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Friday, August 17, 2012

Checklist for tomorrow's CREATOR COOKOUT at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg

Here's a handy checklist for tomorrow's Fifth Annual CREATOR COOKOUT 2012 at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg:

As you well know, tomorrow, August 18th is the Fifth Annual Creator Cookout at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg right there in the parking lot out front from Noon until 3PM... but you may be thinking "What should I bring?" Well, here's a handy checklist:

  1. YOUR APPETITE - CONAN artist Mike Hawthorne works up a mean grill, delivering delicious treats to all present, free of charge! There will be multiple beverages of course, plus sides and condiments... DIG IN! (If you have special dietary needs, bring whatever food you can eat and Mike will find room for it on the grill!)
  2. OPTIONAL: BRING A COVERED DISH OR DESSERT OR A TUB OF LOBSTERS OR WHATEVER if you are so inclined... think of the Creator Cookout as sort of a "potluck" also! If you bring it, it will get eaten!
  3. SOME CANS OR PACKAGES OF (at least two months in-date) FOOD ITEMS - These are being collected for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to help hungry folks in our area... won't you please donate? BONUS: For each food item donated, you will receive one entry into our Fabulous Prize Drawing, which includes original art by Mike Hawthorne, signed stuff by Brian Keene and others, swell prizes and much much more! (If you donate cash, you will receive one entry for each dollar donated!) Help us to help others!
  4. STUFF BY MIKE HAWTHORNE, BRIAN KEENE, ANDREW GRIFFITH, KELLI OWEN, MARY SANGIOVANNI ,DIRK SHEARER and DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI - You'll have plenty of opportunity to chat with these awesome creators, and they will gladly sign any of their stuff... and if you don't have something to sign, we will have their works available!
  5. YOUR CAMERA - Get your picture taken with these guys to capture and hold the memories of this momentous time! You'll be able to show your less-cool friends that you rub elbows with famous creators! How awesome is that?
  6. YOUR SPARE CHANGE/MAD MONEY - ALL back issues in the bins at Comix Connection - Mechanicsburg are ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH ALL DAY! Fill a box!
  7. SUNSCREEN, HATS AND SUNGLASSES - I learned this one last year the hard way... on Sunday I looked like a Typical Florida Tourist. Learn not to burn!
  8. CHAIRS - We do have a bunch of chairs, but we may run out as this event gets bigger every year... if you require seating, throw a couple folding chairs in your trunk just to be on the safe side!
BONUS: Manager Jared of Comix Connection - York will be making a rare appearance... this is an opportunity for you to get him to sign your copy of the COMIX CONNECTION STORE PHOTO COVER VARIANT of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #666!

Let's have some fun in the sun, folks... what better way to spend a Saturday than hanging with creative talent eating grilled meats?


  • Free Food from Noon until 3PM
  • Cool creative types to hang around and chat with
  • Food Drive with awesome prizes to benefit the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank... for each food item donated, get one entry into our Fabulous Prize Drawing


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At 8/18/2012 1:17 AM, Blogger Tsalagi_Writer said...

How long will the authors be signing books?

At 8/18/2012 6:37 AM, Blogger Bill at Comix Connection said...

Mostly just during the "cookout phase" from Noon until 3PM.


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