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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - The Homer Ramone Edition


Did you read any comic books this week?

Just askin'.

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At 4/07/2007 12:35 AM, Blogger spider-man-boy said...


At 4/07/2007 7:30 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

That sounds like the name of a RAMONES song!

Was it any good? It's on my stack, just haven't gotten to it yet.

At 4/07/2007 7:48 AM, Blogger amthcaictm said...

how to tell zombie ramones from live ramones...only when they start to play ...zombies can't keep up with the drummer du jour can they?

At 4/07/2007 9:52 AM, Blogger spider-man-boy said...

not as good as walking though but a good read

At 4/07/2007 6:47 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

amthcaictm - Hey how come all the good Ramones are dead? it's like the opposite of SPINAL TAP.

At 4/08/2007 1:11 AM, Blogger amoorefan2 said...

marvel...initiative and fallen son were my two favorites...jla stinks very badly

At 4/08/2007 8:48 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Too bad about JLA...

Hey, MegoSteve was right last week: you should all grab a copy of ACTION #847 with it's incredible art and a fine stand-alone story. I've never seen artist Renato Guedes' stuff before... incredibly cool!

At 4/09/2007 11:22 AM, Blogger josh said...

I personally thought JLA was actually good for once this month. At least better than it has been, maybe this will trigger a move in the right direction.

At 4/10/2007 1:14 AM, Blogger shadow said...

Runaways, Scalped, Dmz, Detective(cool little story with my girl Harley Quinn) and The Initiative were my faves so far. I thought Omega Flight was mediocre at best, I expect a little better from Oeming, I'll give it one more issue.. btw Bill Guedes was the artist for the OMAC mini and i'm sure you saw his art in BRAVE NEW WORLD and just didn't rea lize it. Unique and After the Cape
were both great first issue indie books that sorta flew under the radar. I just can't wait till Wednesday....ALL STAR SUPERMAN and FELL two of my personal favorites..see ya in Snowtown.


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