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Monday, June 15, 2009

Giant Sized delay?

Just so everyone is aware, the amazingly cool "Old Man Logan" story arc that has been running through Marvel's WOLVERINE title will conclude in a special one shot GIANT SIZE OLD MAN LOGAN:

This issue will ship in SEPTEMBER, which makes me crazy. Sigh. Nothing to do but wait.

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At 6/17/2009 8:07 AM, Blogger phatmogera said...

This better be worth it! Great series so far, but I HATE waiting this long. Is it so d#mn hard to get a series 3/4 done before they solicit it!!!!! (sobs, bashs own head into wall)

At 6/18/2009 4:31 PM, Blogger amoorefan3 said...

Can Wait...but I'm friggin' excited!

At 6/19/2009 9:10 AM, Blogger StainLee said...

Can Wait... but only because i have to! I still wish this was an ongoing! Would be great way to introduce new/old marvel villains/heroes in a friggen sweet universe... (kind of like they did with hawkeye's daughter and the kingpin)

At 6/26/2009 6:18 AM, Blogger Norman said...

As an artist, I can appreciate the amount of time/effort that it takes to create/produce one comic. Have you checked out Steve's meticulous artwork? I have no doubt that e is hunched over his drawing board somewhere, right now, working on what I know will be a great finale. True, the wait will be a long one (if the good Lord spares our lives), but I am anticipating the usual resplendent visuals from the pencil of Mr McNiven.

At 9/23/2009 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoiler!How on earth could the Hulk eat Wolverine whole? Admantium skeleton and all? The Hulk could never break adamantium. and his mouth is not large enough to swallow wolverine. The ending sucked.


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