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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reader Art #7!

Reader Carlo sent me this nice batch of sketches:

"... I recall that I copied these from the Hbg. Patriot-News comics page sometime in 1981. The characters should be recognizable and most have survived on comics pages to this day. However there are one two that will likely have younger comics fans scratching their heads."

Can you name them all?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Genius distilled

This is just so incredibly simple it's brilliant. Created off-the-cuff by the great artist Wally Wood, I give you 22 Panels That Always Work. (Click on image to embiggen.)

Found HERE.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The latest NO (YES)-PRIZE winner is...

Josh N., long-time customer and all around nice guy, who sent me the following email and photos:

I thought I'd share some pics of my comic-fan weekend. My fiance and I were out in the Red Bank/Leonardo area and I just happened to have my t-shirt on!!

Check it out! Josh is at the fabled Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic store in Red Bank, New Jersey...

Level of difficulty: 5/10

Creativity and imagination: 4/10

Wearing our shirt on another store's turf: +10 points



Thanks, Josh!

Oooh, and here's a shot of Josh in front of the convenience store that was used in the Kevin Smith movie CLERKS...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jack

Great posts HERE and HERE. And Jack's Wikipedia entry is found HERE.

Thanks for all the incredible comics.

Local Avant-Garde artist Curt Pottiger defaces sidewalk

Just kidding.

Curt (of Curt's Comix fame) was actually an entrant in the "Chalk Walk" art event in downtown York.

(Photo copyright the York Sunday News 2006)

You can see more of Curt's bizarre creations hanging on the steel doors in Comix Connection - York... his magnetic weirdos might be available for sale soon!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This just cracked me right up

(Image copyright Kevin Church 2006)

From the always-entertaining Kevin Church and his funny funny website... (WARNING: Site not exactly for the kiddies!)

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Watchmen

I laughed so hard, I think I broke something.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Comix Connection T-shirts... the Next Generation!

Hey everybody! I'd like to let everyone know that I'll be getting another batch of the fabulous Geek Chic Wear™ COMIX CONNECTION logo T-shirts in soon, and we're taking preorders! If you are looking for a certain size or a certain shirt color, let us know. The logo will be printed in WHITE this time, and here are the different colors that we can get for the shirts:

That's right! You chose the color from the above selections, pick a size and let us know! Remember, all shirts will have a WHITE logo this tme around, so have fun with the combination. Just don't get a white shirt.

We're able to get up to size 5XL (with limited color choices for the larger sizes) and as small as MEDIUM (adult), amd YES, they are still a mere $10.00 each!

Either email me at bill(at)comixconnection(dot)com (replacing "at" with @ and "dot" with .) or call the stores and let one of the friendly and helpful Comix Connection Counter Monkeys™ know what you want! I'll be placing the order in a couple of weeks, so let us know as soon as possible!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the Words to Live By Edition!

OK, let's get down to brass tacks. (What does that even mean?) What did you read this week? Anything good? Anything not so good?

Amongst the comics I read was DMZ #10, written by Brian Wood and with art by Riccardo Burchielli. This issue was part 5 of a 5 issue story arc, and neatly wraps up the "Body of a Journalist" storyline. This book is just plain great. It takes place slightly into the future in the middle of a war in which Manhattan Island is a war zone... and a young news cameraman finds himself unwillingly thrust into the DMZ that is New York City. (The first five issues are collected into a trade for easy jumping on!)

Oh, and HERE'S a link to DC's website and DMZ where you can view issue #1 in it's entirety!

So what did you read?


Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Rebuttal, I Think...

In the post of Tuesday, August 22nd "One From The Bins, Part 753", I made the following assertation when discussing Supergirl's choice of boyfriends:

Secondly, what a bunch of dorky looking dudes! NO ONE I EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE EVER WORE AN ASCOT. Ascot-wearing is movie and comic book shorthand for "dork". Ascots were NEVER cool. Trust me on this one.

The next day, I received this email from Manager Ken:

Hey! Now wait a cotton-picking minute... I beg to differ:


I'll let you, the readers, decide.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm Not Following the Logic Here...

OK, this has been bugging me for a while now. I was looking through PREVIEWS last month when I ran across a listing for these hats:

Here, let me show you a close-up:


So, now you can buy PRE-STAINED AND FAUX-DIRTIED CLOTHING? "Chemical wash..." for "dirty worn effect"? Was I asleep when the crazies took over? I realize I'm becoming (am?) an old fuddy-duddy, but what is the thinking behind this and what the heck is wrong with you, buyer of fake beat-up clothing? I try NOT to walk around in stained clothing. (At least for now, anyway.)

I know, I've got it! I need to find one of these guys in MY SIZE! Then I will give him all my stained and torn clothing and he will give me new clothing! Any takers?


(Oh, and it's FRAYED, not FRAID.)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One From The Bins, Part 753

While tidying the back issue bins the other day, I ran across this:



"SUPERGIRL... why are you turning me to STONE?"


"Whenever I split with a boy friend, I add him to my private "ROCK GARDEN." You can be your own TOMBSTONE! HA, HA!"

HA, HA! indeed. First off, Supergirl sure has a lot of ex-boyfriends... and isn't turning them to stone a bit extreme? Somebody needs to sit down with "Linda" and discuss anger management issues. Secondly, what a bunch of dorky looking dudes! NO ONE I EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE EVER WORE AN ASCOT. Ascot-wearing is movie and comic book shorthand for "dork". Ascots were NEVER cool. Trust me on this one.

Back to the story. First there's this:

Actually, I really have nothing to say at this point. I'm speechless. And it just gets worse. It involves a sports car made from junk, a galactic lothario, a rain of knock-out chemicals, Brainiac, a robot lothario, smoochies, a clandestine midnight rendezvous at a Civil War monument, a whimpering puppy, an exploding communicator/medallion, a giant space-borne "mock dragon... built long ago by an extinct alien race to camouflage their sacred burial ground!", a "Rock Group" (ha ha) of ex-boyfriends, a fake chestplate, "adhesive liquid Kryptonite"(!), an exploding medallion (again!), and we're "right back where we started from".


Looking back over this, it is truly amazing how much they managed to cram into a 13-page story. All for a mere 15¢. Or $10.00 in the year 2006, which is still worth it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Free Spider-man comics inserted into select national newspapers

I saw THIS STORY over at The Comics Reporter... pretty neat promotion. I wonder if it's in any papers within 50 miles of us, like the Harrisburg Patriot-News or the Baltimore Sun or the Philadelphia Inquirer. If anybody scores one of these, please let me know!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Long lasting lightbulb

This lightbulb is still burning after more than 100 years. Simply amazing.

Heh. That's all I got. I guess I could be like the rest of the internet and cry about CIVIL WAR being delayed, but hey, whatever... my crying isn't gonna change a thing. Besides, there's still other great stuff coming out every week, plenty of good comics for all tastes. This is a perfect opportunity to try something new while you wait... c'mon in and look around!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Last Chance to See SUPERMAN RETURNS on the Big Screen!

Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg and the AMC Hampden Center 8 Theatre have joined forces to bring you one last chance to see SUPERMAN RETURNS in the theatre. Join us on Saturday, September 2nd 2006 (Labor Day Weekend) at NOON for a triumphal final showing of this great movie for the low low price of ONLY $4.00! The AMC Hampden 8 Center is right down the Carlisle Pike from us... ckick HERE for information and directions.

Theoretically if this type of thing takes off at all, we would like to try to show other superhero-type movies every month or so. Wouldn't it be cool to see movies like the original SUPERMAM or FANTASTIC FOUR or HELLBOY or UNBREAKABLE or THE SPECIALS or David Hasselhoff as NICK FURY? OK, maybe not the last one. And $4.00 is about as cheap as it gets for movies!


If you need something to do on September 2nd, why not come out and see Supes one last time?

For more info, call the theatre at 731-0748 or Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg at 591-2727.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the It's All About The Benjamins Edition!

Here we are again... the weekly "open chat" thread. It's where you tell us what you read this week. What did you like? Dislike? Tell us!

I read... next week's WALKING DEAD! I couldn't help it! I love this series and just could not wait a week to read it with my usual stack of books. It's probably about Number 5 in my TOP 10 right now, because it's that rarity among zombie comics... it deals with the repercussions of a world filled with the undead and how the survivors cope with that horrific reality... the REAL walking dead. In every issue, writer Robert Kirkman keeps you on the edge of your seat, with right-angle plot twists that catch the reader completely off guard and wanting more. If you've never read WALKING DEAD, do yourself a favor and try it... it's in the "Next Week's Comics" notebook on the counter. Or, go HERE to Image's website to get a look at complete issues of a bunch of Image Comics titles, including the first issue of WALKING DEAD!

Oh, and your PREVIEWS orders are due this SATURDAY! Make sure to get them in the stores, or call or email if you can't make it in...


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lost Issue of FANTASTIC FOUR to be published!

Alert reader Paul M. sent me THIS article from the Seattle Times...

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said Marvel will release the last "Fantastic Four" collaboration by Lee and Kirby in the spring.

The story was intended for the 102nd issue of "Fantastic Four" in 1970, during a particularly tempestuous time at the end of the Lee-Kirby partnership.

Kirby submitted the penciled artwork — along with his letter of resignation. Kirby resigned from Marvel so he could begin his "New Gods" series for rival DC Comics.

Lee was unhappy with the work, and it was shelved. Parts of it appeared as flashbacks in a very different story in "Fantastic Four" No. 108, but the original story was lost.

If that doesn't make the hair stand up on the back of your arms, you ain't a comic fan!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I just got this email from MARVEL COMICS:

Over the next few weeks, the CIVIL WAR proper title and a few of the tie in books that are closely related to the story in the main book will be shipping later than originally planned. In an attempt to accommodate the creative team of Millar and McNiven and maintain the artistic integrity and high standards of the event, we will be shifting the following titles:

CIVIL WAR 4 moves to 9/20
FANTASTIC FOUR 540 moves to 9/20
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 6 moves to 9/27
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 535 moves to 9/27

CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 7 moves to 10/11

CIVIL WAR 5 moves to 11/15
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 8 moves to 11/22
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 1 moves to 11/22
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 1(Black & White) moves to 11/22
FANTASTIC FOUR 541 moves to 11/22
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 536 moves to 11/22

CIVIL WAR 6 moves to 12/20
CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 9 moves to 12/20
PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL 2 moves to 12/28

CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE 10 moves to 1/4/07
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 537 moves to 1/4/07
FANTASTIC FOUR 542 moves to 1/4/07


This series is so great that it's hard to be angry at these delays. I will ravenously read these as they come in, whenever that may be.

Just thought I'd let everyone know.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Charlie Roberts loses the Comix Connection T-shirt to pin-up artist extraordinaire Olivia De Berardinis!

Here's the final artist that my friend Charlie Roberts got to photograph at the San Diego Comic-Con holding a swell Comix Connection T-shirt... the greatest living pin-up artist, Olivia DeBarardinis! WARNING! LINK IS NOT FOR KIDS!

Olivia was so enamored of our shirt that SHE ASKED CHARLIE IF SHE COULD KEEP IT! Naturally Charlie gave it to her... another replacement shirt will be sent along to you Chollie! Just think, at this very moment Olivia could be in her studio painting another masterpiece wearing our way-cool Comix Connection Geek Chic Wear™ T-shirt! How cool is that? Thanks Charlie for the great photos, and thanks Ms. DeBerardinis!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Harrisburg Patriot-News adds new comics review column!

There's a new comics review column appearing on Fridays in the Harrisburg Patriot-News, penned by local scribe Christopher Mautner.

"Welcome to Graphic Lit, our little corner of the paper devoted to comics, graphic novels, sequential art -- whatever you want to call the marriage of words and pictures in narrative form.

Readers of the Sunday Books Page may be familiar with the short reviews of comics we've occasionally had there. This new weekly column is an attempt to broaden our coverage of an art form that has increasingly been seen less and less as kiddie fare and more and more as legitimate, sophisticated literature.

Here, we will be focusing on the occasional superhero, but we'll also be looking at manga, alternative and indie comics, comic strips and anything else that falls into my deliberately wide net."

Check it out!

Chris also has a great blog that reviews comics and video games called Panels and Pixels that is well worth the read... click on the link or go to our sidebar to find the link there!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Sixth Voyage of the Legendary Comix Connection T-shirt

Here's another stellar artist who my friend Charlie Roberts managed to photograph at the San Diego Comic-Con holding one of our fabulous Geek Chic Wear™ T-shirts...

Irwin Hasen, famed artist of on Green Hornet, Flash, Comic Cavalcade, Justice Society of America and more, creator of Wildcat, and artist of the newspaper strip DONDI. Thanks for the great photo, Charlie, and thank you, Mr. Hasen!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Story of the Conch Republic

To me, the following sums up the entire rebellious spirit and individualist attitude of the Florida Keys:

From the Conch Republic website:

The Conch Republic was established by secession of the Florida Keys from the United States of America, on April 23rd, 1982 in response to a United States Border Patrol Blockade setup on highway U.S.1 at Florida City just to the north of the Florida Keys. This heinous act effectively isolated Keys Citizens from the U.S. mainland since the blockade was on our only land artery to and from the mainland. This roadblock portrayed Keys residents as non-U.S. citizens who had to prove their citizenship in order to drive onto the Florida mainland! Hardly an American thing to do!

We protested! A totally American thing to do! Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow along with a few other 'key' Conchs, went to Federal court in Miami to seek an injunction to stop the federal blockade, but to no avail. Upon leaving the Federal Court House , on the court house steps , Mayor Wardlow announced to the world, by way of the assembled TV crews and reporters, that ; "Tomorrow at noon the Florida Keys will secede from the Union!"

At noon, on the day of secession, at Mallory Square in Key West Florida, Mayor Wardlow read the proclamation of secession and proclaimed aloud that the Conch Republic was an independent nation separate from the U.S. and then symbolically began the Conch Republic's Civil Rebellion by breaking a loaf of stale Cuban bread over the head of a man dressed in a U.S. Navy uniform. After one minute of rebellion, the now, Prime Minister Wardlow turned to the Admiral in charge of the Navy Base at Key West, and surrendered to the Union Forces, and demanded 1 Billion dollars in foreign aid and War Relief to rebuild our nation after the long Federal siege!

Thus began our Conch Republic journey which still continues today! We are both Conchs and we are Americans and we are proud to be both. By act of Congress we hold dual citizenship as Conchs and as Americans and will fight for the right to be both!

Contrary to recent reports, the name "Conch Republic" refers to "all" of the Florida Keys, or, that geographic apportionment of land that falls within the legally defined boundaries of Monroe County Florida, northward to "Skeeter's Last Chance Saloon" in Florida City , Dade County Florida, with Key West as the Nation's Capitol and all territories north of Key West being referred to as "The Northern Territories". Be it known that these boundaries were established by the U.S. Government when they set up "THE" Border Patrol blockade in front of "Skeeter's Last Chance Saloon", in April of 1982, thereby establishing a new United States border!

To enforce the validity of our secession, the Monroe County Commission, in 1994, by unanimous vote, did pass a County Resolution recognizing Mayor Wardlow's actions, on the 23rd of April in 1982, as by, of and for the people of the Florida Keys.

More HERE at Wikipedia.

Don't mess with the Conch Republic! They've even got their own NAVY!


Friday, August 11, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the Puppies On Monorails Edition!

What can I say? You've been here before. You know what to do. Tell us what you read this week. What did you like? What did you dislike? Tell us, please!

I read ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because I'm still on vacation in sunny Florida! OK, I did read the menu at the Islamorada Fish Company, here in the Florida Keys.

You eat right on the water, and the menu is supplied fresh right there on the docks... I had smoked fish dip and Conch fritters as an appetizer, then a big basket of breaded shrimp! Karen feasted on a nice hunk of Mahi-Mahi, and the kids had chicken fingers (what, no alligator this time, Max?)

*sigh* Maybe we should open a Comix Connection down here...

And I am seriously jonesing for some COMIC BOOKS here.



Thursday, August 10, 2006

De Leon Springs State Park

Here's one of our favorite places to visit while in central Florida: De Leon Springs State Park. De Leon Springs is home of one of the largest natural spring upwellings in Florida, gushing out an astonishing 14 MILLION GALLONS of pure spring water every day! The water temperature is at a constant, year-round 72°, which is pretty flipping cold when it's 95° out. It takes a bit of nerve to get in, but once your body adjusts, it's so nice and cool that it's hard to get back out again! The spring was used by local natives for thousands of years. When "discovered" in the 16th century, it was thought to be the fabled "Fountain of Youth" that was sought by famed conquistador Juan Ponce De Leon. (Dropping your butt into 72° water certainly makes you feel alive, lemme tell ya.) In the 1880s, the spring became an "excursion destination", with a set of train tracks being laid right beside the spring, to bring Victorian-Era holidaymakers an opportunity to cool off from the sub-tropical Florida heat. A concrete "bowl" was built around the spring with a spillway out into the swamps, making the spring like a giant spring-fed swimming pool. From the spillway, you can see all manner of wild creatures, from alligators and manatees to herons and egrets. And the parking lot is surrounded by huge 8-10 foot diameter oak trees that shade 50 cars apiece!

The state of Florida has one of the most extensive State Parks systems, preserving the natural wildeness that Florida once was... if you ever visit Florida, skip a day at Disneyworld and go see some of these natural preserves... while the're still here.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Number Five in the Series

Here it is... the fifth in the series of cool photos of famous comic book folks holding one of our Comix Connection T-shirts... I give you

John Romita, Sr., the quintessential Spider-man artist! Wow! Thanks, Mr. Romita, and see you at the Baltimore Comic-Con in September! (Click on his name to read more about his life and career via Wikipedia.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hunting the Elusive Hawaiian Shirt

As some of you may have noticed, I enjoy wearing Hawaiian shirts at the store. I have worn Hawaiian shirts for the past twenty-five years or so, as I think that they look good in ANY social situation - look how well they worked for Kramer on SEINFELD! My parents moved to Port Orange back in 1984 and soon discovered the Epiphany Catholic Rescue Mission, which has a retail store for donated items... including Hawaiian shirts. (I joke that I wear Dead Men's Hawaiian Shirts, but that's actually pretty close to the truth.) My parents drop by Epiphany occasionally and find me a couple of shirts every now and then, saving them for my birthday. At this point I have probably only 50 or 60 gems in my closet, but over the years I have "culled the herd" and given many out to friends. Hawaiian shirts make it easy for you to be spotted in a crowd, and that has helped when Karen and the kids lose track of me when we're out somewhere. Functional and cool. I don't think Hawaiian shirts have ever fallen out of fashion since their widespread introduction into American popular culture back in the late 1930s... what else can you say that about? (OK, Converse Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers, too. What else?)

Anyway, HERE'S a link to a great site that features one man's Hawaiian shirt collection... and what a collection it is! Go browse for a while... you may find yourself desiring that most cool of casual wear - the Hawaiian shirt!

We're heading out soon to go to the thrift stores and whatnot, and Epiphany is first on the list... wish me luck!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Fourth Voyage of the Legendary Comix Connection T-shirt

Here's the fourth in the series of Famous Comic Book People Holding a Comix Connection T-shirt Pictures courtesy of Charlie Roberts, who took these great photos at the San Diego Comic-Con... I give you

William Stout, fantasy artist extraordinaire! Thanks, Mr. Stout! (Click on his name to read more about his work and career.) This shirt has met more famous artisits than I have! Well, almost.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bill Wahl IS... Captain Universe!

Ok, here's one of my favorite comic books of All Time. I present to you X-MEN AND CAPTAIN UNIVERSE #1 (Marvel Comics, December 1994), starring... BILL WAHL!

No lie. Allow me to quote from the intro, as explained by Stan Lee himself:

Hi, Bill!
Admit it, true believer! You've always wanted to be a super hero, right? Well, Bill, now you are!
Out of the kindness of our happy little hearts, and our new high tech computer systems, we have cooked up a way for you to become Captain Universe and fight side-by-side with the X-citing X-Men to save New York from the menace of the malevolent monster mutants!
In order to make it even more exciting, you'll be able to share this action packed adventure with Karen! But remember, you're in charge! Everything depends on you!
So don't let us down! The X-Men are menaced by the greatest threat they have ever faced, and only you, Bill Wahl can defeat it!

Stan Lee

Well, Stan, I'll see what I can do.
I am after all, no longer mere mortal Bill Wahl... now I am BILL WAHL™!

Enigma force? Is that the one that's wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a corundum wrapped in bacon? It definitely smells of cheese.

OK, I'll try to give you the short and skinny... while riding a bus, a fellow passenger suddenly turns into a giant octopus thing and wreaks havok when suddenly

Suddenly I'm not just plain old (HEY!) Bill Wahl any more... somehow I know that I'm CAPTAIN UNIVERSE! And just when I've got things under control with Weird Octopus Mom, the X-Men (Rogue, Jubilee (isn't she dead yet?), Gambit, Iceman and Wolverine) show up to give me a hand. Not knowing that the Octopus Mutant Thing is a Soccer Mom, the X-Men bash her around in typical X-Men "Punch First, Forget to Even Ask Questions Later"-mode, I attempt to intervene so they don't harm "her" by - that's right - accidentally bumping into Gambit who bumps into Wolvie, dropping his "charged cards" in the process and allowing Mutant Octo-Mom to get away, at least without further damage being wrought. Naturally the X-Men attack me immediately, and it takes all my will to not use my newfound Enigma powers inappropriately and whack all the little whiners. They gang up on me and I manage to squeeze out the following exchange:

At this point Wolverine says of me: "This joker's too STUPID to kill, Gambit!" And at THAT point I should have thrown him into the sun, but cooler heads prevail with the arrival of a telepathicly-projected Professor X Big Floating Head™.

Gambit throws one last insult my way, and they make like the wind and blow. Best for all, methinks. Then a bunch of stuff happens, more problem solving through physical violence, blahblahblah, the X-Men attempt to apologise,

I save the world, blahblahblah, and then

back to being Good Ol' Charlie -whoops- Bill Wahl. And that's it. No entry into the Marvel Universe Encyclopedia, nothing, no phone calls, zilch, zip, nada.

It's been 12 years Marvel, dontcha need me? And which side do you think I'm on?