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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Report on the Harrisburg Comic Con

Recently Progressive Galleries hosted a mini Comic-Con at their gallery/show space upstairs in the Maennerchor Building on North Street in Harrisburg, and one Tony Magni and I were on hand to represent Comix Connection! We offered a couple tables worth of comic book and graphic novel goodness to the fine folks of the downtown and had a rather fine time doing so. We were certainly in good company at this event as many other area retailers, new and old, and several private sellers were on hand selling a variety of cool stuff.

This show was a bit different from shows I'm used to frequenting, with their inclusion of live tattooing, a DJ, and an open bar, but honestly I thought these were cool and clever inclusions to draw in further interest for the event. Considering most shows try to just hook in a novice creator to attach their name to an event as a draw for crowds, I appreciated this fresh approach to broadening the event's appeal to the public. It was a hip show at a hip place, with a very affordable admission price of $2.00, and people came out! I enjoyed talking to the people who attended and stopped by our tables. I especially appreciated the attention from those who stopped by and were completely new to looking at comic books because that is always great to see! It is exactly what this art form needs to grow and thrive! For a first time event at this location, I think this event had a strong vendor response, and fortunately we had a decent buyer turnout too! It gives me hope that this area could support more events such as this, and hopefully this will be just the beginning of what type of comic book related events we could see here in central PA. After all... gas is expensive, so everyone should pull together and do this stuff here instead of driving to Philly or Pittsburgh for shows!

After all, money saved not going into a gas tank is money that can be spent on comics... just something to think about!

So yes, to conclude this brief account of the day, this show was very worthwhile, I thank Jonas and Nate, AKA the good guys who initiated and hosted this event, and I am very thankful that the local shops and sellers came out to take part for the afternoon. It was a pleasure being a part of this! I especially want to thank Matt, who was a seller next door to our table who was selling used CDs and DVDs, who gave me a good price on a stack of used discs. His stand was pretty much where my mad money went to at this event!

It was a good day, a good show, and we'll certainly keep you posted when any other events such as this pop up!


At 7/31/2008 12:25 AM, Blogger Special C said...

Thanks for the report. I really wanted to check this out but couldn't make it that day. I'm looking forward to catching the next one.

At 7/31/2008 6:34 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

It's great to see a new way of doing a comic convention... very inspiring.

At 7/31/2008 9:01 PM, Blogger bcolflesh said...

I picked up some interesting things - I hope they do it again...

At 8/09/2008 9:24 AM, Blogger Currahee Chris said...

I am so bummed I missed that event. Will definately have to do it next year- tats, DJs and comix- man alive- does it get any better??


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