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Friday, November 02, 2012

Counter Monkey Review - Cyber Force #1 by: Jesse "the 'hawk" Arnold

WARNING:  May contain mild spoilers and will contain personal opinions.  (The views and opinions expressed in this review are solely of the individual(s) and are not the views of COMIX CONNECTION, its parent, affiliate, or subsidiary companies.)  I'm pretty sure they don't have any of those...The IDEA
I'm doing my best to not think about what Cyber Force really was 20 years ago the first time it showed up.  I don't remember that well.  I think I only read the few issues that crossed over with WildC.A.T.S. for the Killer Instinct story.  All I remember was it was a stable of mutants that all had some sort  of cybernetic limbs or cybernetic enhancements.  Can I say cybernetic one more time.  Yes.  Yes I can.

I like that I have no idea where this story is going at the end of issue one.  I mean that in the best complimentary sense.  It's a new world, new vision, new old stuff.  Er...renewed stuff?

After a quick bit of "research" (and yes I mean I looked it up on the Wikipedias) there are elements present in the first issue that will bring back some common threads in a new way.  For now, let's just say it's about people and technology in the future.

PS - there's a cyber-dog named Ninja.  That's gotta be cool or something.

(interiors, page 2 - by Khoi Pham)                          

Writer:  tag team of: Marc Silvestri & Matt Hawkins
This book starts out awesome and ends on equally awesome footing.  I'm stoked to see where issue 2 takes this.  There is this great intrigue going on as the book opens with a young girl, Carin Taylor, lying in a pool of liquid, as her voice communicates with someone else.  Not sure if this is telepathic, just a "voice over" thing.  But it sets up a good mystery.  One other really cool thing, at least in my not so humble opinion, is the merging of the Aphrodite IX thread into this iteration of Cyber Force.  Well, it's Aphrodite IV, but hey, let's not start doing math, Finding Gossamyr is taking all the attention I have for that subject.

I'm a little confused as to what is going on, but I think that is intentional, and the revealing the mystery is part of the interest for this book.

PENCILS:  Khoi Pham
Whoa buddy.  Maybe I'm late in seeing this artist, but I'm loving what I'm seeing.  A little Phil Noto mixed with Stuart Immonen.  I really like the style and find it quite complimentary to the story and themes of this book.  It pulls you into the world and makes you feel like you're there in the tech and muck with the rest of the characters.  Looking forward to being able to treat my eyes to this each month!

Sal Regla/Sunny Gho (respectively)
These folks really make Pham's art shine.  The inks really clean up the pencils with a hint of that sketchy look that I happen to adore so much.  The colors are what really make me feel like I can enter the world of Cyber Force. 

RESULTS:  4 out of 5   Cybernetic Appendages   Yeah.  I went there.

I've got a fever, and the only cure, is more cybernetic cowbell.
Yeah, I went there too.

-the 'hawk



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