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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Confirmed Guests for Free Comic Book Day 2011

Hey gang! Free Comic Book Day at Comix Connection is over a month away, but our plans are falling gently into place... check out this list of guests we have coming to the stores on Saturday, May 7th, Free Comic Book Day 2011:

Appearing from NOON - 3PM

Artist John Kovaleski - John has done work for MAD magazine and also produces the hilarious cartoon strip Bo Nanas. Read more about John HERE!

Artist Brad Samuelson - Brad Samuelson currently writes and draws the strip AS THE GRASS GROWS. Read more about Brad HERE!

Appearing from NOON - 3PM

Artist Kevin Graham - Kevin is a professional illustrator who has done artwork for Topps (Lord of the Rings, Heroes, Halo, Star Wars, Terminator, Indiana Jones, etc.), Breygent (Woodstock Generation, Dexter, Marilyn Monroe, Wizard of Oz, Classic Sci-fi & Horror Posters and more), Inkworks, Upper Deck and more! Read more about Kevin HERE!

Artist Andrew Griffith - Andrew currently works for IDW Comics on their TRANSFORMERS comics. Read more about Andrew HERE!

SPECIAL APPEARANCE at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg!

Fresh from their visit to Comix Connection - York during our 23rd Anniversary celebration, the troops of GARRISON CARIDA (Vader's Fist) of the 501st Legion will be making a return visit to Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg from 10AM until 2PM! Come meet various professional-grade costume characters from the Star Wars movies... get your pictures taken with some of the Galaxy's finest! And don't forget to bring unused toy donations (Star Wars preferred) to help the Garrison with their children's charity work! Let's fill the barrel again!

This year's Free Comic Book Day looks to be shaping up to be one of our best, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Saturday, May 7th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011 at Comix Connection!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Only 38 days to go!

Check these swell new banners we'll be sporting on Saturday, May 7th, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011:

These will help you to locate the Free Comic Book Station in each store... look for the big banner!

(Banners created by the uber-talented MegoSteve!)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The MUTTLES are coming!

That's right, folks! This Wednesday, Comix Connection will be receiving our first shipment of MUTTLES!

Each 3” Mini-Plush comes with 2 Trading Cards, a Tattoo Set, and an Adoption Certificate with a unique registration code assigned to the individual Muttle. You can then go online to where owners can register their puppies and build a Muttles Puppy Profile by selecting a name, entering its birthday and gender, and customizing by selecting from a menu of favorite things – food, toys, tricks, place, and bff. Muttles owners can also participate in some “Social Petworking” by sharing their pages, viewing the brag book and playing online games.

Something for the non-superhero crowd! Too cute! More info HERE!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Robot bird

I thought this was pretty spooky:

Coming soon to a dystopian future near you!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming soon

We received our GREEN LANTERN NEON DISPLAY SIGNS last week... unfortunately one was shattered into a million and six pieces... but the other one miraculously survived the journey and after a bit of tinkering works just fine:

This one will go in the Mechanicsburg store and then when we get a replacement for the broken one, will find a place in the York store to hang it. It's AWESOME. Wait until you see it!

(Sadly we do not have this available for sale... trust me, if I could get a bunch of them, I'd have them available. As it was we were only allowed to order one per store, so this sign is NFS.)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

One More Day

No, not that SPIDER-MAN story... you only have ONE MORE DAY to take advantage of Comix Connection's latest Super Secret Special Sale:

TINY TITANS Volume 1 for $6.50


SCALPED Volume 1 for $7.50

This fabulous sale ends tomorrow at 5PM, so get crackin'!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

This is my new desktop image

Courtesy of MegoSteve:

It's from a series of late '60s poster images that were sold primarily through record stores and "head shops". (Go ask Grandma what a "head shop" was.)

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Thursday, March 24, 2011




Get yours on Free Comic Book Day 2011 on Saturday May 7th at Comix Connection!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new beginning

Just arrived:

FF #1, via Marvel:
"There is no more Fantastic Four, so just what is the FF? This March, the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting present the over-sized FF #1, introducing the biggest new super hero team of the century! After the death of The Human Torch, the surviving members of the Fantastic Four—Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and The Thing—join with Spider-Man and some top secret members to form an unstoppable force: The Future Foundation. Their mission is simple: Save the Marvel Universe from its greatest threats and prevent future dangers from arising. But even with knowledge of what’s to come and one of the most powerful teams ever assembled, just what villainous force could stand in their way?

“FF will alter the very fabric of the Marvel Universe,” explained Tom Brevoort, Senior Vice President of Publishing. “Jonathan and Steve have crafted a unique, powerful new series that’s going to surprise a lot of fans with its combination of mind-blowing ideas and visuals.”

The perfect jumping on point for new readers, FF #1 begins a battle for the future of the Marvel Universe unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and no fan can afford to miss it!"

Yep, we have this. Come and get it!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The way it was

I don't know if any of you ever ventured to the rare Sci-Fi or comic book convention back in the 1970s, but this is what it looked like:

Don't laugh, it was the best we had. And it was awesome. There seemed to be a more "meeting of the tribes" than "marketing to the pop culture geeks" going on back then. Remember, nerd wasn't cool. It was laughed at and shunned. Now it's part of the main fabric of American culture. Things were different. And the celebrities who appeared at these things were somewhat more approachable, as there wasn't 82,000 people trying to get their autograph, just 82. Good times.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Saturday In May

Here it comes:

Don't say we didn't warn you. (Click on image to embiggen.)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

There's still time!

That's right, there's still ONE MORE WEEK left in Comix Connection's Super Special Secret Sale Number Six! You still have until SUNDAY, MARCH 27th to grab your HALF PRICE copies of

TINY TITANS Volume 1 (only $6.50 plus tax)

and SCALPED Volume 1 (only $7.50 plus tax)

More info HERE!

Both volumes are highly recommended and are some of the best of the best comics out there! You won't be disappointed! Get 'em while they're hot!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's monthly order time!

So all I have is this funny picture:

You're welcome!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Man, am I getting old

Check this out:

After a 9.6 graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, which features the first appearance of Spider-Man, went for $1.1 million setting a sales record for Silver Age comics, it probably should come as no surprise that a 9.9-graded copy of Incredible Hulk #181, which features the debut of Wolverine, should sell for $150,000.

Read the entire story HERE over at ICV2!

Time to drag out that bundle of 50 copies I have in my attic...

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

With apologies to all my Irish friends.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you ready for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011?

Mark your calendars, True Believers! Wait until you see what we've got planned for this year's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

On Saturday, May7th, 2011, join the Comix Connection Counter Monkeys for a Free Comic Book Day like no other!


Stay tuned for details, folks... this is one of our favorite events and we're pulling out all the stops!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, we sometimes buy old comic books

It's come to my attention lately that some folks aren't aware that Comix Connection actually DOES buy old comic books from people on occasion. Of course we're mostly looking for the good stuff from the 1930s through about 1975, but we're also looking for other more recent comics too. For instance, we are looking for most X-MEN comics up through the 1990s, but be aware that we pay salvage prices for the more recent stuff. If you've visited the stores lately, you've probably noticed a few boxes (on the counter in Mechanicsburg and on the back issue bins in York) that contain comic books from the last 30 years or so that are all priced at $1 - $2 - $3 - $4 - and $5. We're trying to give our loyal customers some great value older books at great prices... check them out when you're in! Anyway...


Here's a rough outline if you want to get rid of some of your old comic books:

1930s though 1975 or so:
We give roughly 5 to 30% of 'book value" in cash or store credit for complete, non-mildewed comics in cash or trade (depending on the amount of "mad money" we have at any given point, and also depending on the subject matter (superhero stuff is more desirable than say, Richie Rich.) We naturally give a bit more in store credit that in cash. Store credit is good on ANYTHING in the store, from statues to old back issues. Got some old duplicate comics? Bring 'em in.

1975 through 1995 or so:
We give 5¢ to a buck or two per comic book in STORE CREDIT ONLY

1995 to present: Really no interest, but you can always ask... you never know

Have some comic books you want to get rid of? Here's how to do it:

1) Bring in your old comics
2) You will get a receipt from the Counter Monkey for your books
3) Leave the comic books at Comix Connection until Bill gets a chance to look at them and determine their value... this may take several days, depending on Bill's schedule
4) You will get a phone call from us making an offer of cash and/or store credit
5) You can accept or decline
6) If you accept, you will be paid/given a store credit voucher
7) If you decline, you keep your comics and it hasn't cost you a thing

So bring in your dupes, your doubles and your unwanted older comics... we'll find someone to love them!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Comix Connection Super Secret Special Sale Six begins today!

The Super Secret Special Sale Number Six - THE DOUBLE DOWN SPECIAL starts TODAY and runs through SUNDAY MARCH 27th!

TWO great books will be on sale at a special Fifty Percent Off/Half Price*:

TINY TITANS Volume 1 for $6.50

SCALPED Volume 1 for $7.50



*Plus tax, naturally.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

I just thought this was interesting

"A study by the U.K.-based Internet research firm Envisonal reports that 23.76% of worldwide traffic on the net involves pirated content. In the U.S. the figure was lower with an estimated 17.53% of traffic involved in piracy."

Read the entire ICV2 article HERE.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


THE GUMBALLS HAVE BEEN REFRESHED at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg!

Many thanks to the diligent efforts of Edward Phillips, and the bravery he exhibited in testing the supple freshness of the new gumball shipment!

Bring your quarters folks... and have a GUMBALL!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Secret Special Sale Number Six starts this MONDAY!

Don't forget, the Super Secret Special Sale Number Six - THE DOUBLE DOWN SPECIAL starts THIS MONDAY MARCH 14th and runs through SUNDAY MARCH 27th!

If you enjoyed our recent Super Secret Special Sales offering other cool Volume 1s for just $5.00, then we have another treat in store for you!

TWO great books will be on sale at a special Fifty Percent Off/Half Price*:

TINY TITANS Volume 1 for $6.50

SCALPED Volume 1 for $7.50

Reserve your copies today... just ask your Friendly Neighborhood Comix Connection Counter Monkey to hold them for you! For more info on this fabulous sale and these fabulous books, click HERE!


*Plus tax, naturally.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The greatest line ever

in the history of comedy:

You're welcome.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New record on Spidey's first appearance!

Long-time reader and fan Chris Y. sent this along to me:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A comic collector has been caught in Spider-Man's web, paying $1.1 million for a near-mint copy of "Amazing Fantasy" No. 15, which features the wall-crawler's debut.

Read more HERE! WARNING: Contains small Stan Lee interview.

I guess I'll haul out that box of these that I have...


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Well, "Mile High" is already taken...

I wonder what the name of THIS pedigree comic book collection will be...

A large-scale methamphetamine dealer who allegedly laundered drug profits by purchasing valuable comic books is in danger of forfeiting his 18,753-volume collection to Uncle Sam, according to a new court filing. Federal prosecutors yesterday filed a U.S. District Court complaint seeking ownership of the comic book holdings of Aaron Castro, 30, who is facing a May trial in Colorado on narcotics distribution and weapons charges. The comics are valued in excess of $500,000.

Only a guy who is hopped up on goofballs would know the EXACT NUMBER OF COMICS IN HIS POSSESSION. I mean c'mon! I don't even know how many BOXES of comics I own. Sheesh.

And kids... JUST SAY NO!

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Announcing the Super Secret Special Sale Number Six - THE DOUBLE DOWN SPECIAL!

First there was WALKING DEAD Volume One for FIVE DOLLARS!
Then FABLES Volume One for FIVE DOLLARS!
Then 100 BULLETS Volume One for FIVE DOLLARS!

Now, Comix Connection kicks it up a notch with our newest Super Secret Special Sale!

If you enjoyed our recent Super Secret Special Sales offering other cool Volume 1s for just $5.00, then we have another treat in store for you!

Starting Monday March 14th through Sunday March 27th, Comix Connection will be running the Super Secret Special Sale Number Six: 100 The DOUBLE DOWN Special!

TWO great books will be on sale at a special Fifty Percent Off/Half Price*:

TINY TITANS Volume 1 for $6.50

"Tiny Titans is an Eisner Award-winning comic book series by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. It is published by DC Comics, beginning publication in February, 2008. The first issue was also released as part of the annual Free Comic Book Day promotion in May, 2008.

Tiny Titans stars alternate versions of the DC Universe's characters, primarily those from the Teen Titans series. It is set in a kid-friendly, elementary school environment. Issues typically consist of several individual stories as opposed to one cohesive storyline."

(Read more about TINY TITANS HERE!)

SCALPED Volume 1 for $7.50

"Dashiell Bad Horse returns to the "rez" after fifteen years of absence, picking fights with whoever crosses his path. His belligerence quickly leads him to a run-in with Chief Lincoln Red Crow, chief of the Oglala tribe, chief of the local police, and a wealthy mob boss. Red Crow assesses Bad Horse's fighting ability and enthusiasm for getting his hands dirty, and coerces him into joining the tribal police force. Bad Horse's primary duty is breaking up fights and shutting down meth labs—Red Crow is about to open a $97 million dollar casino, and is anxious to clean up the tribe's public image, not to mention taking out competition for his illegal interests."

(Read more about SCALPED HERE!)

Both of these series come highly recommended... and yes I read BOTH. TINY TITANS is the best comic out there for young kids (long with AMELIA RULES), and SCALPED is gritty suspense that's part 100 BULLETS, part CRIMINAL... and all good. Try 'em both, TINY TITANS for the sprouts and SCALPED for you... you won't be disappointed! Just don't mix them up!

Reserve your copies today... just ask your Friendly Neighborhood Comix Connection Counter Monkey to hold them for you!


*Plus tax, naturally.

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

The race was called on account of clouds

Check THIS out!

The table-top on wheels got the official nod from the Guinness Book of World Records last week, for hitting a top speed of 88km/h (about 55 mph)

Pretty amazing! Never needs a fill-up!


Saturday, March 05, 2011

Now that just screams CLASSY!

Behold, the SPIDER-MAN glass goblet:

Only $19.99 plus tax, available at Comix Connection! Get yours today!

(Counter Monkey Matt is available for weddings, parties and Bar Mitzvas!)

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Is it just me

Or does the Red Skull look like Swamp Thing's angry red brother:

But of course I kid! Looks great! Read more over at ICV2

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gumball Machine Maintainence

Hey True Believers! Time for another episode of "What Does Bill Ever DO Around Here Anyway?" This time out, it's Gumball Machine Maintainence! WHEEEE!

STEP ONE: Take everything apart, willy-nilly. WAIT DON'T. Too late.

STEP TWO: Clean all surfaces, inside and out. Don't use the Windex on the inside.

STEP THREE: Insert the Beryllium rods into the nuclear core carefully, making sure to allow the neutrons to do their job. Take your time and wear full protective gear.

STEP FOUR: Attach the Veeblefetzer to the Fritzenyammer; avoid bending the firewall gasket.

STEP FIVE: Put the thing on the stuff. Attach wires randomly. Ask Joe to test-plug in the machine.

STEP SIX: Admire newly-refurbished NEON GUMBALL WIZARD!

STEP SEVEN: Apply finishing touches... good as new!

STEP EIGHT: Kick box of old gumballs out of Ford Windstar with obscured license plate while traveling south on I-83 between York and Emigsville, PA at approximately 6:15PM. Take next exit, drive home on back roads with lights off. Another day well spent!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

PENGUIN BOMB and other neat paper things

This is amazing:

Check out all the other ones at his YouTube channel HERE!!

Paper Art by Kamikara

(Found via Metafilter)

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I forgot how much I like this:

Oobee Doob Scooby Doob Banoobi

Some years back I lent my copy out to SOMEONE and never got it back. To whoever that was:

"You are bad. You are bad and we are good. Your badness will be the end of you, and our goodness will be our triumph. Bad is bad! Good is good! Bad, bad, good, bad! Good, good, bad, good. ... bad. Good."


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