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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Comix Connection on TV for FCBD 2009!

Check it out:

ABC 27:

CBS 21:

THANKS to our guest creator John Kovaleski! It sure was fun to meet you and check out your work. Lots of fun!

THANKS to the members of the 501st/Garrison Carida! As usual you folks were the show stoppers! It's always a pleasure to host you guys and gals! And special thanks to all the fans who donated toys for charity. We pretty much had a full barrel by the end of the day! Awesome.

THANKS to all the staff for making Free Comic Book Day such a great success! Thanks to Jared, Jim, Josh, Joe, Dave, Dan, Paul, Tony, Matt, TJ and of course Triple-G! You guys are real troopers.

THANKS to all our great customers out there... you folks truly make us what we are... Central Pennsylvania's Ultra-Hip Comic Book Pop Culture Mecca! Special thanks to Mike Reichart, Mrs Boyce, Mrs Ritchey and Tony's Lady for the special consumable treats! Those were pretty much the only things we got to eat all day and were greatly appreciated!

I will post more photos and whatnot tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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At 5/03/2009 4:38 PM, Blogger tom said...

Cool beans! We had a blast and spent all of our allowances! :)

At 5/03/2009 7:18 PM, Blogger SavageMouse said...

Thanks for the back issue sale, I picked up a lot of stuff I've been missing since I had to give up my box! That was the longest line I've waited in since Denny's gave away free breakfasts a couple months ago, but I'll take comics over rubber eggs any day! :)

At 5/03/2009 8:11 PM, Anonymous TK1495 said...

Had a great Time, Thanks for having us and Thank you all for the donations.

At 5/03/2009 10:55 PM, Blogger MegoSteve said...

I think that was the most people I've ever seen in a comic book store. Pretty cool.

At 5/04/2009 2:22 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

That was lots of fun! We still have some Free Comics, so if there's anything you missed, see if we still have it!


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