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Monday, February 11, 2013

Counter Monkey Nicky reviews: Iron Man NOW #1 (, really, this is issue one, honest!)

WARNING: Spoilers will now ensue, and personal opinions will flow like alcohol around Tony Stark...pre-Demon in a Bottle-era.

The first issue of Iron Man NOW came out last week!
What's that you say? Issue #1 came out ages ago, and this is issue #6?

Well, yes...technically...but this should have been issue #1.

That's right, for anyone disappointed by the relaunch of Tony Stark's title, I have good news: the new start is finally here. (Why the Powers That Be at Marvel did not simply wait and make this issue #1, I will never know.) Those first five issues of the series certainly did feel like just the next five issues of the last series, didn't they? I was, myself, disappointed. But then I picked up #6, mainly just to see Tony's new Space Armor in action, and now I'm not disappointed anymore.

In Issue #6, Tony Stark is in outer space. He's fighting space pirates (with a few familiar ship designs, tee hee!), then goes out to a bar and chats up an alien space princess, has a little trouble with his new A.I.'s sense of humor, then a lot of trouble with his beard, and then gets himself arrested for deicide.

That's right, Tony killed god. And now he's on trial for the crime. (And by "god" of course, in this case, I mean "the Phoenix." Remember when that happened? Remember how you just knew there was going to be fall-out from that? Yeah...fall-out has landed. Oops.)

All-in-all, a very decent first issue. (Shut-up, it is the first issue. I don't care what you say. Those first five don't count.) Granted, Greg Land is far from my favorite artist, but out here in space, he can't trace the way he usually does, and it's always nice to be reminded that the man actually can draw...which, in this issue, he actually does. How long before he finds some photographs of alien space princesses and intergalactic bounty hunters and starts tracing from them, I couldn't say -- but for now, at least, the art is nice. Land-ish, but nice. The best bits are when Tony's actually in his new spacesuit, and out fighting the aliens, which is admittedly a brief interlude; the first issue is not heavy on action (it's pretty talky), but it never feels slow. Just...burgeoning might be the word, I think. This issue burgeons.

And I am certainly on board to see what happens next. Especially given that Tony is shortly to find himself joining up with the soon-to-launch new Guardians of the Galaxy team (and I think we all know what that is going to lead to...*coughThanoscough*). Tony fits in well in outer space, but he's out of his element just enough to keep things from being dull. (It must be hard for someone used to being the smartest and most sophisticated man in the room, to get used to being the primitive ape whose technology is several solar-cycles behind the curve.) Out here, standard-Tony-operating-procedure takes a turn for the interesting, and now that he's facing charges of Phoenix-icide...well, I think the phrase "out of the frying pan, into the intergalactic fire" might be appropriately applied.

I definitely recommend picking it up, as well as issue #2 (or #7, if you want to be technical about it) when it releases on March 6th. Godkiller looks like it's going to be a very good arc and, I think, it's a great re-launch of Tony's book for the Marvel NOW line. (I don't know what these "issues #1-5" are that you keep talking about. Shh!) So whether you were disappointed with Iron Man NOW when it started, or whether you passed on the book entirely, here's your chance to get on board with a new start, if not an actual new #1. Marvel's new Cosmic Era begins here! You won't want to miss it.

After all, Tony Stark may be accustomed to facing demons...but how often does he face charges for killing gods?

Verdict: 9 out of 10 on the Story Potential scale.



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