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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More DC: The New 52!

This just in from Manager Joe:

DC is doing everything they can to make every single one of these books from Action Comics to I, Vampire important and worthwhile to their publishing line, and they are backing this initiative with an unprecedented marketing campaign! But ultimately it will be retailer enthusiasm that can make or break this launch. We need to learn about these titles and DC will be continuing to provide us information throughout the summer as we build to September. We can expect a 40 page Preview Book to debut both on a retail level and at the San Diego Comic-Con. There will be a "52" Checklist/Scorecard for customers to pick up and keep track of the titles they are after!

"This is DC Comics giving readers the prime version of their characters", said Jim Lee. We will see how many of the classic stories that went before matter but in bold new ways, as going forth the DC Universe will be invigorated to give readers a sense of excitement, adventure, and heroics again.

This initiative is about the people who actually create and publish our favorite comic book characters taking the creative reigns of this universe and using the medium of comics to tell stories like no other art form can do! The folks at DC are tired of seeing video games and movies have all the fun playing with their stable of characters and taking them apart, taking them in new directions, new looks, new history, while the creators at DC Comics adhere to the attitude that these characters are "precious" and have to be played with as such! Now it's a new day at DC! No fear! They have assembled the creators and the resources to make their comics brave and bold again! To tell stories that can reach people and appeal to people equal and better than these other forms of media currently do! Jim Lee explained that they're not just rethinking costumes, they are rethinking about a story is told on a page! How panels can best be used to convey the action in these books! They're tired of giving readers lots of panels of talking heads! The goal of comic books is to bring us the action of these tales!

They showed us a video (which we will be receiving code for to share with customers via our website and Facebook) to share some of this pitch with our customers! I gotta say there's so much excitement between all of these guys for these books and what they are hoping to give readers in September!

Jim Lee said that Flashpoint #5 is very key to how this brave new world is born! Justice League #1 and Action Comics #1 will be bigger extra length books for $3.99 each that will serve to tell a bit of the back story required in reading and understanding the changes to the Universe.



Some other neat info I just recalled about the Justice League book:

The first story arch establishes how these people came together to do what they do. In this world Superman is the first superhero again, but Batman has been operating for a fair amount of time too but almost everyone thinks he's an urban legend. The initial members come together as a team to say to the world "we are here to serve the world" as people don't really have a sense of what a superhero even is yet, but they're aware that extraordinary men and women are operating in the world they live in now. So these heroes unite. Batman does it reluctantly. Green Lantern is in but doesn't know if he needs to be on a team. When he needs some help at one point he calls his buddy Barry Allen but The Flash isn't sure he should join such a team. When Hal tells him "you could meet Batman...", Barry responds "Wait a minute! He's a real guy?" To which Hal responds, "yeah, and he's kind of a jerk!".

Johns' stressed the book has three essential elements he's hoping to push and that's heroics, humour, and heart. I think coupled with Jim Lee's art this is going to be the "IT" book of the year!

Man, this all sounds amazing... what do you all think?

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