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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Weekend Comics Chat Open Thread - The Last Thing The Monkey Ever Did Edition

Soooo... what did you read this week?

I read an advance copy of JUDENHASS by Dave Sim, the creator of 300-issue spanning CEREBUS. JUDENHASS (German for "hatred of Jews") is the story of the antisemitism through history as it led up to the Holocaust in the Second World War... and beyond. It's a highly interesting, illuminating and ultimately depressing read, and perhaps it will educate readers. I highly recommend JUDENHASS and we will be stocking this in depth when it arrives. CLICK HERE for more info.

So what's on your stack?



At 3/14/2008 11:04 PM, Blogger stymieresh said...

Ok, I just finished reading the Black Dossier, and I have to say it was just OK for me. I really don't enjoy the heavy passages of text written in dialects, etc. and that was really the core of the book. I guess I'm getting too old, but when I buy a comic book, I want the emphasis to be on the COMIC not the BOOK.

Plus, if the whole point of the story was so that Duke could get his hands on a copy of that rare play of Shakespeare's, what a let down.

At 3/15/2008 1:00 AM, Blogger MegoSteve said...

I was all wound up for Renato Guedes' run on Superman to begin, but I was pretty disappointed at how rushed his artwork seemed to be.

At 3/15/2008 9:13 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

stymieresh - Agreed about the heavy passages of text in BLACK DOSSIER... my eyes glazed over much of it. And I hate to admit I haven't finished it yet.

megosteve - Agreed, sadly.

At 3/15/2008 10:20 AM, Blogger Tom said...

Green Lantern Corps. Both GL books together make one of the best stories DC's got going right now.

On a completely unrelated note, how much does it suck to learn that comics lost both Dave Stevens AND Steve Gerber in the same week....

At 3/18/2008 6:09 PM, Blogger amoorefan3 said...

I still love this new spider-man stuff and look forward to it every week it comes out...mark millar's fnatstic four is a must for anyone not reading it. They're creating a new Earth for when the Earth we know is destroyed..."we just have to finish the moon then we can add water" thats awesome in my mind!

At 3/19/2008 5:17 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

amoorefan - Yeah FAN 4 is really cool right now.

I really gotta get back to GL...


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