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Saturday, February 09, 2008

From the Vault: 20th Anniversary Edition Part 4


We are... THE DORKS!


Wow. Just wow. That was at some FOX-43 Family Fest event we were a sponsor of that was held at the York Fairgrounds, I think. And yes, that was an Official Marvel Comics Character Actor Guy Who Needed Fifteen Minute Breaks Every Twenty Minutes. You can see how we went all out on booth decoration - those lonely posters just look sad. Nowadays I would hang at least THREE posters.



At 2/11/2008 10:52 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Isn't anyone going to make fun of Ned's big ol' shorts?

At 2/11/2008 1:28 PM, Blogger phatmogera said...

Nah, but I did notice that you still have the same haircut!

At 2/11/2008 4:28 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Wasn't this at the hot air balloon thing in Hershey? Or was that just some other time with the same two posters?

At 2/11/2008 8:02 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

HA! No, this was at the York Fairgrounds... the Hershey balloon thing was outside, and our special guest was the guy who created the Biker Mice From Mars.

Let that seep in.

At 2/11/2008 8:03 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Same haircut? Why mess with perfection?

At 2/12/2008 3:09 PM, Blogger Currahee Chris said...

What's wrong with those shorts?? I still wear my pair :))

So, what is going on behind the curtains?? Nevermind, I really don't need to know :P

At 2/12/2008 7:17 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Behind the curtain? A gigantic pile of crappy IMAGE comics, of course...


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