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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Join Us and Do Your Part for Free Comic Book Day!

We want you to come to Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2nd, and we want you to bring a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a clergymen, a wookie... really anyone you choose, but we want you to bring someone to this event that is curious about comics, or maybe used to be into comics, or someone you have always wished to share your passion for the hobby with but were to scared to have them touch your precious books! We have plenty to give away, books for readers of all ages, and the best part is they are 100% free!

So that co-worker that always asks you "what's the deal with this new super-hero movie coming out?" - Bring that person along!

Or the family member that always has to comment at holidays that they "didn't even know they made comics anymore." - Bring him or her in here and show them there's more variety of books available than ever!

The family down the street whose kids always come over and play with your kids action figures, but their son calls every character "Batman" because that's the one character he knows! - Get that kid in here and let's all educate him!

Or the cool guy you know that used to be into comics, but hasn't picked up an X-Men or Spawn book since '93 and mostly focuses on online gaming! - Get him away from the computer screen and put a Free Comic Book Day comic is his hands!

There's going to be comics, lots of comics! In Mechanicsburg there's going to be the Star Wars costume characters from Garrison Carida of the 501st Legion who will let you get your picture taken with them and are hoping you'll donate an unopened Star Wars toy to their charity toy drive! In York, there's going to be John Kovaleski who will show you his published cartooning work! There's going to be a storewide sale! All the counter monkeys you know and love from this staff on hand to help people find something they're going to love to take home and read! And the best part is we all are here to support an art form we all know and love -comic books!

Nuff said!

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