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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Have you ever smelled a burning Pop-Tart?

I have. And so has everyone else who was in the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection yesterday. Why? Well, maybe BECAUSE JOSH SET ONE ON FIRE IN THE MICROWAVE! Yes, that's right, the MICROWAVE! I have never seen smoke coming out of a microwave. I'm sorry I missed it. But I did get to SMELL it. Yeesh. I think the only other time I smelled something like that was when I was outside of a Tropicana bottling plant and smelled BURNING ORANGE JUICE! It makes me gag just thinking about it.

So, thanks, Josh, for introducing me to a new smell.

Of course, Josh isn't the first one to do this.


At 2/10/2007 12:18 PM, Blogger spider-man-boy said...

i have put poptarts in the oven and forgot about an hour later haha it smelled for like week in the house

At 2/10/2007 12:21 PM, Blogger spider-man-boy said...

lol it was funny actually they were still good to eat lol hmmm smores i going to giant now haha im hungry

At 2/10/2007 12:58 PM, Blogger josh said...

Is this the start of a new way of eating pop-tart? Of the burnt variety. Pick them up and burn them for your next party. I don't think I will ever live this down.

At 2/10/2007 9:37 PM, Blogger polly said...

Mmmm... burnt pop-tart. You're making me hungry!

At 2/11/2007 10:56 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

I remember performing some snack food-combustion experiments... like:

You can easily set a potato chip on fire... it burns like a greasy candle!

At 2/11/2007 3:31 PM, Blogger josh said...

Tune in next week as we determine what we eagerly consume that is just as easily combustible. Be here.

At 2/12/2007 12:39 AM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Peeps in the microwave are hilarious.

Also, it's cool to put a CD in the microwave for 3 seconds. SWEET light show.


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