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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - The Spider-Camel Edition

I have no idea what that picture means.

Anyway... what did you read this week? WORLD WAR HULK #1 was great, but the real surprise book was NEW AVENGERS #31. If you've been following the Marvel Universe at all the last year or two, you're in for a shock. Things may not be what they seem... This issue opens up ALL KINDS of possibilities and the implications are enormous. Trust me on this one, it's a keeper!

Be advised that any comments MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

So what do you think?

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At 6/14/2007 9:54 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

I can hear the theme song now:
Does whatever a spider candle!
Spins his web with a spit
Don't mess with him or you'll get bit
Look out!
There goes the Spider-Camel!!!!

At 6/14/2007 10:36 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Ah... I love Marvel.

So... New Avengers. I definitely didn't know what to expect, but I definitely didn't expect the whole Skrull thing. From what Bendis said on an interview at IGN, this has been planned on since the beginning of 'New Avengers' and it's going to be pretty big. Now it's basically going to be paranoia, paranoia, paranoia. I'm excited for what's to come...

World War Hulk was great, too. Can't wait for the rest of 'em.

At 6/15/2007 6:53 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

stymieresh - Great. Now I have the Spider-Camel theme running through my head.

sam - Yeah! Who ELSE is Skrull? Reed? Probably. Tony? Maybe. Etc.

You guys did notice Cage's baby had green eyes, right? Somebody suggested that the baby wasn't Skrull, but that it was HULK'S BABY!

It's gonna be an interesting ride...

At 6/15/2007 5:43 PM, Blogger Nick said...

I doubt tony will be a skrull, but Reed is definatly possible.

Loved WWH 1, so much so that I'll probably get all the tie ins. You win this round, Marvel!

in DC news, how's everyone feel about Waid coming back to the Flash in the Fall? I kinda feel like DC shortchanged Guggenheim by canceling the book just when it was really starting to kick ass, but Waid writing the Flash was what got me into the character(s) to begin with.

At 6/15/2007 9:26 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

I'm not positive the "cancellation" of the book isn't just smoke and mirrors announced on the convention circuit... Middleton's doing the covers and I sure would hate to see DC waste them. I have orders in for both #s 14 and 15 and neither have been canceled. I think DC will have TWO FLASH books... one with Barry picking up at issue 231 (?) where it left off. Pure speculation on my end, mind you.

At 6/19/2007 6:51 AM, Blogger Ralphie said...

World War Hulk was cool, ole Black Bolt didn't stand a chance. New Avengers #31's ending was crazy...Skrulls....they could be anywhere or anyone. I can't remember when Marvel Comics have been this good?, maybe when I was younger and Frank Miller was writing Daredevil. Civil War, World War Hulk, Marvel it's a great time to be a fanboy.

At 7/11/2008 1:12 AM, Blogger Monica said...

Look up Camel spider. They are common in iraq.

At 7/12/2008 9:57 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

"Camel spiders" are common in nearly all arid regions worldwide getting as big as 5 inches in diameter. There are many urban legends floating around about these arachnids, but they are smallish, common and only bite when handled.

At 7/12/2008 9:57 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

But of course, this is a SPIDER CAMEL!

At 12/28/2008 11:41 AM, Blogger phoebe said...

I think the song should be:
Spider Cam(el)
Spider Cam(el)
Does whatever a spider Can(el)
Spin his web, with his spit
Don't mess with him coz you'll get bit
Look out!
Here comes the Spider Cam(el)!!!


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