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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Monday Morning Comix Connection Poll 5/20/07

Hokay, we're back again with the results of another Completely Unscientific Comix Connection Poll. Last week's question, with answers ranked:

What Would YOU Like To See At Comix Connection?
  • 23.7% - More Cowbell!
  • 21.1% - More Old Comics!
  • 15.8% - More Ned!
  • 15.8% - More Bill!
  • 7.9% - Less Bill!
  • 7.9% - More S'mores!
  • 5.3% - More Trinkets and Geegaws!
  • 2.6% - More T-Shirts!
  • 0.0% - More Games!
  • 0.0% - Less Polls!
A few random thoughts:
1) More Cowbell it is! We will divert some of our scarce and precious resources to ensuring that in the future, Comix Connection will provide MORE COWBELL! (It's a lot easier and cheaper than providing more old comics.)
2) Actually, I will keep in mind that "More Old Comics!" came in second.
3) I'm glad that Ned and I tied third place. I wouldn't want to disrupt the delicate Ned/Bill balance, or have to face him in a no-holds grudge match to the Death... or be stuck with him like those two guys on that old Star Trek episode where they're wearing opposite black-and-white costumes and they're choking each other for eternity trapped in some kind of mini-timewarp or whatever. That would stink.
4) THAT'S IT. All you sonsofguns that voted for "Less Bill!" are OFF my Christmas card list. And don't ask me to get your books for you - I'M BUSY.
5) Mmmmm... s'mores. Man, I could eat a couple right now, couldn't you? S'mores! Yum!

Thank you all for participating! Except the you-know-whos.

Moving right along, here's this weeks poll question:

Vote early and vote often!



At 5/21/2007 11:26 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

More cowbell is perfect with ANYTHING!

At 5/22/2007 12:17 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Every time I think of cowbell, I think of Mississippi Queen...

At 5/22/2007 8:51 AM, Blogger stymieresh said...

That's some great air guitar right there. I thought that one was by BTO, not Mountain. Good times. Good times.


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