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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My wife, Jamie and I made our way to Baltimore this past weekend. The trip was very quick and the experience will last forever! I love many alternative comic books but I am forever a mainstream Marvel/DC fan, and when I think of top books and top creators, I think of Bendis/Johns. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was standing in line to meet the two of them. With no further ado...

Mr. Bendis (Secret Invasion, Avengers) was kind enough to fill in the blank cover on my Secret Invasion book.

Mr. Geoff Johns (JSA, Action Comics, Green Lantern) was also a real pleasure to meet.

Geoff was really cool and customized my Action Comics cover at my request.

I also had the pleasure of meeting sometimes Avengers artists Frank Cho and David Mack, and upcoming Mighty Avengers writer, Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man)

After a long childhood, inheriting my brother's copies of Savage Dragon, I met Writer/artist Erik Larson who customized my Savage Dragon #22 featuring the Ninja Turtles by writing "Turtle Power" on the cover!

Another amazing moment was when I met the very humble co-creator/artist of Wolverine, Herb Trimpe! ( The freaking guy who helped create Wolverine!!! C'mon give it up!)

I also met Richard Starkings (Elephantmen); Eric Powell (Goon); Luna Bros.(Sword, Spider-Woman); Mignola (Hellboy); JG Jones (Final Crisis); Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier); Jim Lee (All-Star Batman), and Adam Hughes (Catwoman cvrs.)

At the Top Shelf stand I revisited for the umpteenth time, Jeff Lemire(Essex County) and Matt Kindt (Super spy) who always do great sketches for me without me even asking...the two of them are each others biggest fans and it's always awesome to talk to them.

Anyway, if I haven't bored you yet, the Baltimore Comic-Con is possibly near the best day of every year for this comic fan and I hope to see more of you there next year!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

BALTIMORE COMICON 2008 a huge success!


Just wow.

That was the biggest and best Baltimore Comicon EVER, bar none! On Saturday, the line to get in stretched outside to the front area until at least 2:00... and Sunday was crazy busy too. It's funny, that with all those people milling around, the floor never seemed to be jammed, just pretty crowded due to the size of the floorspace at the Baltimore Convention Center. Joe, Josh and I rarely had time to leave the booth to use the restroom, let alone go visit all the artists and writers in attendance. I never did get to see METAMORPHO artist Ramona Fradon... every time I went looking for her she wasn't there. Oh well, I did get to meet and chat with Jeff Kinney, author/artist of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, and pick up the third book in the series, which was comped to me by Abrams rep Eric! Thanks, man! Oh and special thanks go out to my wife Karen who supplied us with sandwiches, coffee and tasty snacks! You're a life saver! It was fun to see all of you guys down in Baltimore amidst millions of dollars worth of comic books... we hope you all had as much fun as we did!

The long wait to get in on Friday... two hours of our lives we'll never get back. I was so bored I almost bought a gold necklace off of some guy...

The Book Of The Show... one of my favorite covers EVER by the great L. B. Cole, sadly we sold this book on Sunday at about 4PM. *sniff* Now I'll never see it again.

Joshie, Trainee Maxwell (at his first ever comic convention), and Joe the Continuity Kid.

A battle-scarred veteran of Baltimore Comicon 2008!

A somewhat quiet moment at booth 1-double-oh-7!

Were you there? What did you see and do? Tell us in the comments section!

(Oh, and stay tuned for more fun stuff coming up near the end of this month, including our fabled Halloween Sale!)

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Too Tired To Post

No, that's not the name of a Dead Kennedys song, I'm just too washed out from the incredible Baltimore Comicon to post anything of substance, so I give you this:

I'll try to put something of substance up Monday...

(Thanks, Mike for the image.)


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Don't forget to wear your Comix Connection T-shirt and get your FREE DOLLAR! I handed out 14 dollars today to fourteen of the coolest fans ever!

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Look us up!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Walt Disney Magic to Come!

The Walt Disney Co. showed an industry crowd an showcase of its upcoming films that included a sequel to its 1982 sci-fi flick "Tron", a brief snippet from "Tron 2" featured a louder, crisper and more thrilling bike race and a cameo of an older Jeff Bridges, who starred in the original version.

Also announced was a "Lone Ranger" remake with Johnny Depp as Tonto. Depp, who received top billing for the role of Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, will also play the Mad Hatter in a Tim Burton remake of "Alice in Wonderland."

Jim Carrey will be starring in his first Disney film, a 3-D motion capture remake of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," in which he plays seven characters including Ebenezer Scrooge.

I'm also super excited about a new hand-drawn Disney film, as I miss that department of the films. Oprah Winfrey will be the voice of the character of Eudora in the hand-drawn animated movie set in New Orleans, "The Princess and the Frog." The film features an African American heroine, Tiana. Winfrey plays Tiana's mother in the movie set for release on Christmas in 2009.

All good news for the future of Disney, and also for fans of the movies!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baltimore Comicon Panels!

I just got the info for the swell panels at the Baltimore Comicon... behold:

Baltimore, Maryland - September 24, 2008 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is proud to announce programming for panels at the 2008 show! Panels will occur both Saturday and Sunday upstairs from the main convention floor.

Once again, we have a panel for all tastes. A highlight this year includes the first public face-to-face discussion between Brian Michael Bendis and Robert Kirkman since each voiced dissenting opinions about work-for-hire and the future of comics. Guests who want to learn more about the graphic crafts can join Jose Villarubia and Bernie Wrightson, or see the Web Comics panel. Also, attendees will receive publishing updates from Dark Horse, DC, Kingdom Comics, Marvel, Image, Top Cow, and Visionary Comics Studio, and an exclusive art seminar by Jim Lee for eight hand-selected fans.

Without further ado...the panels!

Saturday, September 27, 2008
DC Nation
Oa room (upstairs, room 307)
Join DC editor Dan Didio as he and special guests, discusses the current DC Universe, as well as hints to the future of the DC Universe.

Web Comics
Tarnax IV room (upstairs, room 302-303)
Funny, timely, exciting, biting -- all words that can describe the Web Comic, the most widely-available of the comic art form. Join Scott Kurtz, Danielle Corsetto, Scott Sava, and others as they discuss the ins, outs, ups, downs, and overall variety of this forum.

Marvel Q&A: A Cup of B
Oa room (upstairs, room 307)
Tom Brevoort and Brian Michael Bendis answers questions about the Marvel Universe. You should join them. He loves you.

Silent Devil/Ahmet Zappa
Tarnax IV room (upstairs, room 302-303)
Kingdom Comics, a new division of the Disney film studio, showcases their upcoming projects as they bring back some of Disney Studios classic characters!

Top Cow
Oa room (upstairs, room 307)
Join Filip Sablik as he talks Dragon Prince (did you get your Baltimore Comic Con exclusive yet?) Witchblade, Darkness, and all things Top Cow. Moo.

DC Comics presents -- The Return of Sgt. Rock! With Billy Tucci
Tarnax IV room (upstairs, room 302-303)
DC Comics is proud to present the return of Easy Company with the six issue miniseries, "Sgt. Rock - The Lost Battalion." Join Sgt. Rock writer/artist and Shi creator Billy Tucci and special guest WW2 veterans Grant Hirabayashi, Joe Kelly Kuwayama, and Terry Shima for an intimate story and art preview of salute to the American soldier. Billy and Terry's discussion and photos will also show the incredible lengths the creator has gone to uphold Rock's honorable legacy by interviewing actual veterans, partaking in a massive World War II re-enactment, and visiting the beaches of Normandy!

Kirkman vs. Bendis: The Future of Comics
Oa room (upstairs, room 307)
What began as an open letter on the future of comics has turned into one of the hottest topics to hit the industry in decades. Now, the two main opposing forces in the discussion get together as Robert Kirkman and Brian Michael Bendis come face to face in a no-holds-barred debate! Don't miss out on what promises to be the most talked about panel of the year!

Dark Horse
Tarnax IV room (upstairs, room 302-303)
Join Dark Horse Director of Publicity Jeremy Atkins and Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie for a first hand look at the future of comics. You will be given insight into the next chapter of the breakout hit series, The Umbrella Academy, as well as a look at what the future holds for all of your other favorite series and characters. With exciting announcements and inside info, you won't want to be anywhere else.

DC Comics Presents: Men of Steel
Oa room (upstairs, room 307)
What is the future of the Superman Family? Join Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Sterling Gates, Jamal Igle, and Superman editor Matt Idelson as they give you a peek at what the next year holds for the Man of Steel and his family.

Comic Book Restoration and CGC
Tarnax IV room (upstairs, room 302-303)
Should restoration be considered for a comic? What does restoration do to the value of a comic? How will CGC grade a restored comic? These questions and more will be answered by Matt Nelson (Classics Incorporated) and Richard Evans (Bedrock City) as they give you insight into the do's and don'ts of comic book restoration.

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Jim Lee Art Seminar
The Batcave (upstairs, room 301)
Eight lucky fans will be hand-picked by Jim Lee to attend his one hour art seminar! A contest will determine the lucky participants. During the day Saturday, you will turn in a piece of original art at a designated area. Then, on Sunday at 10:30am, Jim will choose eight artists from the entrants who will follow him to the seminar room for this unique experience.

Earth 53 (upstairs, room 307)
VCS just announced the new Headlocked: The Tryout 3-Issue series, with covers by Ron Wilson, John Hebert and Jerry "The King" Lawler in his first comic work. They also just launched their digital publishing arm on Wowio and have even more news in the wings! Check out this panel with a bunch of VCS professionals to find out what this up-and-coming studio has planned into 2009! This will also include a focus on Visionary's new submissions, and discussion of how to break into comics...the Visionary way.

The Savage Land (upstairs, room 302-303)
Join Boom! Studios Editor-In-Chief, Mark Waid, as he discusses the INCREDIBLE new projects coming soon from Boom!

Image Comics Show
Earth 53 (upstairs, room 307)
The Image Comics Show hits Baltimore as Robert Kirkman (WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE), Erik Larsen (SAVAGE DRAGON, IMAGE UNITED), Jimmy Palmiotti (Back to Brooklyn, The Pro), Richard Starkings (ELEPHANTMEN), and more give an exclusive glimpse into the future of Image Comics, featuring the public debut of all-new IMAGE UNITED art, along with many other announcements, surprises, and giveaways!

Spotlight on Wrightson (Villarrubia)
The Savage Land (upstairs, room 302-303)
Jose Villarrubia presents a Spotlight on his good friend, Living Legend, and Baltimore Comic-Con Guest of Honor, Bernie Wrightson!

Marvel: Your Universe
Earth 53 (upstairs, room 307)
Will you Embrace Change? Join the Marvel crew and accept your new Skrullian Overlords as you find out all you want to know about Secret Invasion and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

The Savage Land (upstairs, room 302-303)
Howard Chaykin and Adam Hughes. Need we say more?

For the Love of Comics
Earth 53 (upstairs, room 307)
Dan Didio talks comics! Join Dan in this unique forum to discuss what he likes about comics in general.

Turner - In Memoriam
The Savage Land (upstairs, room 302-303)
Join Frank Mastromauro as he hosts a tribute to Michael Turner, a truly singular talent and an all around great guy.

Panel topics, descriptions, and creator participants are subject to change.

Further information on the show, guests, exhibitors, retailers, Artist's Alley, and more can be found on our website or our MySpace page.

Looks to be a real hoot!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Darth Vader's REAL voice

Strangely enough he has an accent not unlike those found on 21st Century Earth on a group of islands called the United Kingdom:

I remember when David Prowse (along with Jeremy Bulloch/Boba Fett) was a guest at Comix Connection-Camp Hill back in the '90s... David's voice was a bit deeper than that due to adding 20 years to it. Those were some fun times, lemme tell ya. To this day I still brag that BOBA FETT BOUGHT ME A GUINNESS! 'Nuff said.

(Thanks to Mike Bollinger for the link!)

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The excitement builds for the Baltimore Comic Con!

So much so that I apparently forgot to do the post for Monday proper! Sorry Bill... hehee! Anyways... unless you've been living under a rock, you are probably well aware that The Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend, September 27th & 28th, and Bill, Josh, and I are all very excited for the show! There's a vast number of incredibly talented individuals for fans to meet at this year's show, but the guy I'm most looking forward to seeing again is Mr. Darwyn Cooke! But there's so many other people, and for a really cool way to keep up with all the last minute changes to guest lists and to check out the list of Con exclusives, visit The Baltimore Comic Con's myspace page!

If you ask them nicely, they may even be your friend! :)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Late Weekend Comics Chat - The Electronic Renaissance Edition!

So... what did you pick up and read this week? Any particular favourite issue? Maybe a cool collected edition of something?

My top favs that I made time to sit down with were All-Star Superman #12 (which got me a little teary eyed), The Spirit #21, the gorgeous hard cover collected edition of the 12 issue Local series, and the cool sequel to the original graphic novel Plain Janes, now finds the Janes in Love!
Not a bad week!

Now it's your turn to share! Post a comment!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One week from today


I can hardly contain my excitement. Joe, Josh and I are slowly gathering all the stuff we need to set up our super deluxe booth at the Baltimore Con... see you all there, right?

I think the one person I'm looking forward to meeting the most is DC artist Ramona Fradon, who worked on my favorite childhood comic book METAMORPHO (The Fab Freak of 1000-and-1 Changes!) I don't think Ramona Fradon makes too many convention appearances, so this will be a real treat for me!

My son Maxwell will be joining us behind the tables on Saturday... it's his first comic book convention and he's pretty pumped up about going. The one person he really wants to meet? None other than Jeff Kinney, creator of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID! Max an I both loved his books, which are told in diary form, by -well- a wimpy kid! They're hilarious!

Looks like it's gonna be a hoot, so make your plans to attend today! (I'm serious, don't miss out on all the fun. What else do you have cooking that weekend?)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Embrace Change



Thursday, September 18, 2008



Obviously I'm still feeling a bit lousy and am just phoning in the blog posts...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did I mention

that noted horror novelist (and all-around great guy) Brian Keene put me in his DEAD OF NIGHT DEVIL SLAYER comic book? Behold:

I'm not showing you the last panel with me actually in it... you're gonna have to grab a copy for yourself.

You all know what this means, of course. I AM NOW OFFICIALLY PART OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, old chum! That's right, you can draw a direct line from ME to ANY CHARACTER WHO EVER APPEARED IN A MARVEL COMIC. I can die happy now. Thanks, Brian - you're aces!

I can see it in the new OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE...

Marvel Comics: September 2008
1 - Inro + first app. WILLIAM WAHL, death of WILLIAM WAHL

57 114 171 356 591 825


This is one of the many reasons that Comix Connections are the coolest comic shops in the universe.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too Sick To Post

No, it's not the name of a Dead Kennedy's song... Chez Wahl is down with some sort of super-flu, courtesy of the incubators that are grade schools no doubt. I'll just leave you with a funny picture today. Later.


Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Destroy The Earth

The entire Wahl household is in the grip of the latest gradeschool-spawned flu-type virus, so naturally during such dark times my thoughts turn to ways in which to destroy the Earth.
Luckily I didn't give it much thought before I ran across THIS SITE on the old reliable internet.
From How To Destroy The Earth @ Things Of Interest:

Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.

You've seen the action movies where the bad guy threatens to destroy the Earth. You've heard people on the news claiming that the next nuclear war or cutting down rainforests or persisting in releasing hideous quantities of pollution into the atmosphere threatens to end the world.


The Earth is built to last. It is a 4,550,000,000-year-old, 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000-tonne ball of iron. It has taken more devastating asteroid hits in its lifetime than you've had hot dinners, and lo, it still orbits merrily. So my first piece of advice to you, dear would-be Earth-destroyer, is: do NOT think this will be easy.

Read on, and enjoy.
Oh, and have a GOOD day!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


I ran across the following image in my internet travels:

Can you guess what this is supposed to represent? Put your guesses in the comments.

It's brilliant, pure genius.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

World's Most Beautiful Libraries

CLICK HERE for more awesome libraries.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's one I completely forgot about



Thursday, September 11, 2008



I have no idea what that picture means, but somehow it relates to the online comic "fan" community.

I think.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Third Stephen King Midnight Release party a huge success!

WOW! That was completely awesome! Our "ALL COMIC IN THE BINS ARE ONE DOLLAR ALL DAY Sale" kicked things off at 10AM, and the "20% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE FROM 9pm-1am Sale" wrapped things up in a nice, day-long celebration of comic book goodness! Thanks to all of you who came out to take advantage of the bargains, and special thanks to all of you adventurous types who braved the late-night after-hours counter monkey antics in anticipation of the release of Stephen King's DARK TOWER: TREACHERY #1 and THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS #1! Linnen, you are a champ (and thanks Sarah for getting the pizza!), Manager Joe was his usual knowledgeable "Continuity Kid" self, and I have no idea where I was going with that bizarre sleep-deprived monologue about juice-glasses full of scotch. Thanks everybody!

Keep your eyes on this site for announcements about future events, including the long-rumored and highly anticipated "Artist Cookout" coming soon to the Mechanicsbug store.

(Oh, and special thanks go out to "Ma" Boyce for the peanut cluster thingies... they were delicious as usual!)

Here's the list of prize drawing winners:

1st Prize - Stephen King autographed dust jacket - Michael Dimopoulos

2nd Prize - THE STAND #1 sketch cover variant - Scott Mathes

3rd Prize -
DARK TOWER TREACHERY #1 sketch variant - Scott Ellis
4th Prize - THE STAND #1 regular variant - Tyler Reese
5th Prize - DARK TOWER TREACHERY #1 regular variant - Aaron Karnath
6th Prize - DARK TOWER TREACHERY #1 Midnight opening variant - Eric Fitzgerald
7th Prize - DARK TOWER TREACHERY #1 Midnight opening variant - Joe Durika
8th Prize - DARK TOWER TREACHERY #1 Midnight opening variant - Andre Smith
9th Prize - DARK TOWER TREACHERY #1 Midnight opening variant - Pawl Place
10th Prize - DARK TOWER GUNSLINGER BORN hardcover book - Jim Krahulek

Congrats! Winners should already have been notified by phone, so come on in and claim your prizes!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg on track for tonight!

Today is the big day! Stop in at the Mechanicsburg Comix Connection for the following:


-->Special 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE SALE from 9:00PM tonight until 1:00AM Wednesday morning!

-->Sample the yummy Goldenberg's Peanut Chews!

-->Stephen King's new DARK TOWER and THE STAND comics released at the stroke of Midnight!

-->Special incredible Prize Drawings for rare variant comics and more!


-->Counter Monkeys delirious from lack of sleep! (They act the same, they're just delirious from lack of sleep.)

See you there!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Anybody remember PIZZAZZ?

Steve Leach sent me this neat link to a site that has pictures of all the PIZZAZZ covers in all their somewhat hokey late-'70s glory... CLICK HERE to view!

I remember seeing these around, but by then I was too old for their fluff articles and "Tiger Beat" - style interviews. How about you?


Sunday, September 07, 2008

TUESDAY in Mechanicsburg - The Stephen King Midnight Release Party!

OK, Comix Connection - York had their fun yesterday with the Brian Keene's DEVIL SLAYER debut party and sale, and now it's Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg's turn!


Stop in the Mechanicsburg store to participate in our THIRD special Midnight Release Party for Stephen King's latest comic adaptations of DARK TOWER: TREACHERY, plus Stephen King's THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS, both of which will be offered for sale on Tuesday night, September 9th (at 12:01 AM Wednesday Morning, September 10th)


-->There will also be a 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE SALE from 9PM until 1AM (FOUR HOURS ONLY),

-->BONUS: There will be prize drawings for special Variant Cover comics, like the above "MIDNIGHT OPENING VARIANT"! WOOT!

-->And Goldenberg's Peanut Chews!

See you all there!

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

DEVIL SLAYER debut party a smashing success!

Well, the Release Party for Brian Keene's DEAD OF NIGHT: DEVIL SLAYER #1 was a smashing success! Special thanks to guests Brian Keene and artist Mike Hawthorne for making the event a real fun time. And thanks to all of you who came out to meet Brian and Mike and to also take advantage of the ALL BIN COMICS - ONE DOLLAR EACH sale, plus of course the four-hour store-wide 20% OFF sale! What a great day!

Cake artwork provided by the talented Jared and Jamie Wolfe!

Ned (manning the Cake Station), Mike Hawthorne, Brian Keene, and some fans!

Mike Hawthorne autographing a fan's copy of MISCELLANEOUS DEBRIS #1, which contained his very first published work!

Oh, and it looks like Mr. Keene is an entrant in our ongoing NO(YES)-PRIZE T-shirt contest!

Let's see...

Level of difficulty: 6/10

Creativity and imagination: 9/10




You can pick that up at your leisure from your Friendly Neighborhood Counter Monkey, Brian!

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Counter Monkeys in New York?

Well they might not be Counter Monkeys, but 2 years ago i went to The Big Apple and had the pleasure of riding the New York Subway system. 722 miles of sights, sounds, and bumpy rides. The most impressive thing to me was an amazing display of Mosaics that lined much of the walls. Ranging from animals to hats, I enjoyed them all! If you haven't been able to see them, I feel it's a must when visiting the NYC.
Oh wait! There's a Counter Monkey!
Look Out Counter Monkey!!!

No Counter Monkeys were injured during this photograph. Comix Connection Safety Assurance Board.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Comic Connection (T-shirt) at Yankee Stadium! - The latest NO(YES)-PRIZE winner

I recently received this email, from long-time fan Michelle Mixell:

I finally remembered to wear my CC shirt on a trip! So here's my No(Yes) Prize entry, on the field at Yankee Stadium! I don't know how it ranks in difficulty but if I'd taken one more step back into the grass I would've been kicked out. Plus, with the stadium being torn down in a few months, there aren't likely to be too many more pictures like this.
-Michele Mixell
Well, isn't that just plain cool! Thanks for the pic, Michelle!

Let's see...

Level of difficulty: 8/10

Creativity and imagination: 6/10




Thanks for the great photo!

Unfamiliar with the Comix Connection No(Yes)-Prize? Just CLICK HERE for all the details.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

York Book & Paper Fair to feature Comics, Records and more!

Do you like books, comics, postcards, records, original comic art and other neat stuff? Well then mark your calendar for Saturday, October 25th and get yourself to the York Book & Paper Fair, held in the Old Main Building at the York Fairgrounds in beautiful York, PA! We'll be setting up there, so come by and see us! Scheduled comic artists include Mike Hawthorne (link), Mike Oeming (link), Paul Azaceta (link), and Andy Macdonald (link)!

Click HERE for more info!

And hey all you guys who need to get rid of those unwanted longboxes of comic book goodness... why not set up at the York Book & Paper Fair and turn those comics into cash! Contact Jim Lewlin by clicking HEREand emailing him to see about renting your very own table at this sure-to-be-fun event!

(And NO, I have no idea why I put that picture up there.)

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Saturday's Release Party for Brian Keene's DEVIL SLAYER gets kicked up a notch!

As you all well know, Comix Connection is hosting noted horror novelist Brian Keene this Saturday in the YORK store for a celebration of the publication of his DEVIL SLAYER comic book. We will be running an ALL DAY, ALL COMICS IN THE BINS ARE ONE DOLLAR EACH SALE, plus for the duration of Brian Keene's appearance from 1PM to 5PM, EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE IS TWENTY PERCENT OFF!

Well guess what? Things just got kicked up a notch. To add to the gumbo of fun, Marvel and DC artist MIKE HAWTHORNE will also be appearing with Brian Keene, thus cranking up the excitement to an almost intolerable level! Don't miss out on this crazy fun day! Come on in, get some bargains, meet some of today's hottest creators, and maybe even see Ned and Bill in the same room at the same time(!!!)






See you there, everybody!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

A Timely Reminder

due to today's holiday!

You have been duly notified!