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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fantastic Four is Over! Long Live the Future Foundation !

Unless you live under a rock or simply never get into the shop or visit us on Facebook or our website(shame on you!), you are aware that Marvel's First Family just lost one of their own in Fantastic Four #587. During the course of the storyline "Casualty", writer Jonathan Hickman did well to put each of The Four in danger. Danger that resulted in Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, taking a stand to save the lives of The Thing, Franklin, Valeria, and the other whiz kids of the Baxter Building. Many a seasoned comic reader has reasonably assumed this death will result in the expected period of mourning, a simple announcement of "so and so joins the team", and a classic comic book resurrection. And rightfully so! But... but... what if... this death not only shook the team, but ended it. Fantastic Four no more! Bye bye! Well, that's all fine and well, but the threats the Fantastic Four face are still out there! In fact, they grow greater and more dangerous by the day, or should I say issue, and these are characters that certainly know that great Marvel mantra "with great power comes great responsibility", so they're not going to just go away when the stakes have never been higher! So what's a First Family to do? They embrace the future! And a simple mission: "Save the Marvel Universe from its greatest threats and prevent future dangers from arising."

Taking the concept Reed Richards introduced in FF #579, his manifesto for tomorrow is made manifest for today when The Fantastic Four ends and Future Foundation #1 begins on Wednesday, March 23RD! Yes, that black and white teaser page with "FF #1" and little other details we showed you in our little magic book of Previews here at the shop, this is that! If you were not excited then you should be excited now! You should be very excited! My recommendation is if you picked up Fantastic Four #587, and assuming you stopped that poor comic from suffocating in that dreadful black bag and actually read it, then please pick up Fantastic Four #588, join readers and the Family in a moment of silence, and say good bye to The Fantastic Four as the team and the book ends there. But as my favourite traveller of time and space recently said "Everything's got to end sometime. Otherwise nothing would ever get started."

So mark it on your calendar, note it in your mobile's events reminder, phone a friend, The Future Foundation arrives on March 23RD, and a whole new age of adventure and the World's Greatest Comic Magazine begins!



At 2/11/2011 1:33 PM, Blogger Coolguy 2004 said...

I simply can't wait! Fantastic Four has been one of the best books on the rack for the last 3 years or so.

Great post!

At 2/11/2011 11:46 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

This looks so awesome! Great post, Joe!


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