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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, we sometimes buy old comic books

It's come to my attention lately that some folks aren't aware that Comix Connection actually DOES buy old comic books from people on occasion. Of course we're mostly looking for the good stuff from the 1930s through about 1975, but we're also looking for other more recent comics too. For instance, we are looking for most X-MEN comics up through the 1990s, but be aware that we pay salvage prices for the more recent stuff. If you've visited the stores lately, you've probably noticed a few boxes (on the counter in Mechanicsburg and on the back issue bins in York) that contain comic books from the last 30 years or so that are all priced at $1 - $2 - $3 - $4 - and $5. We're trying to give our loyal customers some great value older books at great prices... check them out when you're in! Anyway...


Here's a rough outline if you want to get rid of some of your old comic books:

1930s though 1975 or so:
We give roughly 5 to 30% of 'book value" in cash or store credit for complete, non-mildewed comics in cash or trade (depending on the amount of "mad money" we have at any given point, and also depending on the subject matter (superhero stuff is more desirable than say, Richie Rich.) We naturally give a bit more in store credit that in cash. Store credit is good on ANYTHING in the store, from statues to old back issues. Got some old duplicate comics? Bring 'em in.

1975 through 1995 or so:
We give 5¢ to a buck or two per comic book in STORE CREDIT ONLY

1995 to present: Really no interest, but you can always ask... you never know

Have some comic books you want to get rid of? Here's how to do it:

1) Bring in your old comics
2) You will get a receipt from the Counter Monkey for your books
3) Leave the comic books at Comix Connection until Bill gets a chance to look at them and determine their value... this may take several days, depending on Bill's schedule
4) You will get a phone call from us making an offer of cash and/or store credit
5) You can accept or decline
6) If you accept, you will be paid/given a store credit voucher
7) If you decline, you keep your comics and it hasn't cost you a thing

So bring in your dupes, your doubles and your unwanted older comics... we'll find someone to love them!

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At 3/26/2011 6:11 PM, Anonymous Tod said...

Out of curiosity, do you think the value of 1995 to present Comics will increase?

I have a collection of primarily 90's and early 00's. There's also some 80's and a few 70's but it's the minority of my collection. (I'm no longer collecting and haven't for 506 years.)It's frustrating to know that my entire collection may be worth next to nothing.

Thoughts? Comments?

At 3/26/2011 7:13 PM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Well, we've always made it clear that you should buy new comics for their reading value. We've only ever said that OLD comics hold their value and may even go up in value, but that rack comics sold since we opened in 1988 are too new to yield monetary increases. Think of it like buying books or magazines or CDs in the '90s... is there a market for that stuff? The reason that comic books from before 1975 have a value in the collector market is that most people didn't keep them in mint condition in bags and boards in boxes in their closets... they were cheap, disposable entertainment. The ones that survive in good condition are sought after because of their relative scarcity... comics since the '80s are in great abundance in good condition, thus don't have much value above their replacement cost, which is literally pennies. Maybe in 50 years they will have a value, but not for the foreseeable future.

At 3/27/2011 12:47 PM, Anonymous Tod said...

Bummer. Guess I will have to go through my list and see if anything has value for individual sale.

Is there a website you recommend for an accurate price guide and possible place to sell?


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