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Sunday, June 01, 2008

20 Question with a Comix Connection Counter Monkey

Remember this series of posts? I've been too busy to continue it and since I haven't gotten any answers to the questions lately... c'mon Josh!... you guys are stuck with me for this installment.

1.) What's your name?
Joseph Barrett Hare

2.) Any nicknames, codenames, etc?
Joe, Joey, Jojo... I answer to anything.

3.) Store of Operations?

4.) Favorite thing to do on a day off?
Watch old movies, read, draw, paint, go shopping, see friends or family.

5.) Any hidden talents or uncanny abilities?
Hmmm... I memorize a lot of facts really easily - song lyrics, comic book details, most of our subscribers names and box numbers.

6.) If you could live off only one food or beverage what would it be?
Chocolate and coffee!

7.) Favorite kind of Pop Tarts?
Strawberry with the frosting and sprinkles

8.) Favorite monster?
The Creature From The Black Lagoon

9.) Favorite fictional character?
Top five comic faves would be...
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern
The Spirit
Captain America
Jack Knight, Starman

10.) Top five favorite video games?
I don't really play video games. My experience with video games involves Dance Dance Revolution, Extreme Karaoke Revolution, and a PC game called Movies where you can build your own film studio, create your stars, and make mini movies. It's great fun!

11.) Top five favorite bands?
This is almost too hard to answer... there's so many bands I love!

The Smiths
The Divine Comedy
Belle & Sebastian

12.) Top five favorite television shows?
The Office
Flight of the Conchords
Black Books
Twin Peaks

13.) Top five favorite films?
Another question almost too hard to pair down to five choices!

The Great Dictator
Roman Holiday
Jules et Jim
Les quatre cents coup ~ The 400 Blows

14.) Top five books you read that were not in comic book form?
Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland book ever recommended to me!
Best Known Works of Oscar Wilde, ...specifically The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Portable Dorothy Parker ...ah, for sour times.
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ...such a tale of want and ruin, love it!
Ethics of Ambiguity by Simone de Beauvoir ...a primer for the existentialist in you!

15.) Top five favorite comic books?
DC: The New Frontier ...thank you, Darwyn Cooke!
Current Green Lantern series ...thank you Geoff Johns!
Starman by James Robinson, Tony Harris, & Co. -still amazing!
Madman, fun stuff by Allred in every series so far!
Hellboy ...Mignola has kept this character interesting since the beginning!

16.) What canceled or finished comic book series should be revived?
Xenozoic Tales, Sandman Mystery Theater, the Rocketeer -although it wouldn't be the same without Dave Stevens

17.) When and how did you discover comic books?
I loved to draw as a kid, so my dad gave me a bunch of his when I was about five years old. My first comic was a copy of Superman #115, with the logo stripped from the top of the book. I still have that book and I hope I always will. He also gave me a lot of other silver age DC and Marvel super-heroes, war comics from various publishers, specifically I remember a lot of Fightin' Five. Also my mom gave me a few DC romance comics she had, and I remember using these a lot to learn how to draw women.

18.) What appeals to you about comic books as an art form?
It's kind of the last bastion for work and creativity for illustrators today. The golden age of newspapers and magazines going to artists is past, so comics is by and large the best avenue for illustrators, I think. The art form allows for various styles and various subject matter, and exposes an artist to an audience that could potentially be world wide. Comic books are a cocktail of the aspects of literature and art, and even film really, into a book based art form. There's so much that can and could be done in this medium!

19.) Earliest memory of Comix Connection?
I had come in and opened a box, and signed up for a title called Golden Age Men of Mystery, and asked Bill if he had any comics or books with artists like Alex Toth, Mac Raboy, Reed Crandall, Noel Sickles, etc... Bill's response was "What... no, hell, who reads that stuff these days?" I left a little disappointed, but the next time I picked up my box there was this bundle of stuff with a note that said "could you use any of these?", and there were like twelve books full of reprints of old comics from the 30s and 40s and an issue of a magazine called Nemo. I was speechless! He found exactly what I was after and introduced me to a magazine I didn't even know had existed full of classic comic strip artists!

20.) Anything interesting we should know about you?
Well, a year ago today I became the manager in Mechanicsburg, and it's been a pleasure doing this job of running the store and serving our customers as well as I might. I don't get everything right all the time, but I'll try even harder now in year two! I have enjoyed getting to know more and more of our subscribers, and this job has really made what would have been one of the worst times in my life this past year with my divorce much more bearable for me. I thank Bill and Ned for giving me an opportunity to do this job, and for all the extra help when I really needed it the most. These guys are really two of the best guys to have in your corner when life's knocked you down. I am thankful to work with such a great staff, and again our customers really make this place, so I thank all of you too!



At 6/01/2008 2:06 PM, Blogger josh said...

Oops, sorry Joe. I forgot all about it. I finished it, I just never sent it to you. Don't believe me, I have a witness named Jared to lie for...err,I mean back me up. I need more Sandman Mystery Theatre too!

At 6/01/2008 7:28 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...


At 6/02/2008 7:12 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Oh and that story at 19) makes me sound like a jacka$$ with a heart of gold... the first part's right, but I'm not sure about the heart of gold part.

At 6/02/2008 5:43 PM, Blogger Casual Customer said...

Oh my God, I can't believe some else has read "The Ethics of Ambiguity". Been a few years since I browsed through that title, but it is unforgetable. SO COOL

At 6/03/2008 11:53 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Last summer I was going over a list of writers whose work I'd been curious about but had never indulged in before, so I picked up Ethics... and The Mandarins. I wish to read de Beauvoir's She Came To Stay for the comparision of that story set just prior to WWII versus the The Mandarins beginning around the time of Paris' liberation. I'm curious to know if political concerns weigh as heaivly upon the characters in that book as much as in The Mandarins.

At 6/03/2008 6:31 PM, Blogger Currahee Chris said...


you are the man!! When he says he memorizes box numbers- HE REALLY DOES!! It is quite amazing

At 6/04/2008 9:54 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Joe, it's a job you were born for... and you're ACES! I lay a lot of the credit for the tremendous past year we've had squarely at your feet. Thank YOU.


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