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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Passing of a Legend

This sad news has been all over the many comic book news sites out there, but for anyone who may have missed it, comics legend, Dick Giordano, passed away early today.

This is the statement his old pal and fellow comic creator, Bob Layton, sent out to comic sources earlier today:

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

It is my sorrowful duty to announce that legendary artist/editor/entrepreneur Dick Giordano passed away today. Few could ever hope to match what he accomplished in his chosen profession, or to excel while maintaining great humor, compassion for his peers and an unwavering love for the art form. His unique vision changed the comic industry forever and all of those who work in the business continue to share in the benefits of his sizable contributions. I have been honored to call him a business partner, mentor and dear friend throughout the majority of my lifetime. We will not see his like again.

Bob Layton

Giordano had more than half a century of contributions to the field of comic books, and his many roles over his years in the industry saw him work as an artist (Modesty Blaise and The Phantom) and most notably as an inker (for Neil Adams on Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Batman, for George Perez on Crisis), a cultivator of young talents that went on to become some of the biggest names in the industry(Byrne, O’Neil, Aparo, Chaykin, Layton, Starlin, Simonson amongst others), and let's not forget his trail blazing and influential stint as VP/Executive Editor at DC Comics during the time of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman: The Man of Steel, Watchmen, and Sandman. His earliest days were spent working as a background inker for Jerry Iger's studio before becoming a freelance artist in 1952 at Charlton Comics. By 1965, Giordano had been promoted to editor-in-chief of the company, where he fostered such new talents as Jim Aparo, Dennis O'Neil, and Steve Ditko, and oversaw the creation of characters like Blue Beetle and Captain Atom. Two years later he was hired as an editor by DC Comics Publisher Carmine Infantino, and left in 1971 to form Continuity Associates with Neal Adams. His return to DC Comics in 1980 was a fruitful decision for both Giordano and DC Comics. Giordano first served as editor of the Batman line, then promoted to managing editor and finally, in 1983, to vice president-executive editor, which was the position he held until his retirement from the company in 1993.

The man's influence and impact upon comics, both artistically and commercially was enormous, and his passing is certainly being felt throughout the community of creators and also fans today. Giordano, who suffered from leukemia, had recently been hospitalized in Florida, and he died due to complications from pneumonia. He was 77.



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Such a great creator. Thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.


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