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Monday, November 09, 2009

Looking Forward to Looking Back Vol. 6

Well, here I am with a look at some classic reprint collections being offered in the current November Previews Catalog. These are items that are mostly shipping in January 2010 plus some items that are advance solicited for the spring of 2010.

Starting with Dark Horse Comics' listing there are two new hardcovers offerings, the Turok, Son of Stone Archives Volume 5 and Tarzan Archives, the Jesse Marsh Years Volume 5. I have really been enjoying both of these series. Oddly enough there's plenty of jungle adventure and dinosaur fighting awaits in these two books considering Tarzan sees as much dinosaur fighting as Turok! Fun stuff!

Onto DC Comics now and they've got a variety of classic material offered in Previews. First up, there's a new Joe Simon and Jack Kirby collection! This time DC is reprinting their work together on The Newsboy Legion. These stories from Star-Spangled Comics(1942-1944) have never been assembled into a collection like this before, and I for one think it's about time! This scrappy gang of gutter-snipes from Suicide Slum utilised their own independent newspaper to challenge crooked politicians and slum lords and even Nazi fifth columnists along side their adult hero The Guardian. They were like the Dead End Kids or the Bowery Boys of the comics of their day, only involved in less criminal mischief, and I'm mighty glad to see them offered like this for today's readers. It should be a nice book!

DC's other offerings include Showcase Presents: Secrets of Sinister House TP which is a nice one and done collection of classic gothic horror/romance from the early seventies. Also offered is Wonder Woman Archives Vol 6! It's always great to see DC offering a new Archive! Bravo!

Marvel Comics has some nice books as always with a little something for everyone in their listings. For the dedicated Iron Man fans there's Iron Man Omnibus Vol 2! This massive tome gives you Tales of Suspense #84-99, Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1, and Iron Man #1-25 all in one beautiful volume! These omnibus books carry quite a price tag($99.99), but her you get every story, every letters page, and a great wealth of extra bonus material that even the mighty Marvel Masterworks volumes don't see! And speak of the devil, there's a Masterworks offering too! This time Inhumans Volume 2 is the choice for the month and it follows hot on the heels of the release last month of Inhumans Volume 1 and it completes Marvel's efforts to collect and release all of their classic appearances! Two handsome volumes of work and you've got them all! Is that nice or what? The softcover Masterwork for the month is Fantastic Four Volume 3 reprinting FF #21-30 which is a grand bunch of issues full of Marvel Universe guests and villains galore! Essential buyers should note there's an Avengers Volume 7 TP listed reprinting Avengers #141-163, Annual #6, and Super-Villain Team-Up #9! I love this period of Avengers as they went up against Kang, The Serpent Crown, and were caught up in the drama of civil wars which erupted in both Atlantis and in Latveria! They had their hands full during this period and the action in this comic just seemed to get bigger and bigger! Other notable collected editions from Marvel include Excalibur Visionaries Alan Davis Volume 2 TP, Hulk Visionaries Vol. 7 TP, and a reprint of Daredevil: Born Again now in softcover. Finally, two more recent classics get the premiere hardcover treatment: Avengers: World Trust, which was first arc of Avengers by super-star writer Geoff Johns just before his time on Green Lantern and his elevated status at DC! Also, score another collection for Iron Man fans with Iron Man: Deadly Solutions reprinting the first seven issues of Iron Man post Heroes Reborn as Kurt Busiek wrote a book good enough to make us readers forget all about teen Tony Stark! Thank you, Mr. Busiek!

Hermes Press has another classic reprint book delving into comics based on TV's fantastic worlds of Irwin Allen with the complete Land of the Giants Archive. This hardcover reprints the entire Gold Key series plus essays, photos, production art, blueprints, and many, many more wonderful extras! Classic TV fans should also note their reprints of other comics of Irwin Allen shows, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and the Time Tunnel, are available now, and I learned from their sales rep during a recent retailer summit that they're planning on releasing archive collections ofthe comics of Dan Curtis' gothic TV soap opera, Dark Shadows, in 2010 as well!

IDW has two wonderful books in Previews! The first is cartoonist Jack Kent's hilariously clever comic strip King Aroo, which is being collected now into hardcovers of every daily and Sunday strip from 1950-1952. Their second comic strip collection for the month goes back even further and reprints a surreal saga of George Herriman's Krazy & Ignatz in a very affordable hardcover! The hi-jinx begin when Krazy Kat discovers a bag marked “TIGER TEA” and brews an elixir that leads to all sorts of... well, kraziness!

Well, to make some attempt to keep this somewhat brief I'll wrap this up here! There's a number of great items that I could go on about but pick up a previews and check out the catalog for yourself! As always, if any of these books are of interest, just let us know at the shop. This month's orders are due back by this Saturday, November 14Th, but as you know being the nice folks that we are we even accept orders late.

Until next time...



At 11/09/2009 11:49 PM, Blogger josh said...

I think that may be the first time I had to use google to understand a simile. "They were like the Dead End Kids or the Bowery Boys of the comics of their day".
Wow, man. Good stuff is coming.


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