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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two titans of the comic book world to visit Central Pennsylvania this week!

Boy, it's a banner week for comic fans... look who's coming to Dickinson College on Thursday! Art Spiegelman!

Thanks to artists like Spiegelman, comics have moved beyond red-headed stepchild status into a grudging respectability. What’s more, the number of comics being published in a given year — from superheroes to manga to art books to reprints of classic strips to online comics — is staggering.

That sea change and how it came about will be one of the main topics of discussion when the cartoonist comes to speak at Dickinson College's Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium in Carlisle at 7 p.m. on Thursday. The event is free. For more information, visit or call 245-1875

Spiegelman is best known for “Maus,” a memoir of both his father’s experiences in Auchwitz concentration camp and the pair’s own difficult relationship.
Spiegelman’s talk, entitled “Comix 101.1” will also look what the art form has to offer readers and why it shouldn’t be ignored.

Read Chris Mautner's entire article at

And also on Thursday, there's Chip Kidd at the Whittaker Center in Harrisburg!

Recognized as an American master of contemporary book design, USA Today describes Kidd as “the closest thing to a rock star” in graphic design today.” His book jacket designs for Alfred A. Knopf have helped spawn a revolution in the art of American book packaging. His work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Eye, Print, Entertainment Weekly, The New Republic, Time, Graphis, New York, and ID magazines, and he is a regular contributor of visual commentary to the Op-Ed page of The New York Times.

For more info, read the listing HERE!

Isn't it funny how they're both in town on Thursday? Wouldn't it be cool if they met at a diner after their respective speeches? And wouldn't it be cool to sit in on that conversation?

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Comic Books In May!

That's right, it's only a bit over three months until this year's Free Comic Book Day 2010, the coolest annual event in the entire universe! Be at either Comix Connection location on SATURDAY MAY 1st from 10AM to 9PM and scoop up your THREE FREE COMIC books from our selection of over 30 great titles. There's something for every taste:

Here's a complete list of the comics that will be available:

Archie's Summer Splash! #1
Doctor Solar/Magnus

Fractured Fables
G.I. Joe #155 1/2

Iron Man/Thor
Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock
Shrek & The Penguins

The John Stanley Library
Toy Story
War of the Supermen #0

Sonic: The Hedgehog
Worlds of Aspen
Fearless Dawn

S.E. Hinton / Fame
Bongo: Free-For-All
Irredeemable #1

DC Kids Mega-Sampler
Del Rey Showcase
Green Hornet #1

The Overstreet Guide
Library of American Comics #0

Artifacts: First Look
Love and Capes #13
Iron Man: Supernova

The Tick #1
Oni Press Free-For-All!
The Sixth Gun #1

Radical: Bigger Books!
Atomic Robo
Freedom Formula: Speed Metal

Stuff of Legend/Mortal Instruments
Owly And Friends

There will also be free sample packs of the new Marvel Collectible Card Game for everyone:

AND, this year's free Marvel Heroclix game piece of WAR MACHINE (while supplies last):

Read more about Free Comic Book Day 2010 at the FCBD website!

(And yes we will be running some sort of awesome sale, and there will be surprise guests and whatnot. Details will be announced closer to FCBD 2010!)

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Friday, January 29, 2010


Check these out:

We can’t promise it’ll make you any faster, or that it’ll respond to your willpower, but hey — that’s what our imaginations are for.

But we can promise a way for you to get your hands on one. With BRIGHTEST DAY banner issues THE FLASH #1 and GREEN LANTERN #53 soliciting in the February issue of PREVIEWS, DC Comics is offering promotional FLASH and GREEN LANTERN rings to qualifying retailers.

Read all about it HERE at DC's blog!

And YES OF COURSE we will have lots of these!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

We just received this email from Diamond Comics Distributors

Dear Diamond Customer:
Due to a serious accident involving the truck transporting Marvel Comics titles from the printer to Diamond's Distribution Centers, several Marvel titles were damaged or lost.
As a result, orders for several Marvel titles that were scheduled to arrive on February 3 will not be filled in full.

The situation affects three groups of titles.

Customers will be allocated to approximately 80%-95% of their total ordered quantities on the following Marvel books.

PLATTSBURGH CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NOTE: While a significant portion of your orders for these titles (about 60%-90%) will ship to you on February 3, you will receive some quantities of these titles ONE WEEK LATER, on February 10.

DEC090432 SIEGE #2 (OF 4) $3.99
DEC090434 SIEGE EMBEDDED #2 (OF 4) $3.99
DEC090464 ULTIMATE COMICS X #1 $3.99
DEC090456 X-MEN NOIR MARK OF CAIN #3 (OF 4) $3.99

***** GROUP TWO:
Two titles -- INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #23 DEADPOOL VARIANT (DEC090498) and WOLVERINE SAVAGE DEADPOOL VARIANT (DEC090559) – incurred substantial damage and loss.
As a result, NO QUANTITIES of these titles will be distributed on February 3. These issues are being reprinted.

The following Marvel books will NOT be allocated by Diamond Distribution Centers.

PLATTSBURGH CUSTOMERS: You should expect to receive split shipments of your quantities of these titles, with approximately 80% or more arriving on February 3, followed by the balance on February 10.

DEC090564 CABLE #23 $2.99
DEC090460 DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #896 $2.99
DEC090433 SIEGE #2 (OF 4) DELL'OTTO VAR $3.99
OCT098180 SIEGE #2 (OF 4) QUESADA SKETCH VAR (PP #898) $3.99
DEC090518 TORCH #5 (OF 8) $3.99
DEC090551 WOLVERINE WEAPON X #10 $3.99
DEC090457 X-MEN NOIR MARK OF CAIN #3 (OF 4) VAR $3.99

Marvel is working to quickly reprint the impacted quantities of each book. Quantities not received on February 3 should ship from one to two weeks of that initial ship date.

So it looks like we'll be getting MOST of these affected titles, then the balance of our orders a week later, so subscribers should be covered. Let's just hope everyone involved is OK.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Human Jumbotron!

Human Jumbotron:

Human Jumbotron.

You're welcome.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Manager Jared's Weekly Matchup Poll #18

Two titans this week. Battling for the hope of making it to round two!

Character's Abilities:

Captain Marvel- Magically bestowed aspects of various mythological figures which include: vast super-strength, speed and stamina, physical and magical invulnerability, flight, fearlessness, vast wisdom and enhanced mental perception, & control over and emission of magic lightning.

Beta Ray Bill- Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. Accelerated healing factor. Via Stormbreaker: Ability to control weather, Energy Projection, Flight.

Don't forget to tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments section! Its easy, free, and commitment free!

(Descriptions of characters powers retrieved from Wikipedia.)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

I want one of these

Check it out:

And this:

(Sent in by alert reader Tom Hayes!)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010



If you're not reading these books, well, you're missing out on some high comedy. This movie looks great!

And of course we carry the books. You HAVE read them, haven't you?


Saturday, January 23, 2010



The first printing of Yen Press’s Twilight: The Graphic Novel will be 350,000 copies, according to the company. It will street on March 16th in hardcover for $19.99. This first volume will tell the story of the first half of the prose novel; the release date for the second half of the story has not yet been announced.

The graphic novel will use selected text from Stephenie Meyer’s original novel, paired with illustrations by Young Kim. The Kim art will be primarily in b/w, with color “interspersed throughout,” according to Yen.

Read the entire article here at the ICV2 website!

Let us know if you want a copy of this held for you when it arrives. Just ask your Friendly Neighborhood Comix Connection Counter Monkey and they will make sure you get one!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

A tribute to Mark

(L to R: The Wookie Jeremy, Shawn Skvarna, Mark Ruelius, Matt Horne, and Kevin, AKA The Guys, AKA The JLA.)

Longtime fan and friend Mark Ruelius passed away earlier this month. Sometime Comix Connection Counter Monkey Shawn Skvarna posted a thoughtful and heartfelt tribute on his blog about friendship and geeking out and comic books and loss. I asked him if I could share it with all of you and he gave me the go-ahead. Here's an excerpt:

Before Mark's passing I kept kicking around the idea of trying to help network others like The Guys who are sort of lost out there on their own looking for others to accept them for who they are. It's not an easy life, being a geek. It's also not easy or fun to be a geek on your own, having so much you want to talk about and share with others who are like minded. Even to have someone take the time to listen to a geek explain why whatever they geek out about matters to them can be an emotional experience that could be similar to baring your soul to someone. For that brief moment in time that person is willing to rip their button down shirt open to reveal the Superman S shield buried underneath, giving you a glimpse of the real person inside.

I know there were many times when Mark, Matt, Kevin, Jeremy or I would share with the rest of The Guys why something affects us one way or another. It was usually a bonding experience that would make the rest of us seek out whatever it was so we could understand or share in their passion. I couldn't tell you the amount of titles that one or all of The Guys have introduced me to. I just know my geekdom grew exponentially through them and when I look at the graphic novels or comics or dvds I've collected over the years, each of them is part of it. I realized how much Mark's influence was truly a part of my collections and life the other day when I took a moment to truly look at my collections. His presence is still here even though he's gone. But when I look to dvds like Smallville, Supernatural, and especially Chuck, I feel like he's still sitting there with me watching them and sharing in what made us love these shows so much. The same thing happens when I look at Superman Birthright and especially The New Frontier, a book that I read from cover to cover in one night or insomnia. It hit me hard to read a book that completely understood how incredible and important these heroes are to me. Plus, with the way that The Guys tended to try and watch out for each other, I think it hit me that New Frontier proved their friendship was something on par with superheroes helping to show people they've got their back and you aren't alone out there.

Go read the two posts by Shawn HERE and HERE. Those are very fine tributes, Shawn. Mark will be missed.

(P.S.: Ned and I and the Staff sometimes forget what a "safe haven" Comix Connection is for like-minded individuals to feel comfortable in and to strike up friendships with other fans during visits. We were touched by Shawn's words and hope that you all realize you can come here and make similar "connections" with each other. "We accept you, one of us." Thanks for reminding us of this Shawn.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because you can never get too much Jack Kirby

Check THIS out, from the Jack Kirby Museum website!

From the article linked:

In 1969, Sheldon Feldner contacted Marvel Comics, asking if one of Marvel's artists would be interested in designing costumes for a production of William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar by the University Theatre Company at Santa Cruz at the newly-built Cowell College of the University of California at Santa Cruz.

As luck would have it, the Kirby family had recently moved to California, and Stan Lee recommended that Feldner contact Jack Kirby. Kirby designed the costumes and provided a drawing that was used on posters, handbills and programs at no cost to the students. The poster drawing was rendered onto large two-color posters by Robert Page of the UCSC Art Department. Page also adapted Kirby's color costume designs into black-and-white. Not only were color photographs taken of cast members in their costumes, but black and white photos were taken during the costume production.


Every single year my appreciation for the genius of Jack Kirby increases, and I love finding stuff like this that I've never seen. What a production that would have been!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Alert reader Rich Spidle sent me a link to THIS PAGE featuring a selection of Japanese "Sonosheets" from the late 1960s-early 1970s! What's a sonosheet?

They're "cheap, flexible phonograph records printed on thin sheets of vinyl. Widely available from a variety of publishers, the most popular sonosheets featured theme music from TV anime, manga and tokusatsu, and they often came packaged inside booklets featuring colorful artwork."

Cool stuff!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Manager Jared's Weekly Matchup Poll #17

This week I'm doing it a little differently. I think that with a little odd variety it will make the match ups a little more thought provoking and add a little fun as far as debate. So this weeks poll is really weird as we have Metamorpho and the Green Goblin square off!

The Contender's Powers:

Green Goblin- Superhuman strength, intellect, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes due to ingesting the "Goblin Serum". Regenerative healing factor. Uses goblin-themed weapons and a "Goblin Glider" which has a variety of offensive weapons as paraphernalia.

Metamorpho- Transmutation into a wide variety of elemental compounds.

Don't forget to tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments section! Its easy, free, and commitment free!

(Descriptions of characters powers retrieved from Wikipedia.)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking Forward to Looking Back, Vol. 14

This week's edition of classic collected edition comics news may be my briefest one yet. In fact, this may be my only brief edition, and an exception in a way as the one book I have to boast about is actually an original graphic novel 25 years in the making and features 120 pages of classic, New Teen Titans action that reunite George Perez and Marv Wolfman!

Yes, Titans fans, the infamous unfinished original graphic novel, New Teen Titans: Games, is done and DC Comics has announced its release for the 4Th quarter of 2010!

Wolfman stated, “it’s all the regular Titans, obviously because the story was plotted back then it’s Troia, in that costume, Nightwing, Cyborg, Changeling, Danny Chase, Jericho, Starfire, and a number of others but they’re all there. This isn’t a big surprise. What this really is, is the uncovered story that had been done at the height of the Titans. And except for the actual dialoguing, that’s exactly what it is. Because as I said, George drew 80 of the pages back then.”

For more from Wolfman and Perez on their "lost" Titans tale, check out Comic Book Resources for interviews with both legendary creators about their return to the Titans.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

After the Blackest Night...

...comes the Brightest Day!

If you were starting to fear the DC Universe might not survive the calamity and horrror of the Blackest Night, well, have no fear. DC Comics announced on their blog, The Source, on Monday that following the events of their blockbuster series Blackest Night, they will kick off an event, appropriately titled, Brightest Day this April. This will first and foremost be a biweekly, 26-issue series, kicking off with Brightest Day #0, written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi. Brightest Day will also be a unifying banner carried on many DC titles after Blackest Night, such as Justice League of America #44, as well as some new titles that debut that month, such as Flash #1.

For more details on this event and other DC Comics news for April, stay tuned for the new February Previews catalog, that will be in stores on January 27Th. I think what I'm most excited for in April is to see who will be alive after Blackest Night, will there be a fabled White Lantern, and when has Bruce Wayne been all this time?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

To All Things an Ending...

In the months before the first issue of Siege, we've been telling our readers at the shop that Siege was not just an event seven years in the making, but it's an event that will change the course of the Marvel Universe for the foreseeable future. If you need more proof of the change that is coming, here's an advance look at the February Marvel Previews solicitations for the Avengers family of comics that ship in April.


Pencils by TIM GREEN II

The staggering conclusion to the SIEGE arc delves into the Hood's secret relationship with Norman Osborn and how it will affect the stunning outcome.

Plus the fate of the one they call Mockingbird! What you don't see in SIEGE, you will see here!!

32 PGS./Rated A …$3.99

Pencils & Cover by BRYAN HITCH

In the wake of SIEGE, an ALL NEW shocking conclusion to the landmark NEW AVENGERS series. NEW AVENGERS is coming to an end…but not without a bang. For the first time ever, series regular Brian Michael Bendis teams up with the superstar artist that reinvented team books for this generation…Bryan Hitch.

The entirety of the Marvel landscape has changed and many Avengers do not know their place in it. But before they can move on, some very important loose ends need to be tied up. A.K.A. it's payback time!! All this and a bevy of super star artists stop by to pay tribute to the work they made famous over the course of this top-selling book.

64 PGS./One-Shot/Rated A …$4.99

Pencils & Cover by MIKE DEODATO

Series Finale!! What?! Marvel's number one ongoing series is coming to an end?! What could possibly happen in the last chapter of SIEGE that is so intense as to bring this crazy chapter in Marvel history to a close??!! Well, clearly we can't tell you here but there will be a funeral and the fate of Norman Osborn Will. Be. Decided!!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils & Cover by KHOI PHAM

SERIES FINALE! While the Mighty Avengers are fighting on the front lines of SIEGE, can HANK PYM and JOCASTA stop the Avenger's greatest enemy, ULTRON, by themselves? Or will Pym-Space become the ultimate staging ground for a cybernetic-assault on all of reality? See SIEGE through the eyes of the Avengers with the most to lose!

The Dark Reign is ending, the Age of Heroes is coming, but before that can happen... there's a wedding? And more than one character is thinking, "What would Janet Van Dyne do?" We can't be any more cryptic than that. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one.

32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

Penciled by JORGE MOLINA

This is it: the series finale – and the end of the Initiative as we know it! Learn the fate of your favorite heroes, villains... and those who aren't quite sure what they are, but who are going to have to decide in a hurry!

Who will taste sweet victory? Who will know the agony of defeat? For some this is an end -- for others, a new beginning (which you'll be reading about very soon)! Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. is falling...and The Heroic Age is dawning!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

With so many titles ending one has to guess these books will be replaced by new titles. What will the Avengers line-up look like after the Siege? Will the adjectives or maybe just the numbering change? Will we finally have one true blue Avengers team? Will Avengers Initiative evolve into the Avengers Academy? What is Avengers: the Children's Crusade? So many questions... so many endings... but all of this is just the beginning of a new era for the team...

...and since that new era that dawns with the outcome of Siege, here's those solicitations too!

SIEGE #4 (of 4)
Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

This double-sized finale brings the Dark Reign to a shattering conclusion and brings with it the bombastic new HEROIC AGE. Every single page of this book is a shocker: Lives are changed. Heroes fall. Deaths. Revenge. Villain comeuppance. And when the dust settles, who will be in charge of the Marvel Universe??

You will find out here and only here. This is the one they will be talking about.

40 PGS./Cardstock Cover/Rated T+ …$3.99

Written by BRIAN REED
Penciled by CHRIS SAMNEE

As the SIEGE of Asgard escalates to its final chaotic moments, one man must decide which is more important - living through the day, or getting the truth behind the
story of the century!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Written by JEFF PARKER

Round three of Thunderbolts vs. The Mighty Avengers! Here at the end of SIEGE, everything set in motion by Norman Osborn comes to a fiery resolution—like his prime black-ops force!

It's the cataclysmic end of an era – that sets
the stage for the next big chapter of the most unpredictable book ever!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

THOR #609
Penciled by BILLY TAN

The Siege brings Ragnarok to Asgard! The Shining City of Thor and his brothers in arms faces destruction on the greatest scale it's ever suffered, at the hands of Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. But the Norse heroes have bigger problems, when THOR fights THOR!

The evil Thor clone has come to kill the God of Thunder and take his place. Even if Asgard survives the Siege…will Thor survive Ragnarok?!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Marvel is also announcing a set of one-shots that will close out Siege and end the Dark Reign. These one-shots do not carry their final titles. (As a note, this strongly calls back memories of the death of Captain America. Remember then that Marvel simply referred to a series of "Fallen Son" specials, which then evolved into a mini-series called "Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America." Each issue focused on a different hero.)

Here are the book titles:

  • Fallen
  • Siege: Loki
  • Siege: Spider-Man
  • Siege: Captain America
  • Siege: Young Avengers
  • Siege: Secret Warriors

    All of these titles will carry a $2.99 price point with the exception of "Fallen," which will be $3.99.

  • I know that's a lot of news to digest this weekend! Feel free to leave comments! This news is definitely discussion worthy! For more information, stay tuned for the new Marvel Previews magazine that will be in stores on Wednesday, January, 27th!


    Friday, January 15, 2010

    The Greatest Star Wars Clip EVER


    There's nothing left to add. I am without speech.

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    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    If this guy was a superhero

    What would his name be?

    Leave your answers in the Comments Section please!

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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Comix Connection Steam Group!

    I recently received the following email:

    Hey Bill,
    I've been using Steam for awhile to play games and it's a big community for PC Games, I just started a Comix Connection group for all the shoppers of Comix Connection so if anyone else plays PC games we can all have a place to talk together. Don't know anyone else who plays on steam though, but just wanted to let you know!

    Sam Miller

    Well, come on all you gamers! Join up today!

    HERE'S the link to the Comix Connection Steam Group for online gamers!

    Have at it kids!


    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Manager Jared's Weekly Matchup Poll #16

    Usually Venom enhances Bane's strength, but in this case i think Venom has a chance of hindering it! Sorry, bad joke aside, we have an evil blow for blow battle with two near unstoppable forces. The Sentry ripped Carnage in half, can Bane do the same to Venom? Bane broke Batman's back but it seems unlikely that he'll be able to break the symbiote's back. Lets see what you think.

    Bane's Abilities: Peak human physical condition; Venom enhances his physical abilities to superhuman levels, genius-level intellect, expert strategist, martial artist and escapologist.

    Venom's Abilities: Grants the host all the powers of its first known host, Spider-Man. Greatly enhances physical attributes of its current host. Superhuman strength, ability to change form, and ability of the symbiote to fight and defend itself when either the host or it is in danger. Limited shape shifting. It can also turn its host invisible through camouflage.

    Don't forget to tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments section! Its easy, free, and commitment free!

    (Descriptions of characters powers retrieved from Wikipedia.)

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    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Looking Forward to Looking Back, Vol. 13

    It's Monday, so it's time for some news on upcoming collected editions of classic comic books. This week the focus is on just a few key artist-centric reprints DC Comics has on their fall 2010 schedule of releases. So if you're a fan of comic artist extraordinaire, Neal Adams, pay attention and start saving your pennies, because you're going to want to add these to your library!

    First up, the DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams Volume 2 will finally be released in September 2010. While the first volume featured miscellaneous work on everything from Superman and Teen Titans to Our Army at War and Star Spangled War Stories, this next volume reprints a hefty offering of Adam's horror work for DC.

    The collection should include:

    The Spectre #2-5, The Phantom Stranger #4
    and the stories from House of Mystery #178, 189 and 186, The Witching Hour #8, Weird Western Tales #12, 13 and 15, and Limited Collector's Edition C-31

    This hardcover will run 192 pages for $39.99 and will arrive in stores September 7Th, 2010.

    DC Comics will release another collected edition that day featuring Adams' work, with DC Universe Illustrated by Neal Adams: The Covers. This will also be a 192 page hardcover collection of all the various work Adams contributed a cover to but no interior work, and there were certainly quite a few! This book should nicely round out DC Comics efforts to make the whole of Adams work available to fans.

    But there's still one piece missing, right?

    Well, not anymore!

    This fall DC Comics will also be reprinting the story Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali! This tale, co-plotted and written by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams with art from Adams, will see a new release in two formats:

    "The first is a deluxe hardcover edition featuring an expanded sketch section and additional content with a new cover by Adams."


    "For all those fans of the book in its tabloid form there is also a limited edition hardcover in the original trim-size with the complete, original cover of the landmark issue."

    I think that's some of the best reprint news I've heard in a long, long time!

    Well, that's all for this week! Stay tuned though... there's always plenty of classic reprints on the horizon!

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    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Join the Fraterni-T!

    Local artist and longtime comics fan Olivia Hayes has a brand new web comic! Check out "Fraterni-T" HERE! You may remember Olivia from her comic book The Chronicles of Lydia Foxx which she debuted at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg on Free Comic Book Day 2008! It's awesome!

    Check out Fraterni-T and let us know what you think!

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    Saturday, January 09, 2010

    The most awesome Star Wars costume ever

    This one comes from alert reader Rich Spidle... the most awesome Star Wars costume EVER, Scott Holden's TaunTaun costume:

    "Three years ago I decided I wanted to make a Tauntaun costume for the Zone Ball in Sacramento. My wife advised me that it would be best to start as soon as I had finished building the house."

    CLICK HERE to see the step-by-step process. It's amazing. Some people are 1) incredibly talented and 2) have too much free time on their hands, for which I'm very glad.

    Resident Star Wars Uber-Geek Nicky, what do you think?

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    Friday, January 08, 2010

    We sell SNAKE OIL

    That's right... Comix Connection sells SNAKE OIL, the acclaimed comic from local creator Chuck Forsman. Chuck recently dropped off copies of the last three issues of SNAKE OIL at Comix Connection, so the wait is over! HERE's a link to Chucks blog, and here's a great review of SNAKE OIL on the COMICS JOURNAL website. I highly recommend this eclectic title... it has a unique voice rarely found in comics.

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    Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Just a picture today

    You're welcome.


    Wednesday, January 06, 2010

    The Lucas Legacy

    George Lucas' influence on American pop culture is undeniable... witness this collection of artistic interpretations of the iconic Stormtrooper from the STAR WARS film series:

    Hat tip to Rich Spidle for the link!

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    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    Manager Jared's Weekly Matchup Poll #15


    Character's Abilities:

    HUSH: Master surgeon, Hand-to-hand combat expert, Expert marksman, The ability to stand toe-to-toe with The Batman.

    GAMBIT: Manipulation of potential energy and kinetic energy, Hypnotic charm. (Not really sure what that means.)

    Don't forget to tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments section! Its easy, free, and commitment free!

    (Descriptions of characters powers retrieved from Wikipedia.)

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    Monday, January 04, 2010

    I think we can add a new definition to the word AWESOME


    Thanks to everyone who came out and partook of the amazing bargains, and THANK YOU ALL for donating canned goods for the Pennsylvania Food Bank and the York Rescue Mission. With your help we filled both giant barrels to overflowing... kudos! I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

    Here's an article on the sale from the York Daily Record! Thanks for coming out all week, folks!


    Sunday, January 03, 2010


    The FIRST SALE OF THE NEW DECADE concludes today! It's still a spectacular 80% OFF on bin comics and Yellow Dot items!

    TODAY Sunday, January 3rd is the FINAL DAY of the 80% OFF SALE - all back issues in the bins are 80% OFF, and all select items with YELLOW DOTS are also 80% OFF!

    Read all about it HERE on the York Daily Record website!

    Go to Comix Connection RIGHT NOW and snag some great stuff at a great price! It's UNPRECEDENTED! A $4.00 back issue would be 80¢ each... a $3.00 back issue would now be an amazing 60¢! It doesn't get any better than this!

    Also, if you bring in canned goods for the Pennsylvania Food Bank and the York Rescue Mission, you can select any available Green Lantern Blackest Night ring for free!

    One can = one ring! Ten cans = ten rings! 1000 cans = 1000 rings! Lets fill those barrels, folks! Help hungry Pennsylvanians and get some cool Lantern rings for free!


    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    FIRST SALE OF THE NEW DECADE - DAY TWO! Bringing back the 80s!

    The FIRST SALE OF THE NEW DECADE continues! It's Crazy 80% OFF DAYS!

    TODAY, Saturday January 2nd and tomorrow Sunday, January 3rd - all back issues in the bins are 80% OFF, and all select items with YELLOW DOTS are also 80% OFF!

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    Friday, January 01, 2010


    The FIRST SALE OF THE NEW DECADE starts today! (We're letting the Last Sale of the Decade HANGOVER into the New Year. Har har.)

    TODAY, Friday January 1st - all back issues in the bins are 70% OFF, and all select items with YELLOW DOTS are also 70% OFF!

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