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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just thirteen days!

Until the ultra-cool Baltimore Comic-con! Click HERE for more info!

And once again, here is the AMAZING Guest list:

SERGIO ARAGONES | Dick Ayers | Kyle Baker | Tom Brevoort | Kurt Busiek | Jim Calafiore | Jerry Carr | Tommy Castillo | C.B. Cebulski | Bernard Chang | Howard Chaykin | Sean Chen | Mark Chiarello | FRANK CHO | Steve Conley | Amanda Conner | Todd Dezago | Dan DiDio | Tommy Lee Edwards | Rich Faber | Al Feldstein | DAVID FINCH | John Gallagher | Ron Garney | MICHAEL GOLDEN| Jimmy Gownley | Randy Green | Cully Hamner | Dean Haspiel | Tariq Hasson | Marc Hempel | Adam Hughes | Chris Ivy| James Jean | Georges Jeanty | J.G. Jones | Joe Jusko | Ken Kelly | Leonard Kirk | Barry Kitson | Rich Koslowski | Adam Kubert | Andy Kubert | JOE KUBERT | Scott Kurtz | Greg LaRocque | Eric Larson | JIM LEE (Sunday only) | Norman Lee | John Paul Leon | John Lucas | Ron Marz | Sean McKeever | Mark McKenna | Bob McLeod | Pop Mhan | MIKE MIGNOLA | Mark Morales | Doug Murray | Scott Neely | Steve Niles | Phil Noto | Mike Oeming | Jimmy Palmiotti | Andrew Pepoy | David Petersen | Brandon Peterson | Keith Pollard | Paul Pope | Eric Powell | Tom Raney | JOHN ROMITA JR. | JOHN ROMITA SR. | Don Rosa | Craig Rousseau | Stephane Roux | Andy Runton | Alex Saviuk | JIM SHOOTER | Louise Simonson | Walter Simonson | Andy Smith | John K Snyder III| Chris Sprouse | Jim Starlin | Brian Stelfreeze | Paul D. Storrie | Karl Story | Mark Texeira | Herb Trimpe | Dean Trippe| Tim Truman | Billy Tucci | Tim Vigil | Dexter Vines | Neil Vokes | Mark Waid | Mark Wheatley | Ron Wilson | Kelly Yates | and many many more!!!

We will be set up in out usual booth there, wallowing in funnybook goodness! Join the party, Baltimore is just an hour away from York, an hour and 20 minutes from Harrisburg! We will gladly stow your stuff under the tables of our booth so you can walk the convention hands-free!

(My swell pal Marc Nathan, con organizer extraordinaire!)

And ask me about the awesome Light Rail!

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At 8/27/2007 10:06 AM, Blogger Olethea said...

Stumbled onto your site trying to dig up info on Baltimore's Comic-Con schedule. Do you know if any details have been released?? I live in VA and am trying to figure out if a hotel will be worth it or if I'll want to drive home Sat night. A schedule would really help!


At 8/27/2007 12:57 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Hey Bill, do you have any insider's info on the panels, etc. they'll be doing? It looks like that stuff isn't up on their site yet and the event's getting close. Shan was considering coming and wanted to attend any library panels they mave have...

At 8/27/2007 8:18 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Hmmmm... yeah, I looked around and couldn't find anything either.

I have an email in to Marc Nathan (Balt Con organizer) and will post anything he sends along here on the site... stay tuned.


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