANITY! Not for kids!

Keep on ROCKIN' ON, guys!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The WEEKEND Comics Chat Open Thread - the Inane Activities Edition!

Hello everyone! Please take a seat anywhere. Get comfortable... now, what did everyone read this week? Anything good? Anything bad? What's happeing in your favorite comic book right now? Tell us!

Here's my pick for the coolest thing that came in this week: the SHOWCASE PRESENTS THE HAUNTED TANK trade paperback!

This reprint volume gives you over 500 pages of the first 33 (!) gripping wartime tales of the Haunted Tank by such greats as Russ Heath, Joe Kubert and Irv Novick, all reproduced in glorious black and white! I really think that this book doesn't need any color... the artwork is just incredible, with beautiful detail and plenty of thick black ink... just the way I like it! All for a mere $16.99, just like the other volumes in the series. Wow. What a bargain! This'll keep me busy for a while...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who's that Steve Leach guy?

Who's that Steve Leach guy? A man of mystery, no doubt...

THIS Steve Leach? Sadly, no.

THIS one? Nope.

How about THIS Steve Leach? Nyet, nein, nope.

Oh forget it.

The Steve Leach I'm talking about is an old friend of mine, and the proprietor of the MEGOSTEVE website, a 'blog that features Steve's ruminations about his twin intertwined obsessions, MEGO Action Figures and Superman. Steve has probably the largest collection of Superman items I've ever seen, most of them weird and obscure... and now someone has noticed. Steve, along with a couple of other collectors, is being featured in a series of articles on about the collecting obsession.

HERE'S the first part.

HERE'S the second part.

And HERE'S the third...

Who's that Steve Leach guy? Why, he's just a guy who likes Superman.

A lot.