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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Writer Brian Keene to pen new DEVIL SLAYER comic for Marvel!

Horror/suspense author (and Comix Connection favorite) Brian Keene is set to write a new four-issue DEVIL SLAYER comic for Marvel Comics this fall!

From Brian Keene's website (CLICK HERE):

“When I was six-years old,” Keene said, “my father took me to the newsstand and bought me issues of The Defenders, Man Thing, and Captain America. I took them home, read them, and immediately abandoned my childhood dreams of being an astronaut or a cowboy. Instead, I wanted to write for Marvel Comics. I’m pleased and honored to finally see that become a reality.”

We're all looking forward to it Brian! Sounds like a match made in... Hell?

(Oh, and if you haven't read all of Brian's awesome novels, pick them up at Comix Connection... we have them in stock! TERMINAL and THE RISING are good starts, and KILL WHITEY was just released in hardcover. Highly recommended!)

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At 5/24/2008 8:23 AM, Blogger amoorefan3 said...

I cannot wait for this! At Brian's recomendation I tried the 70's Defenders issues featuring Devil-Slayer and became familiar to the feel of the character...but I can't wait for the facelift the character will be getting courtesy of Brian!
Hooray to you Mr. Keene!

At 5/24/2008 1:13 PM, Blogger MegoSteve said...

Wow, congrats, Brian! Such a weird coincidence... I just picked up a Marvel Team-Up with Devil Slayer at Morningstar this morning!

At 5/25/2008 8:26 AM, Blogger Ned at Comix Connection said...

Grats Brian! I know this has been a lifelong dream of yours,its so cool to see it happen for you.

Just to echo what Bill has already said, you all should read Brian's novels. I have loved them all, but my favorite is Ghoul which takes place in Spring Grove of all places.

Again congrats Brian! I can't wait to read it!

At 5/28/2008 12:59 PM, Blogger Brian Keene said...

Thanks, guys!

At 5/31/2008 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brian! Here's another strabnge co-incidence... I just saw Brian on a History Channel show about ZOMBIES lest week while aimlessly channel surfing. Way cool!!!

-Tim Smith (I rally need to change this password so I remember the darn thing)

At 5/31/2008 11:58 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Brain was on the History Channel talking about zombies?! Cool beans! Man, I'd like to see that!


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