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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cody-Kenobi Review #17: "You must wheelie hate me."

A Cody-Kenobi Review:
WARNING: Spoilers May Ensue.


Bland and Broad Overview

Cap smacks a hobo in the head with his shield. Deadpool shares a cameo with Thor. Deadpool makes lots of phun puns. HE BANG! BANG! BANGS! He rushes into a court room and is shot by someone with a hat.

My Thoughts

Fantastic. I really can't say much more. This is my first comic that I've read that features purely Deadpool and I really like it. Deadpool dialogue is so freaking great, and did you look at that cover?! I mean that monster thing occupy like 4 frames in the actual comic and its shown on the cover eating cats, bullets, and guns. That's not even what I found to be the most cool, other than the villian(s) in this...former dead presidents. Yes you read that last line right, former dead presidents. Half of the comic Deadpool's fighting FDR. Would you really have thought? I'm telling you, that was the final, no no, I wasn't expecting that at all. The content is great and really keeps the reader hooked! Deadpool keep me hooked as I know you will. Posehn, Duggan, Moore, Staples, keep up your amazing everything!

My Rating: 5 outa' 5

Till Next Week, This is Cody-Kenobi, Growing Back Limbs One Minute at a Time.



At 11/08/2012 5:09 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

This was my first Deadpool solo comic, and I agree with your review. I picked this up because I was counting on some history jokes with the dead Presidents, and I enjoyed all of them. Without giving anything away, my favorite reference was a not dead yet President! I just wish that Deadpool #2 was out NOW! (sorry...had to)

At 11/09/2012 2:38 PM, Anonymous Cody-Kenobi said...

No! I love when I actully get some feedback! I'm looking forward to #2 all the same! Also, I got your reference XD


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