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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Counter Monkey Review - Superman #13 by: Jesse "the 'hawk" Arnold

WARNING:  May contain mild spoilers and will contain personal opinions.  (The views and opinions expressed in this review are solely of the individual(s) and are not the views of COMIX CONNECTION, its parent, affiliate, or subsidiary companies.)  I've checked, they don't have any of those.  Unless by "parent" you're referring to Bill.  Which he is.  But not to us.The IDEA
Superman is basically E.T.  Only he looks like a human, and gets powers in our sun.  Also, he was sent here by his 'rents to spare him dying on their soon to be expired home world.  Okay, so it is nothing like E.T. save the fact that neither titular character comes from this oblate-spheroid-ish place we call Earth.

Writer: Scott LobdellWhatever you may think about the guy, I really liked this issue.  I've never really been a fan of Superman comics.  And frankly, to continue with my honest streak, I picked it up for the art.  That said, I am a fan of the concept of Superman.  The only sequential issues of Supes I've ever read was the Azzarello/Lee arc For Tomorrow.  Which, having just recently reread it, still confuses the ever-loving-snot out of me.  So, thanks to the art of Kenneth Rocafort, I've now picked up #0 and #13 and added the book to my subscriptions."

What am I supposed to be going on about here?  Oh right, Lobdell.  Let me say, that I nearly jumped off my seat when I saw Clark's tirade about the power of journalism to Morgan Edge, ending with;
I am not the only one who believes in the power of the press - the fact that we need to stand up for the truth.  For justice.  And yeah - I'm not ashamed to say - the American way!
That got me stoked.  Now, I'm not a flag waving crazy person.  But when I did read Action Comics #1 last year and saw Lois say, "Truth, Justice, and the way," I was really bummed.  I get why, and what they were going for...but this whole self-loathing American attitude in American publications has got to stop.  Truth, Justice, and the American Way is, as far as I'm concerned, as much a part of Superman as the blue, red, and yellow of his costume.  True he's a larger than life character, and he is more than American, it was nice to see it back.  As well as his pining for Lois.

So, thanks Mr. Lobdell (not sarcastic) for bringing that back to this book.  I'm invested in this story, beyond those lines, and really interested to see where this goes.  I really liked Kara's (been hooked on her book since the New 52 relaunch) appearance and what she tells Clark about the beast he is fighting.  This crossover H'el on Earth, looks to be quite interesting.  Plus, Clark randomly winds up in Ireland.  Something this...child of Irish heritage...always McEnjoys!

PENCILS:  Kenneth Rocafort
His pencils were what made Red Hood and the Outlaws a book I looked forward to every month.  Sad to see him leave that book, as I had started to enjoy the characters.  But, my budget is limited.  So, I'm here with Superman.  I love the non-inked pencils with color style.  Or if he does ink, it's a loose and rough style.  I like that he's working in a bit of the personality of Henry Cavil into his depiction of Clark/Supes, and that he's not sticking with the overly product filled hair of Superman.  Cause seriously, there ain't enough hair gel, spray, paste or glue to keep those raven locks curled and coiffed when flying as fast, or fighting as hard as Superman does.

Since that's why I read comics.  Realism in physics.

I also really enjoy the flow of action and the way Rocafort breaks up the page and panels.  Well done sirs.  Well done.

RESULTS:  4 out of 5   Priest Collared Kryptonian Suits   You know that's what it looks like.

I'd say this book is super, but that'd be kind of redundant and/or pretentious.  So let's go with freaking awesome.

-the 'hawk



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