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Saturday, September 30, 2006

GODZILLA Fan Club meets Sunday the 22nd of October!

Godzilla club update

Hi, Godzilla fans!
I wanted to let everyone know that we will be making some changes to the club over the next few months.
First of all, we will be including not only Godzilla, but now we will also welcome fans of other monsters, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, or the Wolf-Man. We’ll probably do the same thing with these monsters as we did with Godzilla, like discussions, mini figure shows, and movies.
Second, we’ll be playing a movie the entire club, so anyone that wants to take a break from the discussion can watch the movie for a while.
Finally, we hope to include more contests in the running, maybe a drawing contest, or any other ideas that the attendees have. Suggestions can me e-mailed to me at

Hope to see you there!
Evan Stultz
Club President

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the Worst Waitress Uniforms Ever Edition!

Soooo... what did you read this week?

I'm still thinking about CIVIL WAR #4. Boy, Thor's gonna be ANGRY whenever he gets back! What was Tony thinking? That armor isn't gonna protect you against Mjolnir. But is that REALLY Tony Stark (and Reed Richards for that matter)? What if they're both Skrulls? Hah?

This week, I read... huh, NOTHING yet. It's been crazy busy with so many cool titles coming in lately, that this week's "read pile" just sits there... maybe tomorrow.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Aaaaaand... Linnen's Top Game Pick is?

Guest post by Brian Linnen

So what is, in this writer's humble yet expert opinion, the best board game of all time? Glad you asked, my friend!

I'm going to have to go with "The Settlers of Catan."

This shouldn't really come as a surprise as this "Spiel Des Jahres Game of the Year" winner has inspired a whole industry worth of tie-in books, board games, and PC games.

In this, the original Settlers game, each player attempts to colonize the new-found island of Catan by using the available natural resources to build roads, settlements, and cities. The more you build, the more resources you have at your disposal. Different areas of the island produce different goods - brick, wood, ore, wheat, and wool - and you will need them all to win. Those that you don't produce yourself, you must trade for - and THAT is the aspect of the game I enjoy so much! There is nothing quite as fun as watching your friends make ridiculous offers for trades simply because they need a single card! It's a great feature in an already great game!

Anyway, Settlers never gets old because it's always different. The island is made up of 19 hexagon tiles which are randomly placed, so you never start with the same area. There is a randomly-controlled robber in the game that jumps around playing havoc with your production abilities and stealing cards from everyone. It's all fantastic fun.

If you like board games, but haven't tried this one yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. Check it out!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Does anyone have any more info on this?

Front Cover

Back Cover (Note: NO price info)

I remember getting this "prototype" trade paperback which reprints the story arc "Blind Justice" that ran in DETECTIVE COMICS #598, 599 and 600 during DC Comics' presentation at one of the Diamond Retailer Seminars back in the early 1990s. Believe it or not, at one time there were hardly ANY graphic novels or trade paperbacks of comic books available - AND we used to have to guess how many of something we would need to last us for six months or a year, depending on when/if a publisher would put something back into print. Anyway, they gave us each a copy of this new format... the trade paperback, which would collect a story that ran through multiple issues of a comic into one handy book! As best I can tell, this prototype is actually the three comic book issues in question glued together with a new cardstock cover wrapped around it. Needless to say, this format has been a huge success for the last fifteen years, with hundreds of different stories all bound into their own individual books in this nice, bookshelf-friendly format. It's hard to believe there was a time when these weren't around!

I may be recalling this incorrectly, as there has been a substantial drop in the number of my surviving brain cells after years of comic book reading... if anyone out there has more info, please let me know and I will post it here!

This just in from Manager Ken:

See the comments section for details.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here comes another clothing rant

OK, the other day my sweetie bought me a new Hawaiian-type shirt (see above... actually in Miami they're called Cuba Libres according to my Pop) bearing this oddly worded tag:

What exactly does that mean?

A "relaxed fit"? Does that mean it's for FAT GUYS? Inspired by the "heritage of our culture"? Does that mean we're all a bunch of fat fat fatty fats? And what's with the pineapple? Is that supposed to represent our body type?

I'm conflicted.

Anyhoo, the shirt was very cool, and it's CULTURALLY-INSPIRED RELAXED FIT covered my bloated torso like a nicely-patterned tarp over an old VW Beetle - thankyouverymuch.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Spidey visits the bucktoothed hicks of Central Pennsylvania

This comic has been in my collection since we first received it back in 1989... I present to you SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #156 (Marvel Comics). Starting off on the wrong foot right away, check out the incredibly-lamely named villain BANJO™. Banjo -and I'm quoting the cover blurb here- "HATES IT WHEN YOU PICK ON HIM!"

I'm gonna give you a couple of seconds to let that sink in. There. Now, that has to be the lamest tagline I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of doozies. But that's not the best part. The best part? Spidey's adventure with BANJO™ takes place RIGHT HERE IN CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA!

Spidey is
"...a long way from home: the Appalachian Mountains, in the woodlands of Central Pennsylvania... many miles south of Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary... along the winding course of the Susquehanna River",
looking for Robbie Robertson.

He comes upon this scene, which is apparently the village where that guy from DELIVERANCE hails from. Is it Shiloh? Is it Dillsburg? Is it York Haven? I dunno. But it looks creepy.
"I knew there were valleys and hollows in these backwoods where people live a pretty primitive existence, avoiding contact with the outside world... but the little shack town looks like it's hardly ever heard of the 20th Century, never mind your friendly neighborhood Spider-man."
Oh OK, it's Dover.

I'm kidding. Dover is a bustling metropolis full of all sorts of folks... like THIS:

I'm kidding again. Anyway, BANJO™ shows up, uproots the tree Spidey is hiding in (a career in stump-pulling can be yours!), tosses him around, RIPS UP HIS WEBBING(!), then throws an engine block at him, all to no avail. Just then a big-headed kid with Little Orphan Annie's eyes zaps Spidey unconcious with his Big Head powers. OK then. Spidey eventually regains conciousness just in time to listen to this woman fill in the plot holes:

Ah-HA! Now we're getting somewhere... Harrisburg, eh? And mutants, you say? All together now...


"The mornin' there was that accident at Three Mile Island, I was workin' the garden outside of my cousin's house... and I swear I felt a sparklin' in the air."
That would be the gin, lady. Anyway, TMI created the Backwoods Boys, blahblahblah, Spidey makes right (after fighting BANJO™ on top of a - you guessed it - UNDERGROUND COAL MINE FIRE) and then leaves as the "shacktown" folks bid him a fond farewell...

Ok, maybe not. At least they didn't eat him or hitch him up to Cousin Gertie via the ol' shotgun wedding. I would assume.

Spidey continues on his way
"...imagining the miles and miles of river curving through Southern Pennsylvania past hills and towns and abandoned power plants, deadly monuments to folly..."
Do what to who now? I don't recall the death toll from the accident at TMI, but I think it's somewhere around, oh I don't know... ZERO? And if TMI was abandoned, I would not be able to type this into my computer to send out on the internet. Or turn on a light. I guess the Marvel Universe IS different from ours. In the Marvel Universe, writers think we Pennsylvanians are all a bunch buck-toothed, big-headed mutant shack-dwelling hicks, which is untrue. Just some of us are.

Oh, and just in case you think the writer forgot to hit on other Central Pennsylvania Cliches, the next issue takes us to - that's right - Lancaster Amish Country!

Aren't the Amish like the opposite of ninjas? And just as interesting?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This just in from the GODZILLA desk

J-P just sent me this bulletin:

The Young America Horror Club presents GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH on the campus of Dickinson College, Saturday, October 28 at 1:30 PM in room 235 of the Weiss Center. Kids of all ages are invited to cheer on Godzilla as he battles the fearsome smog monster, Hedorah, with the fate of the world in the balance! Prizes will be awarded to attendees! A campus map is available at This is a first in a series of all-ages Monster Matinees at Dickinson.

Sounds like a great Halloween treat!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The ugliest comic in the entire universe

is my copy of X-MEN #9... check it out:

(click on image to embiggen)

Good Lord! *choke*

That thing's got HAIR on it! Not really, but that IS a pretty severe case of mold. I don't even want to put it NEAR any of my other comic books for fear it will spread rot like some kind of four-color Typhoid Mary! I think I'll go hang it over my cat Mehitabel's litterbox so that it freshens up a little...

Friday, September 22, 2006


Local artist MIKE HAWTHORNE is running a huge sale on nearly ALL of his artwork! Click HERE for more info. If you've ever wanted to own a one-of-a-kind piece of art from Mike's vast output, NOW is the time. Trust me on this... nothing looks cooler hanging on the wall than a page of original comic art... Act now, as Mike is running this special sale only for a few more days.

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the I'm Confused Again Edition!

Well, did you get to read CIVIL WAR #4 yet?

Anything else?


Thursday, September 21, 2006

A brief word of advice to suppliers

If you're going to send us a sample of your product, SPELL OUR NAME RIGHT!


Thanks for your attention.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh, and by the way


Plus CIVIL WAR: X-MEN and WOLVERINE (Civil War crossover) and a whole bunch of other stuff!

Come and get 'em!

Win stuff from Dark Horse Comics

Check it out! Dark Horse Comics is having a "I Love My Comics Shop Contest"!
One Grand Prize winner and one Runner-up will be chosen at random to win a credit at the comics shop they nominate. In return, the comics shop nominated by the winners will also receive a credit for the SAME amount from Diamond for Dark Horse books and products. If one wins, you both win! Simply fill out the form below (make sure to have your retailer's information), and if chosen, you could be on your way to one heck of a good ol' shopping spree.
Click HERE for more info!

And no, my feelings won't be hurt if you select another store.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"52" action figures due in May 2007!

I just found THIS ARTICLE over at the ICV2 website... cool beans! Also check out the Wonder Woman VS. Superman statue shown there.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bill's Fan Fascination #692

You know, I was disappointed by only ONE THING at this year's Baltimore Comic-Con... I didn't find a SINGLE comic book with an electric fan on the cover! This is the first time this has happened... I fear that fan covers are the hot new thing to collect, and I will never be able to afford them again. *sigh*

Anyway, here's one from my collection:

FUNNY STUFF #38 (DC Comics, October 1948), which features this excellent electric fan/hot dog gag... funny stuff indeed! Notice how the Frog is nonchalantly plugging in the fan to steal the hotdog from the Dodo... what a smooth operator.

Sell me your electric-fan-cover comics!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Introducing... the BLUE TICKET!

WoooHOOOO! In our never-ceasing quest to make your shopping experience at Comix Connection truly the most enjoyable, we are pleased to announce the implementation of the new BLUE TICKET:

The new BLUE TICKET is a note to let you know when a special order (non-comic book) that you wanted is in and on hold for you, or that you asked us to put a non-comic item on hold for you.

The new and improved YELLOW TICKET:

lets you know that there is a comic included in your weekly picks that you may be interested in, with no obligation to buy... it's purely a recommendation that is up to you to choose, with the comic actually dropped into your box slot so you can check it out.

The new and improved GREEN TICKET:

lets you know that something you may enjoy is either in the new issue of PREVIEWS, or shipped to the store and is in, but the actual comic is NOT placed in your box...

If you have any questions, please address them to our courteous and helpful Comix Connection Counter Monkeys™. Thanks!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Speaking of comic book conventions...

The next HARRISBURG COMIC-CON is Sunday, October 22nd, from 10AM to 4PM in the Harrisburg Holiday Inn at the intersection of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-83. John Rodemaker has been putting these conventions on for a few years now, and every time I've gone I've found some great bargains. Check this out:

That's right. In addition to running a good clean comic-con, John always has a very cool giveaway - this time it's a copy of Giant-Size X-Men #1!

Admission is $5.00... for more info, call (717) 234-2069.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - the Monkey Rodeo Edition!

Hey there! So what did you read this week? Anything good?

I read the latest issue of LOVE & ROCKETS (Vol 2 #17, Fantagraphics)... above is the back cover. It shows main character Hopey Glass through her yearly school photos... too cool. LOVE & ROCKETS is the comic that got me back into reading comics at age 20 or so... it's still the first comic on the reading stack when it arrives.

What's on your stack this week?


Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Baltimore Comic-Con photos

Here's a bunch of photos that Ken took while at the Baltimore Comic-Con... ENJOY!

KFC: It's what's for breakfast!

Bill and long-time comic dealer extraordinaire Gene Carpenter

Bill and Baltimore Comic-Con organizer and all-around great guy Marc Nathan!

That's right, we will cash in on ANYTHING

George Perez and Joe Hare: The Battle of the Shirts

The Comix Connection Booth of Wonderfulness™

The Hulk in a reflexive moment. (Get it?)

Ivan Brandon is rendered powerless by Bill's Boredom Ray™

Manager Ken and Mark Waid... nice choppers, guys!

Happy statue buyers Alicia, Tom, Luis and James... see you all again next year!

Ken comes between John Romita, Jr. and John Romita, Sr.

Shannon and Bill at the DC booth, gathering buttons

Well, that's all for now. What a great show! You really should consider going next year... it's the closest, biggest, coolest comic convention in the area, and it's loads of fun!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The News is Breaking like the Wind!

Here's what Ned and I learned at the Diamond Comics Distributor's Retailer Summit on Monday and Tuesday:

  • MARVEL COMICS - A Civil War comic with second-stringers, including Howard the Duck! (Take THAT, Brian Keene!); Hulk returns to Earth and boy is he -uh- stressed out!; Astonishing X-men: Unstoppable will be the final story arc (?) with Joss Whedon and Cassaday; Wolverine's son (!) will be examined as Wolvie's Origin is Explored; ULTIMATES 3 will debut in March or April; Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan will take over RUNAWAYS next year; there will be a crossover between the Marvel Universe and the soap opera GUIDING LIGHT (don't ask); there will be a MAX Sampler including Zombie, Hellstorm, Son of Satan, Wisdom, Foolkiller (why?) and Sleepwalker (again, why?); the Dabel Brothers' comics will now be published by Marvrel... look for ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER in mid-October of this year; and Stephen King's DARK TOWER: GUNSLINGER REBORN will debut in February 2007 and feature the origin of the fabled Gunslinger!

  • DC COMICS - A new JLA; an Alex Ross-covered JSA; a way-cool looking JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER DVD with animation based on Darwyn Cooke's incredible artwork from the mini-series of the same name; SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL and BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL, a Mark Waid/George Perez BRAVE & the BOLD series (WOOHOO!); the return of Superboy Prime in 52 (!!!); a STARDUST movie, based on the comic by Chris Vess and Neil Gaiman; a great-looking FABLES: 1001 NIGHTS book; RED MENACE, a story that takes place in the time of "Red Baiting" and Senator Joe McCarthy; the notice that the long-anticipated Kevin O'Neil/Alan Moore LEAGUE of EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: BLACK DOSSIER hardcover book is delayed until next year (grumblegrumblegrumble); and the possiblity of a Christopher Reeves Superman statue!
This is just the stuff I noted from the Big Two... my brain is still sorting through the info and my notes deteriorate after the first day...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baltimore Comic-Con Report +1


Sorry, still no after-action Baltimore Comic-Con report just yet... Ned and I got in around 11PM last night after a grueling (yeah, right) day of publisher and manufacturer presentations and free food, plus an open bar provided by IDW (no, we only had sodas... sheesh!)

Ken has sent me a bunch of great photos to post, which I will do soon... just lemme catch my breath...

And to answer a question from stymieresh in yesterday's post... a DZOF! shirt? Feh. That is soooo last week. The really cool guys are wearing the fabulous TZOMP!! shirt this season:

And now, back down to Charm City for the fifth day in a row...